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Part 7: Mission 7: One Eyed Deer

Episode 7: The Fall of Stromgarde or One Eyed Deer

: I... I can't believe he's dead.

: ...

: 'Ey, Chief? Ain't you gonna say nothin'? Vile-mon's gone, mon.

: ...

: Chieftain?

: Chief?

: Get the men ready. We're leaving. Now.

Days later...

: Where are we going? We're nearly to the sea by now.

: We are at the sea. I assume you've readied those reinforcements I asked for, Mag'fon?

: Ya, mon. Dunno what good it'll do ya.

: Leave the thinking to me. You two are my soldiers henceforth. Now move out.

: ...

: That's an order.

As you can see, this mission starts you with a small group of units and peons. It's not a favorable position to be in, but we do get to use ogres, which we'll get into more later.

: Cheiftain, huma-

: Ogres, forward. Grunts into flanking positions. Mag'fon, I want your men looking out for additional soldiers.

: Uh, ya, mon. Ya.

: There, Chief!

: Grunts fall back and intercept.

: Looks like the humans have naval support. As well as some transports that we could commandeer.

: Exactly as I planned. Speaking of which...

: Thank you again for those men, Mag'fon.

: Now's our chance. Make to the transports. There should be an island not far from here. That is where we shall land.

: Well, I guess that explains where my missing maps are...

: Come on. We haven't got much time. We don't want to be uncovered. This is a stealth mission.

: What be our mission anyway, Chief? Ya haven't said anythin' yet.

: Shut up and throw axes.

: So much resistance for a small island like this. What are these humans thinking?

: You should study your own maps more, Vilefeast.

: ...It's Bloodgut, sir.

: Right.

: There is a rich vein of gold beneath this island. If someone were to gain control of it...

: They could raise a massive army... by da voodoo.

: So get to work! I'm certain the humans may have discovered us by now.

Using multiple peons to construct a building isn't generally an economically sound move. However, you can literally do nothing without a great hall. That somewhat slows things down, so it's fine to blow some resources to speed up production.

: What exactly are we doing out here, Chieftain? I mean, you drag us out into the middle of nowhere...

: You're the intelligent one, Bloodgut. I took you north, taking all back roads and avoiding all human patrols. What's northward and could amass a large army given enough time?

: You can't really mean...

: Stromgarde.

: Ah, good, the great hall is finished. Alright, get to wor-

: Are you serious!?

: Speaking out of turn. I'm docking you a point for that, Bloodgut.

: Stromgarde is an unassailable fortress!

: They said that about Stormwind, too.

: And if I'm seeing this correctly, you're planning a naval assault. Chieftain, the approach by sea cannot be taken! The cliffs are too high and well guarded. We'd be better off attacking from the front, and even then we'd be at a disadvantage!

: ...Bloodgut. Let me tell you a story. A story of the one-eyed talbuk.

: I like where dis be goin'.

: There was once a one-eyed talbuk that always ate at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. While it ate, it kept it's one eye facing the land, because it knew that it couldn't be attacked from the sea.

: So this talbuk is Strom-

: Let me finish! Then one day, while the talbuk was resting from brutally murdering the sea's friend, the sea leaped up and snapped the talbuk's neck like a twig.

: ...I don't like how tha story ended for th' one-eyed mon.

: Thank da voodoo for a distraction!

: 'Ey! Where ya goin'?

: Ah, trap. Gotcha, mon.

This is the first time I've noticed the AI being "intelligent." It may have been a fluke, but it broke off combat and raced over to it's comrades.

: Trap or no trap, mon, no one beats...

: The Mag'fon Brigade! Who th' Nether do ya think we are!?

Back at the base...

: I have this sudden urge to beat Mag'fon thoroughly around the face.

: Hehe... Let's take care o' this platform, mon!

Once more, back at base...

: Chieftain, we don't have near enough food to feed our men. Did you even bring along supplies?

: I brought axes and body bags. That's all we'll ever need.

: ...I'll get right to work.

Thank god you guys missed out on the horrible farm situation. You start the level with a massive amount of units and no food to support them or the materials to construct your farms. I swear, it felt like this farm first went up a half hour into the game. One down, 4 more to go...

: Hm, the scouts do not report good news...

: You ordered our only transports to search the sea for resistance!?

: I'm utilizing everything to snap the talbuk's neck.

: ...Do you want to talk, Chieftain?

: Do you want to go back to making my thrice-damned farms!?

: Work... work...

Finally in the black. Err... yellow?

Let's also take a moment to look at our new unit, the ogre. Bask in his amazingness. Massive damage, massive armor, hit points, speed... he has it all. It's also argued that ogres are simply better than theie human counterpart of knights, but for the reason of their upgrade, which we won't see until later. For now, the ogres are just super improved grunts.

: Zug-zug, humble peon making you a lumber mill, oh great and mighty chieftain who doesn't need any help or anything.

: Y'know, you think you're being spiteful, but I think it's just adorable. Make a barracks while you're at it!

: And metal plate the base!

: Shipyard!

: Chieftain! I can't keep up at this pace! It's too much work!

: If you can't do this work, then how are we supposed to-


: What I've done!? Chieftain you're being irrational!

: Don't bring food into this!

: I... what?

Using ranged units versus destroyers isn't ideal, but sometimes you have to go with what you've got. In a larger force, these trolls could pose a larger threat, but we'll really need our own destroyers to take care of this.

: Ugh, Mag'fon better get here quick.

: 'Ey, Chief!

: Looks like someone's gunning for position as my second-in-command. Keep up the good work, Captain Mag'fon.

: Captain? I'm so proud, mon! Jus' ya wait ya stinkin' humans. I'm about ta-

: ...idiot.

Thankfully the axethrowers are able to finish things up here. This is a rare thing, but when it happens it feels pretty good.

: *cough* *cough* 'M I still Captain, mon?

: ...get back to work.

: Chieftain... did you just order our men to establish an oil platform in enemy waters?

: The best defense is a good offense. This I've learned from years of being a general.

: That doesn't apply to resource lines!

: ...don't you have work to do?

: Satisfied, Chieftain?

: Maybe if I knew what they were... I mean, I'm sure I've seen one... What's with the rock pile?

: I've emulated ancient ogre hovels from Draenor. There, ogres can live, eat, breed-

: Okay, stop talking now. I've "learned."

Ogre mounds allow us to produce ogres from the barracks, and that's really about it. I do get upset with buildings that do nothing, but it's hard to be mad when ogres are just so awesome.

: We have word from our scout, Chieftain.

: Deja vu, I swear.

: The armored knights have returned, Chieftain.

: I'm not surprised. Those humans are one-trick ponies. Heh.

: ...are you laughing at your own pun?

: No, I... what else is in the report?

: Just a lightly guarded farm and gold mine. The vein seems completely dry thou-

: To the gold mine!

: Would you let me finish a senten-

: NO.

: That was surprisingly easy.

: Chieftain, again you should probably leave a detachment of men to make sure the gold mine isn't retaken by the humans.

: Pfft.

: Ugh. Who left montage mode on?

: That's not our main concern, Chieftain.

: Fine, but I'm keeping the montage mode on for now. I've grown fond of it.

: I would agree if I knew what you were talking about.

: The Spirits bless montage mode.

: What's the plan then, Chieftain?

: Simple. Counter-attack.

: And while our navy begins to work over the human shoreline...

: ...our men will move into position.

: You may want to make this attack quickly, Chieftain.

: What? Why?

: The vein you order to be mined out was... mined out.

: Why didn't you warn me that it was such a poor vein!?

: I... I... nevermind.

: Well let's make this quick then.

: 'Ey, let's clear da landin' zone fer da Chief, mon.

At this stage in the game, this is one of my favorite naval firefight shots.

: 'Dis could be a problem.

: I hate dem elves. Arrows tearin' at me men! I'll show 'em da sharp side o' da axe.

Here comes that strike force that we've come to know and love. I swear, if I was given more of an option for landings at this point, you'd get to see a lot more interesting attacks. Well, this is what you get right now.

: Name one impenetrable stronghold that I haven't made to look completely defenseless.

Oh, yes, death wagons are absolutely amazing for taking out stationary ships.

: Alright you cave dwelling mutants! Get out there and... smash them...

: ...smash them...

: Chief, mon?

: It... it just isn't the same. Smashing. Vilefeast.

: Bloodgut, I... we can't... we have to go.

: I understand, Chieftain.

: Let me just take care of something.

: Listen up you filthy humans! At any moment death could come for you; a wicked horseman led by yours truly! There is nowhere that you can be safe from my reach, for I am war incarnate! And I swear... IF YOU EVER KILL ONE OF MY SUBORDINATES AGAIN, I WILL RAIN FAMINE AND PLAGUE ON YOUR FAMILIES FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS.

: Wait, mon. We jus' leavin' like that? Afta' all th' work?

: I don't think you understand, Mag'fon. This was never about destroying Stromgarde.

: Chief? Ya can't be serio-

: Both of you shut up. We have work to do.