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Part 37: Ogres: The Second Imported Cliche of Azeroth

Ogres: The Second Imported Cliche of Azeroth

Orc Briefing, Viddler, or Youtube

Human Briefing, Viddler, or Youtube

Alright, we've covered ogres before, but there is far more to these simple creatures.

Let's start once more at the beginning. Ogres were slaves to the gronn on Draenor before the orcs came to "free" them. Of course, this was only so they could be used to crush the draenei in the Orcs' first genocide. Gul'dan had no real long term plans for his new pets, beyond destroying the draenei. So when the First War began, he used them to act as enforcers for the clans, making sure that no in-fighting would begin.

"Uhh... y'know what? Forget about that whole 'your mother is an ogre-lover' thing."

Of course, the ogres were just too wild and stupid to put on the front lines of a real war. I mean, odds were just as good that "Graz'Mog" would tear off the heads of the orcish grunts as he would the human knights. With this in mind, Gul'dan set out to push the envelope of evil-doing just a notch further and began to experiment on the remaining ogres.

In order to make the ogres more intelligent, Gul'dan went for the most logical approach and magically bred in a second head. As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one; especially when in comes to pummeling your foes to death. You can think of the old warlock as something of a genetic engineer. Now, two-headed ogres weren't exactly a new thing, but it certainly was a rarity. Cho'Gall was actually one of the few naturally created two-headed ogres before Gul'dan began mass producing them.

But the new ogres were still too... well, stupid. Again, Gul'dan decided that the best way to cure this was to give them insane magical powers. (I guess he tried adding a third head, but it didn't quite work out.) I mean, it makes sense on a certain level. The necrolytes and warlocks from the First War were gone, destroyed by Doomhammer, so the Horde needed a replacement. Gul'dan just decided to put the magical powers Caer Darrow's runestones into muscle-bound psychopaths with the mental capabilities of a five year-old. Err... two five year-olds. I'm surprised that this plan didn't backfire at any point.