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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 993: Operational Report: 25/08/44

Okay, as an experiment, I have set all Tinian bombers (with an air HQ) to hit Tokyo.

All Guam bombers (air HQ on its way.) are set to hit Nagoya.

I only show one raid of each, but these are the only ones to cause damage, We lose more Planes hitting Tokyo, so I shall shift to another city tomorrow and continue the experiment.
The daylight bombers continue to hit their minor targets.

We hit a burning freighter as well.

The Manado ships are hit once more.

Our carriers have nothing better to shoot at than Saipan.

We begin the battle for Pagan.

The Japanese forces gets closer to Pearl – I only have one fleet carrier there, but I'm going to throw something together for tomorrow!

Welcome to the new Rangoon – while the supplies last!

We gain another couple of hundred points, which is always a good thing. In fact, we've not made less than 200 points a day for the last week!

Ship losses are even in numbers at least! But I can't send a carrier north, as the only one I have in Pearl is undergoing refit! Oh well, maybe I can get them next time!