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Part 40: Can We Get Real About This Tomb Already?

Can We Get Real About This Tomb Already?

Orc Briefing, Viddler, or Youtube

Human Briefing, Viddler, or Youtube

The Tomb of Sargeras. Seriously, for as important as this thing is, it really hasn't gotten enough of the spotlight, or the correct amount of attention to really explain what happened there. Let's start from the beginning. As you may have guessed, the Tomb of Sargeras is... well, the resting place of Sargeras. Sort of.

Long ago, before all these humans and orcs started to wreck up the place, the elves were busy wrecking up the place. Yes, like any good Warcraft tale, it begins with elves. One of their most magnificent of cities was Suramar, splendorous home to the greatest (and most dickish) elves of all time. Of course, if anything is amazing in the Warcraft universe, it's soon to be nerfed burnt to the ground. After the War of the Ancients and the Great Sundering that followed, Suramar was destroyed and sunk to the bottom of the Great Sea. Kind of a bummer. However, the great city was not forgotten. (Because forgetting it would have actually been a blessing.)

After the War of the Ancients, Aegwynn, Guardian of Tirisfal, was ever vigilant for the return of Sargeras. Of course, demons will do as demons do, and the Titan came up with a clever, if totally weird plan. He lured her into combat as he entered into Azeroth again, his spirit housed within an avatar of his. There she defeated him handily. Alot of this may sound familiar.

The point we're going to talk about here is Aegwynn hurling Sargeras's "body" into the sea. More specifically she placed his body into the Temple of Elune within the ruined city of Suramar. There, the empty husk lay in wait. Despite being a fake body, the treasures it held were very real (including the Scepter and Eye of Sargeras, which we'll see later). This, along with a few lies from Medivh/Sargeras were enough to tempt Gul'dan into leading the assault upon Azeroth.

We pretty much know all of this already. But what the hell actually happened with the big guy who raised the thing from the sea and let loose the horrors within? How did those horrors even get there!? You see, the daemons that pour forth were the guardians of the Tomb. This means that they...
All of these options seem a little ridiculous, but we're also playing a game with missle-mounted invisible giant sea turtles, so... y'know... grain o' salt here.

Unfortunately, there's more wackiness to come with the Tomb of Sargeras, so I can't fill this whole page with my rambling conspiracy theories, but there shall come a day... It also means that we'll get to discuss Gul'dan's fate another day. (He's still totally dead, though)

Screw it! We're getting some stuff out on the table. Gul'dan and Cho'gall are killed in Warcraft 2. You run in there and murder him with your axes and pointy-bits. However, it isn't cool to kill off such important characters to the lore in a game that very few people ever got the chance to play. So let's see what happened exactly.

Gul'dan: Gul'dan escaped into the Tomb while Cho'Gall's clan held the attacking force at bay. In there he fell prey to the Tomb Guardians, who proceeded to destroy him and the remainder of the Stormreaver warlocks he brought with him. I really wish there was more to say about this, but Gul'dan receives one of those lame off-screen "get fucked by karma" deaths. We will, however, see more of this in Warcraft III.

Cho'Gall: This is interesting. Y'see, the Tomb of Sargeras sunk back undersea pretty damn quickly without the Stormreaver magics keeping it... uh... up? That means that Cho'Gall would have had to fled the scene pretty quickly in order to have survived. Kind of cowardly for a cult leader obsessed with the end of the world. Now here's some pretty crazy stuff: When Cho'Gall escaped, he made is way to Ahn'Qiraj. I'm just going to show off a little map here. (Again, Rook is amazing)

Here is the Tomb of Sargeras. You'll also note that we're looking now at Kalimdor, a continent that hasn't been touched by the Warcraft series up to this point. As a matter of fact, no one even knows about it existence (for the most part).

And HERE is where Cho'Gall decides to go. Are you serious!? That just... It doesn't make... Hold on. I need another image.

What the fuck, Cho'Gall!? Are you serious!? That doesn't make any sense at all!