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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 980: Operational Report: 12/08/44

A sub starts the day with a solid kill.

The night bombers do nothing, needing to repair and replace losses, but we get some more hits with the liberators.

The twin engined bomber cause even more damage today than yesterday – over eighty hits before the 60,000 fires are started.

Sapporo is also hit hard.

The carriers are coming off station to refuel. We have plenty of planes on the ground to protect our ships now.

Our men in Timor have finally marched to the enemy, and the few in front of them do not stand for long.

The last defenders at Tinian are also rounded up.

That was a brutal day of bombing, but its paying off, we gain another 100 points, and we are still pushing the enemy back. I'm planning to take more of the islands in the chain, and I have started planning for an invasion of the Philippines via Babeldaob.

This is to get more bombers into range, but this is a longer term plan.