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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 971: Operational Report: 03/08/44

The Lionfish takes out a fuel carrying transport.

We hit Sapporo once more.

The Urrupu-jima bombers hit Tokyo, but take only damage. Time to rest and replace these guys.

We do hit the Oscar factory though.

The Havoc's do no damage with today's attack though.

I found a load of British subs that were not in action, and today, I get them going with a tanker kill.

The Surf has a brilliant entrance to the war, but then again, they are British. In an area where the Japanese ships are not expecting trouble.

We continue to clear the air of Japanese planes.

The Guam Dauntless's get to work as well.

The carrier's suppress Saipan.

And the airfield at Tinian.

We are attacked once more at Kiukiang, but we are hurting them when they do so.

Ahh, another good day, not much in the way of new damage done, expect for butchering another hundred Japanese planes. The real boost is the eight hundred new points from strategic bombing – most likely from extra damage caused by the fires still raging in Tokyo.

The fires have damaged manpower, resources, and light and heavy industry in addition to the factories we targeted the day before. If we could maintain this, we would be doing some massive damage – this is 1000 points from two days of bombing with less than a hundred planes total. Things are looking up.