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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 988: Operational Report: 20/08/44

The Besugo goes after a destroyer and misses.

The Batfish finds a massive enemy convoy, but is unable to do any damage to it before being driven off.

The night bombers are resting, so we only get the day bombers in action today.

We get some hits, but nothing that is going to score us big points.

The Havocs set more fires, but run into Zero's and lose some planes.

The Japanese bombers come out in force today, and our Spitfire's do poorly.

For the next wave, we don't mess around. We still lose a plane, but these must be the most experienced Japanese pilots remaining to them.

I try and sneak a supply convoy into Rangoon, but they are spotted late in the day, and hit.

The British carriers finds a tanker force, and smashes it.

Well, not bad apart from the kamikaze attacks. We gain 200 points, even with losing some large ships.

Well, at least we should have some supplies in Rangoon.