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by Blind Sally

Part 36: Day 32, Victory Bay, Attack (Victory)

AJ_Impy posted:

Peel them like a gue'la cryfruit, layer by layer. Southernmost route, show them what real guns can do.

Luhood posted:

Strike their artillery before their artillery strikes us!

Herr Tog posted:

Suffer not the Artillery to live.]

Probably a good idea. They have a lot of firepower and it's wreaking havoc on the Tau guns.

Attempting a Drone Swarm--hmm, those Sentinels are destroying them faster than we can build at the moment.

Ha, welp. That's, uh, that didn't work.

Let's go for the bridge!

Should we wait for back-up, Shas'o?
Nonsense. I'll get you line of sight, you eliminate the targets.

Those Ogryn dont even realize anything is going on.

Their detectors have us!
Keep shooting, we've taken out their turret defenses.

The Imperial Guard have put up a strong resistance for too long. It's time to make a concentrated push into their territory. I want this finished!


Let's take out that artillery! Tau and Kroot, advance!

Keep me informed. I am in the process of establishing a defensive line at the bridge.

Our forces are upon them. The Kroot Hounds are overwhelming their positions.


It's done, Shas'o. My scouts report another cluster of Basilisk artillery up ahead. We'll take them out and join you.

Good. I've sighted the other end of the bridge. We're going to probe their defenses. Hopefully we can draw their attention while you strike the base from behind.

Liberators! The enemy has made it to the northern shore! Redeploy to drive them back!

The last of their artillery is destroyed!

Attack has commenced. We have their attention, strike quickly!

Entering their base. We'll eliminate their means of production and move to assist you.

That's done it. One step closer to defeating these delusional Gue'la.

I don't appreciate being underestimated.

On my word, fire the Titan cannon!

Go! Go! Go!


Begin recharge, I want that gun firing again!

The humans have brought their toys.
Be careful! The Titan gun will instantly kill anything in its path! It takes a while to recharge between shots, though. You should have about 70 seconds before it fires again--at which point, make sure you're not in that trench!
O'Kais, I have news from our Pathfinders: if you can eliminate that Imperial Commissar, the Guard stationed by the Titan batteries are willing to defect to our side as Gue'vesa. Furthermore, eliminating them as a threat will allow you to destroy the Titan batteries themselves, preventing the Guard from using their weapon.

Alright, let's take out that Commissar then. Troops, move out! We must go while the cannon is recharging.
You filthy xenos think you can defeat me, Regimental Commissar Anton Gebbet? Hahaha, do not make me laugh!

Shas'o, the Commissar is dead!
Oh, okay!
Your political officer could not see reason, human, but it is not too late for you to spare your men further suffering!
Every soldier of the Imperium will gladly lay down his life to stop you.

Uh, hello? Is this thing on? Uh, hi there, Commander Shas'o Kais. This whole, uh, Greater Good thing of yours sounds like a mighty reasonable offer. Please pass on to your Emperor Aun'el Shior'es that we would be happy to fight under the Tau banner.
Hearts and minds, my friends. Hearts and minds. Come one, Tau, move up! Eliminate the Gue'la and disable their big gun. Watch you fire, some of those are Gue'vesa!

Filthy traitors!
I don't want to die against and enemy that offers true peace.
You're delusional!

I am under attack!
The Titan cannon power grid is under attack! Redirect fire to protect it and initiate repairs!

Shas'o, we'll form a defensive barrier in those ruins and hold off Governor Alexander's forces while your men take out the Titan generators.

Please move quickly, though, they still outnumber and outgun us!

Protect those generators, men!

The Relic is ours. Contact the Kroot Shapers and request Gregory's presence.
The generator is gone, but the Emperor is with us. Give them hell, men!

Shas'o, get some Earth Caste Drones in there and build generators of our own. If we take over the grid, then the Tau will control the cannon!
Interesting. You heard the man, Earth Caste, get on it!
Redirecting Drones to your location.

Tau, join the Gue'vesa. It's time to push towards their HQ.

Gregory is in the field.

My Lord, the enemy is building generators to feed power to the Titan cannon. This will allow them to fire the great gun!

Attention all troops! The enemy has control of the Titan gun. Use extreme caution when passing through the trench.

The grid is ours, O'Kais. Do you want to fire the big gun?

Aw, yiss.


Careful, O'Kais, the enemy is still highly mechanized and they're keeping their vehicles out of the trench.

Our Imperial allies are having a difficult time holding the line.

Gregoy will attack their remaining outposts and draw their attention away.

Alright, Tau, while Gregory has their focus, charge the main gates!

It would serve the Greater Good if you would lay down your arms, human. This planet shall be returned to the Tau Empire as is proper.

Gregory has eliminated the outpost. He is on his way to join you.

Your men have fought well, human, but your end is upon you.

The command post is gone! Governor Alexander is dead! We can't hold them back much longer! We cannot allow the Titan cannon to fall into their hands. Overload the core!

I should've become a lawyer.

You have done well, O'Kais. Only one army remains.
I think it's time to end this. No more mucking around. We take back Kronus!