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Part 33: Stroming Tol Barad

Stroming Tol Barad

Orc Briefing, Viddler, or Youtube

Human Briefing, Viddler, or Youtube

Let's talk about Stromgarde here for a moment. Back when humans were struggling to survive in a tribal society (after the Sundering). Of all the human tribes, the Arathi happened to be situated in one of the most dangerous locations at the time: right in between the elves and trolls. Having already skirmished with the trolls, the Arathi didn't want to lose more of their soldiers to senseless conflict. The elves, as we saw previously, offered to train 100 humans in the magical arts if the Arathi joined in finally pushing the trolls back.

From the human perspective, this was the best deal ever.

From the perspective of... everyone else, this was pants on head retarded.

Imagine if you will, a tribesman used to hunting and gathering, scraping by when the herds thinned or the crops were not plentiful. While I can't say for certainty that the primitive humans didn't have more efficient weapons, we can assume that human weaponry was about on par with the trolls (crude axes and clubs). So now that you have image of these savages in your mind...

Give them the power of the gods channeled directly from their fingertips.

Ooga! Oooga! FIRE!

After the victory over the trolls, the humans could expand in peace, and the city of Strom was founded by the Arathi humans. (I'm unsure of whether Strom came after the Troll Wars or before, but it grew in power after the wars.) The Arathor empire began to grow, and the human race was given a second chance. It's often argued that this was another fuck-up from the elves, but to be fair the humans have done some good. I think...

In either case, Arathor became the seat of human civilization, with the capital cities of Dalaran, Lordaeron, and Stormwind springing forth from Strom. Of course each of the new lands attracted citizens en masse, since they offered a change and an opportunity at new lives. It didn't take long before the might of Arathor had weakened as seven distinct nations rose up (Azeroth, Lordaeron, Dalaran, Stromgarde, Kul Tiras, Gilneas, and Alterac). Strom was no more, replaced instead by Stromgarde. Despite it's weakened state, Stromgarde was still able to assert their dominance by being the most badass warriors in the land.

Stromgarde is filled with completely well-adjusted individuals.

It then brings us to the Stromgarde that we see here in Warcraft II, a glorified port town that guards the naval passage to dwarven lands. Tol Barad was their shining glory and it was stomped in by orcs.