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Part 12: Mission 12: Saying Goodbye to Old Enemies

Act 4: Tides of Darkness

Episode 12: The Tomb of Sargeras or Saying Goodbye to Old Enemies

Allow me to preface this episode with a small apology. Halfway through the level, my sound messed up something fierce; turning all effects into a strange buzzing noise. That said, I muted the game, but forgot that that caused for battle messages to appear on screen. Just think of it as me showing off as much of the game possible!

: Grrr... When I find him... when I find him...

: Then he be it!

: ...No, he...

: Just load up the men. I should have brought Bloodgut along.

: What plan, Chieftain?

: It's simple enough for you to understand, my faithful Zombie Lord. We find Gul'dan. Then we kill Gul'dan. I've had enough of him ordering me around.

: Kill Gul'dan? Why?

: Because I can't kill Doomhammer.

: Uh, Chieftain? What that?

: ...It must be... a... Well, it any case, it isn't hurting anyone.

: On with the mission!

: Why they get all the fun?

: You're something of a trump card, Vilefeast. I can't let the cat out of the bag until we find Gul'dan.

: Yeah! 'Cause the cat would eat all turnip cards!

: If I ignore you, I think I may stay sane long enough to see this through to the end.

: Look, if you take care of naval affairs, you'll be out of my hair for that much longer.

: That silly. You no have hair!

: It's a figure of... Why do I even bother?

: I'm surprised an idiot like him can pilot a vessel like that.

: Crew! Fire cannons again! Fire forward! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Let's talk about our situation here. What you see here is going to be our base. It's small, with literally no room for expansion without taking out that very small forest there. Oh, yes, there's also the problem of limited wood supplies. Quite the predicament.

: I'll need the lumber from that island, Vilefeast. If you could just secure that-

: Pew! Ffsssssh! Kraaaa-kow!

: ...I'll take care of it.

It doesn't look like much, but this small bit of forest is going to give us exactly what we need to survive the initial onslaught.

: Now then...

: Everything is in place to begin construction. If Gul'dan came out here with the other death knights, he doubtlessly has a large naval force.

: His navel so big, find lint all day!

: ...Get back on your boat.

: As I was saying, we'll need to have enough death frigates to plow through to where he's hiding. Then I can strangle the life out of the little runt.

: Oil... oil... this is slowing down my plans!

: I want that stuff refined as soon as possible. No more delays.

: And get one of this pointy buildings made too! This would be so much easier if Bloodgut were here. He had cute names for everything.

Those of you who have play Warcraft II before may find this set-up a little strange. With no room to build on land, we've moved right into the most powerful sea unit we can get.

Death-ernauts. Death Frigates. Catapults of the Sea!

: A good force. Good, but not great.

Hours later...

: Now that's great. Just in time for Gul'dan to discover us, Vilefeast.

This is the harassment that we receive for the entirety of the map. Juggernauts. Juggernauts after juggernauts after... It just tears at your soul. Unless of course you're prepared.

: My life a journey of self-discovery.

: Not really listening. I need to have an entourage ready to bust up this operation.

: And if you have enough time to open your mouth, then maybe you can launch the first assault, Zombie Lord.

: Twilight's Hammer? Of course they've sent some aid for Gul'dan's little get together.

: Purple very manly color.

: Of course, because blood red isn't intimidating or anything.

: Me no want interrupt Chieftain interior design lessons, but me find another thing!

: It sinks just like anything else.

: Uh... Chieftain...?

Whirlwind. One of the more powerful death knight spells. It's remarkably devastating, but fairly easy to maneuver around. However, at sea that becomes a little more difficult. Oh, yes, and it moves entirely at random; probably why you won't see me using it very often.

: Not being paid to question me, Vilefeast.

: This true. Me still have more pinecones than me know what to do with.

: Now storm those beaches, soldier.

: Ah, right, I didn't intend to go toe-to-toe with Cho'Gall's personal ogre-magi. Well...

: ...time to get creative.

: I love those stupid little guys.

: Tee-hee! They so dumb!

: This one is too easy.

: Meanwhile, this island is ours.

: Island? Gul'dan not dead?

: Oh, you stupid, stupid, little moron. We must fill him with fear. Make him know that Nigel Necksmasher comes to take his skull.

: Why you want skull?

: I... Why do I even talk to you?

So the next area of expansion is this small island that houses yet more lumber. This is pretty important because that stuff is fairly rare on this map. It also gives us a lot of room to build an army, but at this point, it's not too necessary. Gul'dan doesn't really do ground forces.

: How are our warships faring?

: Oh, they good.

: Excellent. I shall go back to managing our invading forces.

: I mean, I would if my gold mine didn't just explode.

: Chieftain-

: No, this one is mine, Vilefeast. Kinda need to blow off some steam after NOBODY WARNED ME ABOUT MY GOLD MINE.

: Me sorry.

: You're just lucky I'm not firing you out of this death wagon.

: Now if there are no more interruptions...

: Moo!

: ...I swear, if Mag'fon has been teaching you jokes again, I'll pull out his tusks and give him a reason for his speech impediment.

: Again, no interruptions, blah, blah... Look, I'm gonna do some stuff over here, Vilefeast. You can take the fleet wherever you want.

: Ahhhh... I'm... actually a little disappointed here. Sorta expected something more.


: This no brainer.

: Pew, pew, KRAKKOW!

: Me getting bored. Chieftain destroy everything before me get there!


: Grr... these stupid peons are making this job much harder than it should be.

Seriously. Non-stop peon repair is so frustrating to deal with when the opponent has endless resources to pour into it.

Back with Zombie Lord Vilefeast...

: Oh, well! Me kill faster to help Chieftain!

: 'KAY! Swim faster boaties! We kill speedy now!


: Boaties on fire! Boaties on fire!

Let's talk about submarines. These little guys are a pain. They do front-loaded damage, attack quickly, and, best of all, they're invisible. The only way to spot them is with a flying unit, tower, or another submersible. The Orcs just happen to have the coolest submarine, however...

: Oooh! It a turtle!

It's a turtle strapped with torpedos! See guys? Blizzard hasn't gone crazy. They've been crazy all along.

: Me miss the turtle.

Oh, and they also have some pretty low hit points.


: Okay, I've had enough of this!

: Ground forces! Move in!

: Sooo much easier. Now then...

: Let's draw Gul'dan out.

: Gul'dan! I'm burning your little buildings down! I... Where the NETHER is this mage!?

: Where the hell could he even be hiding? Just rocks around here anyway. Men! Set up a perimeter and establish a camp. We'll root the slug out.

: I'm sure Vilefeast has found some way to destroy the fleet.


: Pew! Pew! Burn everything!

: Oooh! His head scary like Gul'dan! Hello, scary head!

: Scary head explode! Oh... what that?

: Ahh! Not nice! Scary!

Back with the important people...

: Ah, I'm sure he's fiiiine.

: Hey, wait a minute...

: I'm willing to bet that Gul'dan lies somewhere beyond.

: I just need to clear the way.

: Oh, goblins. Never stop being comically stupid.

: And now that I know where Gul'dan's hiding...

: Let's burn this island down!

: And we'll make some headway into this whole architecture in the middle of rock business.

: Actually, if my theory is correct, we should be able to see right in there.

: Oh, are you serious...

: Chieftain! Me come warn you! Scary men have-

: Daemons.

Yes, the daemons make their triumphant return... in about the worst way possible. How you go from the most powerful unit in the first war to this thing is beyond me. But hey, they're using those wings for something now!

: What? No! Scary faces! They like me!

: ...Just get in there, Vilefeast.

: 'Kay. Why?

: I have a hunch that we'll be meeting an old friend. I can't wait to take a trophy from him. Maybe a skull or eye or something...

: ...Whelp. All you, buddy.

: Me actually feeling little trepidation.

: Don't be silly, trepidation means 'very brave.'

: Oh, good! Me scared for minute there.

: Me scared again!

: Grrr... Back in my day-

: -daemons were bigger.

: Hmm? Gul'dan? Gul'dan! ...Rrrr...

: He run inside while we fighting!


: Chieftain! Island hungry!

: It's... sinking...?