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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 977: Operational Report: 09/08/44

The Japanese hit Urrupu-jima and do some damage to my bombers there.

The Avenger's get a hit on an enemy cruiser, but lose a lot of their planes trying.

The first wave of bombers hits an engine factory. The Urrupu-jima liberators take heavy losses to flak.

I switch the Havoc's target, but they get no hits today.

The Superfort's come in, and pound the same factory.

The carriers hit the islands again, but this is the only attack to cause any damage.

Tinian falls to our troops at last, and we capture the Japanese airfield and put paid to a good number of their planes.

Another seven units are then wiped out by attrition.

No fires today, but I get a second base to take my planes off from. We gain another five hundred points. Our flak losses are very high though.