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Part 16: Mission 2: Dwarven Know-How

Episode 2: Ambush at Tarren Mill or Dwarven Know-How

: So when did we start doing freelance work?

: This isn't freelance, Gaz-

: Lord Ravigaz.

: ...This isn't freelance. Lord Terenas saw a number of elves taken away through the woods up ahead. After some scouting, our men reported that they were indeed being held in an orcish encampment.

: Yeah, yeah, that I get, but why is the mercenary along with us?

: 'Oi! I'm standin' right here, ye spell pinchin' fairy!

: Master Firefist was hired by Lord Terenas to provide demolition advice for breaking into the orcish compound.

: Just what the army was missing; dwarven consultation.

: Now ye listen here, ye pantywaist...

: Oh, boy, nothing says alliance of races banding together for the common good like racial tension.

: Hmph. Let's just get on with it.

: Right-o. Lord Terenas has sent ye some o' his private troops to assist ye're base camp. I'd be glad to take the lead on this one.

: Like hell you would-

: Of course, Master Firefist. The troops are all yours. I'll be joining the squadron, along with Gaz... er, Lord Ravigaz here.

: Well, then, lads! Let's begin our tour of Tarren Mill! I'm yer guide and expert, Ruku Firefist! To yer left, ye can see a vicious troll. Don't worry, they're practically harmless.

: Men! Charge!

: Ho, ho! These boys have teeth on 'em!

: When did the orcs start working with trolls?

: Those orcs must have some shrewd negotiators.

: Aye! Movin' on to the next leg o' the journey!

: Hey, hey! This isn't some tour through the tundra!

: Lad, if ye were a dwarf, this would be yer afternoon exercise.

: Yeah, and if you were human, you'd be sober right now.

: Exactly! And where's the fun in that?

: The encampment was so close? But all these men...

: Heh... nothin' says battle like total annihilation.

: Yeah, I heard how that "War of the Hammers" went.

: Gaz!

: Hahaha! Now this human I like! That was one hell of a war! 'Specially when that massive beastie burnt all those little Dark Iron...

: ...

: Sizzle, pop, pop went their skin.

: Okay, so he's a tad unstable.

: A tad?

: So how to we crack this thing, Ruku?

: 'Oi! Ye got swords! Smash it!

: Oh, yes, I'm so glad we hired this guy.

Here we can also see another tower, much like in the orc mission. This time, however, it is a guard tower, which will fire arrows at your units. This actually hurts alot, so it's best to take them down as fast as you can.

: Oop! Excuse me! Stand back!

: What in the world was that!?

: Oh, s'little somethin' I cooked up. One part rum, one part whiskey, two parts gunpowder...

: You carry explosives like that around with you?

: Explosives? That's me afternoon drink.

: SO glad.

After much hacking at stone with swords...

: The missing elves!

: Oh, great, something else we have to take care not to blow up: people.

: Aye, I hear ye, lad.

: And the dwarf doesn't understand sarcasm.

: Alright, let's get you back to Lord Terenas's base; these woods don't seem safe.

Sorry for such an unadventurous journey there, but... it's the second level! There isn't much to talk about, much like with the orc mission.

: I wonder if I'll get a promotion for this.

: They can promote you past "Lord"?

: That's... more of a nomenclature I gave myself. Y'know, because the fair damsels do so enjoy a lord.

: Hmmm... Lord Firefist. Has a good ring to it. I'm really gonna enjoy workin' with ye lads.

: Wait, what?

: Well... Terenas sort of gave me Ruku's contract as a part of working under him. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

: Yeah, at the time. Don't you ever know when a deal seems too good to be true?

: Well, what harm could he-?


: Did I scare ye?

: Huf... huf... Chest... hurting...