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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 978: Operational Report: 10/08/44

I switch to night bombing to give it a go – the Japanese still get a lot of planes into the air, but they fair poorly at night, while the enemy flak is not affected.

Some units have trouble navigating in the dark, and our units come in peace meal. I may try increasing their height.

I left the northern Liberators on day attacks, but they need to rest now as well. Or pick a less well defended target.

I think I shall try firebombing Sapporo.

The Japanese carriers are still on station up there, I think I should make a play for them at some point.

For now, we just gun down their planes as they come in.

We continue to clean up on Tianian.

The night bombing experiment nets us three hundred points from the small number of fires we set, hopefully they can do better, now I have increased their height to 10,000 feet.
The Japanese also lost a hundred planes in the air to our thirty, so another good day there.