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Part 982: Operational Report: 14/08/44

Amongst the lost raids, we get a good hit, 4000 fires should cause some collateral damage. We add another 4000 in a raid I miss screenshotting.

In fact, it seems like a few more of our raids are on target.

I'm not sure if fires are added up, but the last raid of 3 bombers reports 18,000 fires in Kyoto.
The Daylight raiders continue their work.

The Havoc's choose a new target and set it alight.

I feel like I've been neglecting Burma, but this is a normal day here at this time.

We do take another crack at Chaing Mai, but only make little ground, I'm waiting on those troops to the north before I can really make headway. At least the AV is in my favour now.

The Truk bombers pick a new target.

The KIAfeng forces, or at least their vanguard, sweep aside some Japanese forces and take Chengting, hopefully for the last time.

Things should be getting a little more interesting in China, and the night bombing over Japan seems to be getting better at finding its targets – with only 9 B-29's in the pool, I can't afford anything to risky with them. Even if I am sending every Superfortress I can to the area.
We do gain another 600 points however, the fires do their work.

I also go through the units and replace all their useless commanders, so we may see an improvement tomorrow. (200PP's spent)

I have just drawn a load of planes from the pools, which is inflating the damaged planes here.