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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 997: Operational Report: 29/08/44

We continue the night bombing.

The few hits start a good number of fires, maybe today will be another large scorer.

The day bombers whip the storm up some more.

The Drum hits another freighter.

Today's Sapporo raid is extremely effective, starting a huge number of fires and hitting their manpower hard.

The Japanese try and sneak a supply ship into Saipan. It does not end well for them.

The Japanese strike deep at Prome, a target they have been avoiding for some time, and they rediscover why.

I then get a surprise, it seems that the Japanese have pulled even more troops out of Chaing Mai, and my explorative attack today blast through the remaining defenders.

Another good day in a good month, another couple of hundred points of bombing and another base. Its not worth that much points wise, but its driving south towards the bigger target. Who will reach Bangkok first? The Brits or the Chinese?