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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 979: Operational Report: 11/08/44

I switch the bombing runs to new targets.

The Kyoto raid does more damage.

There are another five raids that miss their targets, then we hit more of the city.

Come the afternoon, our northern bombers target Maebashi, and set the city on fire.

Sapporo to begins to burn.

Although today it is Asahikawa that feels the brunt of our wrath, as the bombers cause massive amounts of damage for minimal losses.

There is literally no action in the morning, then we see our carriers striking the islands.

Japanese resistance is all but over, they don't have anything left to throw at us.

Well, that is something of a lie, but anything the send up, we send down against on afterwards.

We continue to root out the dug in remnants at Tinian. We learn that their units are now surrounded.

After a day of bombing, I learn that the Urrupu-jima airfield is now size 5.
Todays damage has burned many Japanese cities, and gained us seven hundred points, and takes us five thousand points above the Japanese.

Things are going to carry on like this as well.