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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 987: Operational Report: 19/08/44

The Betties make a night bombing run.

Some of the night bombers at least get over their target today.

The Avengers hit a troop ship.

The Havocs set a huge number of fires, shame there is not that much worth burning in Hokkaido.

I've sent the British carriers north to support fresh troop landings. They sweep some enemy planes from Mindanao.

The Japanese carriers sweep south and attack our loading troop ships. It costs us two ships, and them a lot of planes.

Our own carriers are on the way, but they won't be there for a few days.

The Japanese return in the afternoon, and get another series of hits.

It was going to well, I knew something had to go wrong, but I can't keep carriers on station all the time. I need more fighters up there.