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Part 15: Mission 1: Latrine Duty

Act 1: The Shores of Lordaeron

Episode 1: Hillsbrad or Latrine Duty

: This is our station?

: What do you mean? I think it has... potential.

: A frozen building in the middle of the mountains.

: Think of the defensive capabilities. What foe would assault our crops up here? I think that this was a wise decision on the part of the council.

: Look, I know the council sent me to lend you my assistance, but this is ridiculous. If I didn't know your father from the Azerothian War, I don't think I would have agreed to this.

: At least there's a gold mine.

: I'm going to take a little walk, Gaz. Watch over things for me, will you?

: That's Lord Ravigaz to you, Wells!

Most of all the new information to Warcraft II was mentioned in the orc mission, but I can pick up a few things that are a little more noticeable in these screens. For instance, the first appearance of fog of war! It isn't handled perfectly (sometimes jumping into existence when it shouldn't or sticking around when a unit has already passed into it), but it's very nice to see. There is an option to toggle it off, but that's no fun.

: Uh-huh, whatever. Eh? A lone orc, eh? Don't think I'll give you quarter because you're outnumbered! Men! Charge!

: You will be the first of many foul creatures that I put to the sword. My father's death shall be avenged.

: What, ho!

: Send this message to your heathen commander...

: I want my father's hat back.

Here we can see the enemy level, which gives us a good basis for determining how powerful they are. What exactly do they denote? Again, something we'll be getting into later, but for now, keep this in mind.

: Yes, just like that! Keep fighting, you beasts!

A side lore issue here, but Blizzard has been careful not to include any ranged orc units. Blizzard kept its head together with storyline and reminds us that the Horde hasn't made contact with the trolls yet. While this is great to see that Blizzard is paying more attention to their work, it makes keeping your three footman alive just a little more difficult (as you can see from the shot here).

: Huf... hu... Heh. Hehehe. An anonymous grave for an unfit dog. A grave like you gave my father.

: So how are things going back here?

: Just fine, Varin. We've begun work on a barracks. So long as we're up here, we may as well have a place to train the citizenry.

: And the farms are coming along surprisingly well.

: Hmm... I see someone has been using some magic to make the land a little softer here... Oh, Gaz.

: ...I am a dark master of necromatic energies! I would do no such things! I wouldn't even know such... such childish magic!

Hey, this looks familiar.

: Maybe it's time to think about the warm fuzzies inside you that are begging for release.

: What the nether!?

: Heh. Jynx.

: Shut up- Is everyone okay? Looks like the gold mine collapsed. I heard about this happening alot back in Azeroth's war. We can locate another mine-

: No need. We're almost done here. We'll finish up and head back to command. Then we can march against these foul orcs directly and avenge my father's death.

: Varin, for the last time, your father is not-

: Avenge his death.

: I swear they don't pay me enough. Our job here is done, Varin. Now if we can get going, I'd really like to change my robes.

: Wait until the council hears of the stunning victory.

: I wouldn't call it a victory, per se...