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Part 29: In Six Years We... Uh...

Lore: In Six Years We... Uh...

Orc Briefing, Viddler, or Youtube

Human Briefing, Viddler, or Youtube

Yes, that's right, the narrator is back and as powerful as ever. You will also notice that we have a brand-spanking new briefing screen. I have to say, this is quite bad-ass. Before you all start up your creepy fanfictions, however, let's answer a few nagging questions.

What the hell has everyone been doing for six years!?

When we last left the orcish army, Doomhammer was on a killing rampage and had two prime targets: the remaining humans and Gul'dan. Yet here, six years later, both of them still seem to be alive. What the hell, Doomhammer?

Seriously, there's no need to trust the guy who's been manipulating the whole orcish race.

After Gul'dan was caught in Medivh's mind and sent into an arcane coma, Doomhammer took control (by beating the grammatical inaccuracies out of Blackhand). Gul'dan, upon waking, realized that his grip on the orcish army was weakening and took refuge in the ruins of Stormwind. Unfortunately for him, Doomhammer received information from his ally Durotan about Garona's connection to the Shadow Council, who in turn lead him to Gul'dan. Unfortunately, the way this was handled in Warcraft: O&H made this a somewhat clunky retcon, but it was serviceable. Anyway, with Doomhammer furious at Gul'dan's manipulation, he ordered all the warlocks killed for their crimes and the Shadow Council disbanded.

Upon Gul'dan's capture, Doomhammer was more than ready to destroy the treacherous warlock, but Gul'dan was a quick thinker, reminding Doomhammer that he was the last true spellcaster in the orcish army. He tempted the war chief with promises of an army of necromancers if only his life would be spared. Knowing full well that Gul'dan would probably betray him, Doomhammer still accepted the warlock's offer. The new Horde was beginning.

Meanwhile, the humans had gone through a serious hell. After the surviving humans sail across the Great Sea to the human lands to the north, Sir Anduin Lothar lead the refugees to the great capital of Lordaeron. There he roused King Terenas with an impassioned plea for assistance and call to arms against the orcish menace. The king of Lordaeron couldn't ignore the plight of his fellow humans and began to put out the call to arms.

The mullet is gone only to replaced by a wicked sweet ponytail.

Terenas pulled together the human nations of Gilneas (rugged loners, not at all a mirror to what they are today...), Stromgarde (battle-hardened warriors), Kul Tiras (naval capital), Dalaran (mages), and Alterac (cowards). From there he used his connections to bring in both the Bronzebeard dwarves of Ironforge and the Wildhammer dwarves of Aerie Peak. Even the gnomes of Gnomeregan pledged a number of troops to the cause. Finally, he tried to get assistance from the elves, who mostly scoffed at the idea of an alliance, and sent only minimal forces. From here the Alliance was born.

There's a lot more that happened in this time frame, but this can be saved for a later Lore update. Can anyone say Deathwing? That said, I'm thinking about making little comics a staple of the Lore updates, so tell me what you think.