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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 991: Operational Report: 23/08/44

Urrupu-jima is attacked at night, but the flak gunners do their job.

Our avengers get a couple of strikes in.

The bombers set some more fires.

The Havocs set even more!

We begin to unload fresh troops at Manado.

The British carriers seems to have buggered off, so the Japanese get free attacks.

The carriers run into an enemy force once more, but its much smaller than yesterday.

The Haruna is still afloat, but we hammer her again today.

We also hit the Cruiser/destroyer task force.

There is no sign of any carriers. We do finish off the Nagara in another attack.

Come the afternoon, we watch the Haruna sink beneath the waves.

North of Marcus Island, the Japanese have at least one more carrier in action, and some of our tankers are hit!

Well, we lose some ships, they lose some ships, but I think we came out ahead there.