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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 975: Operational Report: 07/08/44

Our Urrupu-jima base is bombed at night, but no damage is caused.

Our Avengers go again, and we get some more hits.

While the Havocs set fire to Toyohara once more.

One of the task forces operating near Sorong is hit by enemy planes today.

I think I may stop the Tinian attacks, as I will want this airfield soon!

Saipan is a more valid target however.

We are breaking the enemy at Tinian, I know our men are disrupted, but as long as we are getting kill ratios like this, I find it hard to care.

Another Japanese speed bump is run over.

We continue my cunning plans to sink everything. The B-29's need one more day than I thought to draw their replacements from the pool of 41 available bombers. After that, I will send them north to Tokyo to start bombing once more. We currently have 40 bombers ready, and that’s increasing all the time.