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Part 6: Mission 6: Who has the Gall to Protect Cho?

Episode 6: The Badlands or Who has the Gall to Protect Cho?

: Hzzzz... Grg... zzzz... Eh-Eh? HUH!?

: Necksmasher.

: Vilefeast... go back to sleep. We'll chase rabbits in the morning.

: Arise, Necksmasher. Your better has come with a small task.

: And, Vilefeast, it's Chieftain!

: "Chieftain" Necksmasher. This is Gul'dan. I need you... AWAKE.

: Okay, okay... can't an esteemed general get some sleep after surmounting the insurmountable?

: No. I want you to head south with your men and meet with an apprentice of mine. He requires an escort, and you are the closest band to his location.

: ...If I don't do this, I assume my soul will be flayed from my body, yes?

: It's true. You are a genius.

Later in the morning, after hours of travel...

: We are so lost.

: I dun like da looks of dis, mon. Dis place be deader than an elf's soul.

: Maybe this guy knows the lay of the land around here. Excuse me-?

: Hmmm...? Oh!

: Vilefeast!

: ...What the nether.

: Ya know dis monstrosity, Vile-mon?

: It Mr. Chew Go! He help do things to me when me became betterer.

: Always a pleasure, Vilefeast.

: And yet again, it's Cho'Gall.

: Cho'Gall? You! You're Gul'dan's apprentice, aren't you!

: Hahaha, it seems that my reputation proceeds me.

: Anyone who's studied the First War would know your name.

: ...Oh, yes. Yes, now that you say it, that is completely Cho'Gall. I knew that.

: Indeed. Speaking of reputations; good morning, Chieftain Necksmasher.

: Ah, yes, we chieftains must stick together.

: They're a chieftain, too!? What else don't I know?

: ...

: I meant... what clan were they again?

: The Twilight Hammer Clan, Chieftain Necksmasher.

: But enough about us, we have an important job over at Grim Batol.

: Right, right... we have to escort you. Well then, Vilefeast, scout out the pass for us, will you?

: No need for that, Chieftain Necksmasher. If you'll allow me...

Cho'Gall is an ogre-mage, which means he comes with a lovely arsenal of spells. Unfortunately, we'll only get to see two of these today, but we'll get to them all later. Magic is almost exactly like Warcraft: O&H: You have a bar that represents your mana for casting spells, and each spell draws from the bar. This time, however, there is numerical representation for both your mana and your spellcasting. Trust me, at the time, this was a huge leap forward.

: Woah.

: Yay! Kill an' rob eyeball!

: Alright, you have my interest. I, too, want my eyes to kill.

: I think that Vilefeast means to say "Eye of Killrog."

: Killrog? Chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow? I had heard that he was responsible for much of our scout reports-

: No, that blind old man couldn't do such a thing. That was all the efforts from our magics. Watch, young orc.

: First we'll send it through the clearing.

: Ah, we can see that it's probably not such a good idea to head that way.

Eye of Killrog is one of my favorite spells in any of the Warcraft games. Mostly because it can be used in multiple ways; I love multitaskers. It provides us with an expendable scout that can fly around at top speeds and distract enemy units. As mentioned in the thread, you can also use it to have enemy naval units fire upon each other. Also, it looks pretty damn cool.

: Uh-huh... and your magic death eye tells us this? Where do you think we should go then, huh?

: Erm... probably not a good idea to talk to Chieftain Cho'Gall like that...

: What? He's a chieftain, I'm a chieftain. We're equals.

: Indeed, we are... "equals."

: As for your question, Chieftain-

: -there appears to be a lightly guarded stretch of beach we can use to flank the guard post.

: Hmm, it lacks a certain "tactical genius," but if it gets this silly escort over quicker, than I'm all for it.

: March! March!

: 'Ey, mon! Dun I have a say in any o' dis?

: I pay you to follow orders, not to talk, Mag.

: To be fair, Chieftain, you have paid him to talk a few times...

: Semantics! Vilefeast, Mag'fon... get to work.

: Indeed.

: I'm da only one noticin' his voice change, right?

: I can't believe this.

: I completely agree. With this sort of power, we can avoid all unnecessary conflict, ambush enemy forces, scout-

: What!? No. I can't believe how boring this is.

: Boring!

: As a side note, Bloodgut, there is no such thing as unnecessary conflict.

: Take this, for instance. We could pass by these guards silently and stealthy.

: Then why didn't we!?

: Because-

: Because we dun do dat, mon.

: Dwarven toes! Now he's getting it. Mag'fon? You've been promoted to Bloodgut.

: What? But-

: Yesssssss...

: Bloodgut, you've been demoted to... I don't know.... that rock.

: How are things going up here, Chieftain?

: Splendidly. There's even been a promotion-

: Zug-zug, mon.

: -and I finally found something to prop open my door at night.

: Chieftain, you can't be serio-


: Hmm... I can see the clan is in good hands...

: Perhaps we should just see what lies ahead.

: A ballista. I can't say that I like the looks of that.

: Numerous ambushes lying in wait...

: Clearly we'll have to find another route. To go this way is to court death early.

: What? More walking? No, no, no... we're going this way.

: Did you not just hear me?

: You will end your lives before the apocalypse. Too soon, for you.

: Disregarding your creepy wizard talk, make another of those death eyes. I have a plan.

: Hmm... this seems...

: Foolish.

I love the ogre-mage casting animation. Punch that magic out.

: Good, place it over the ballista you saw. Just generally tell me where to aim my death wagon.

: Your... what?

: Best not ta ask, mon. Dabu.

: It's seems to be 50 feet away, down the hill, a few clicks to the left.

: Excellent. I love when magic works for me.

: Hahaha! A perfect shot!

: Chieftain best death wagonneer in whole world.

: ...Interesting.

: We will have to update Gul'dan's reports.

: It may not be luck alone that has carried him this far.

: Hey! Is that the drop-off point? HURRY! RUN! RUN! FASTER MEN!

: Wait!

: The ambushes!

: Vilefeast! Stomp!

: Rawr!

: Bloodgut! Throw some axes!

: Zug-zug!

: Rock! Dent their armor!

: ...this joke has gone on too long.

: It must be said that his men are fierce.

: Indeed, even without The Project they are exceeding expectations.

: Their death will be interesting when this world truly comes to an end.

: Surprise ballista! Execute blitz maneuver Biting Ochre Swarm!

: Biting Ochre Swarm?

: Don't be impressed. All of their maneuvers are "hit it until it stops moving."

: This is unreal.

: Seeing this bloodshed, however...

: Indeed, the bloodlust is returning.

: To feel fist upon steel.

: To snap bone beneath mail.

: We must share this feeling!


Bloodlust is what makes the ogre-magi a must have for any army. Bloodlust essentially triples the amount of damage that a unit deals, with no drawbacks. If you aren't using this spell often, you just aren't doing as much damage! (I say this knowing full well how often I don't use this.)

: Yes, Vilefeast! Join us! No risk is too great!

: Destroy! Maim!


: We must find more. Destruction is always so much more enjoyable... up close.

: Okay, we're here. We'll be going now. Okay? Bye, then.

: No. No! There must be more!

: Hehe... Vilefeast!

: Do we just go or... what?

: Kill!

: Hey! Those are my men, you stupid... double-head guy!

: Not da best, Chief.

: Are we not equals, Chieftain? Surely one chieftain can command where another does not.

: Eh?

: Hm?

: ...Vilefeast?

: Perhaps the bloodlust overtook him a bit too much...

: Let's grab a few pieces here and there...

: Vile, mon?

: Vilefeast! VILEFEAST!

: Well, there is much to be done.

: Vilefeast... get up. Get up, damn you.

: ...'dis isn't funny, mon.

: T-that's an order, Vilefeast!

: Victory.

: ...Vilefeast...