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Part 33: Day 31, The Western Barrens, Attack (Victory)

Emissary666 posted:

Imperial Guard
They have put themselves in a perfect position to become prime targets.

Night10194 posted:

Puretide would absolutely rock the HoMMIII. Just like we'll rock the Imperial Guard.

ShootaBoy posted:

If we stomp the Guard first, they should get their commander back in time to hold off the Orkz.

Thiiiiiiis is the good plan. The Imperial Guard is sitting outside of our stronghold.

Good news, Shas'o: since you sat around doing nothing for a week, we've stockpiled enough requisition to go in fully armed and armoured!
Aaaah, heh, heh, let's, uh, keep that on the down low, okay?

Ugh, you know what I hate about the Imperial Guard? They ALWAYS know where to find your HQ. Infiltrated units are a bust against them as well. Thanks to their radar ability, they're probably the best AI faction for countering Tau stealth.

Right, anyways, move out quickly.

We want to retake this position quickly and build up a forward base. It sucks to have to do it from scratch, but hey, if you get sucked into Heroes III, you gotta deal with the fallout. Am I right, guys?


Just ignore him.
Will do.

This mission is really a case of "second verse, same as the first". We've done this before, only with the Necron instead of the Imperial Guard. The AI will station two bases north of the player position, which will be on the plateau in the centre of the map. Knock out at least one base fast or the other will quickly overwhelm you. It's not a large map, after all.

There's the northernmost base. It's the quickest to attack first. It'll be down shortly. With full commander upgrades and two Elite Fire Warrior Bodyguards, there's not much that can stop us short of a full AI Honour Guard.

Shas'o, the gue'la are moving south of our base to take strategic points.
Huh, they're moving faster than I expected them too... move quickly, teams, we need to finish this.

First base down. Moving onto the second. Resistance has been minimal.

That's great, but they're amassing more forces to the south.

Do something! Are you not Tau?
Die, filthy xenos!
Uh huh, sure.

I am--defeated--again!?

Imperial forces are pushing off of our strategic points. We can't attack without being detected. If we're detected, we're vulnerable!

Firepower is on its way. Hold tight, we'll help secure the south.

That's what I like to see: teamwork! Not that it matters much--

--since the final Imperial base is already down.

Was there ever any doubt?

O'Kais, we still have a second turn. Our forces are mobilized and ready to attack a second target. Where shall we strike?
Leave that to the War Council. Kronus is our oyster, and we can cleave any part of it open with our railguns. We get one more move before our turn ends. Where should we strike next?