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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 973: Operational Report: 05/08/44

We hit the Sapporo industry once more.

We set fire to another Japanese city and its manpower reserves.

The Avengers take out two more enemy ships.

Then another one. They are having a good day today.

We throw back another attack on our carriers.

Unescorted bombers fair poorly.

The carriers raid all of the islands, but cause very little damage to the enemy installations.

At Tinian, we break through another layer of Japanese defences.

We continue to march south in Vietnam. How these men thought that they could stand against us, I do not know.

The fires in Tokyo are under control, but they have done their job for now, we are thousands of points ahead, even if we are tens of thousands of points from winning.
The bombers get replacements in a couple of days, and I shall send them up once more. If I can take Tianian, then I will have room for many more planes.