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Part 43: Intermission 1

Intermission 1: Pinkskins and the First War

: Enjoying the wine, Varin?

: Oh, Gaz, I'm sorry... I've been distracted. Ruku here has been eating for what seems to have been hours.

: Plate number four, an' still goin'.

: Uther's left for the front lines long ago, and you haven't done anything since he's left. Why don't you let loose a little?

: Let loose? This war has been non-stop. I can't go off to dally at local dances or courting the loose women of the Darrow; the war could be here at any moment.

: Feh. Ret 'oose a'lil.

: Chew and swallow, Ruku.

: I'm jus' sayin' ye should go have some fun, already. We been fightin' fer so long tha' we should enjoy th' time we got.

: Yes, the dwarf with mutton stuck in his beard has a point. Even during the First War we had some fun. By the Nether we had some good times.

: Yes, you and my father were on the front lines while I was back at Stormwind's military academy.

: Pansy.

: Ah, the old days of conjuration, before these Kirin Tor mages started spreading their studies around.

: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tha's wat ye wore!?

: When I was younger, I was told that the hat made the magic work... more magically.

: Didn't you guys also call it "magick" back then?

: Simpler, simpler times...

: I cannae believe ye humans. Dumb enough ta believe hats made ye magical. No wonder th' orcs beat ye.

: Yeah, thanks for all the assistance, by the way.

: 'Oi! We had our own troubles!

: Ah, yes, that "War over hammers." Idiots.

: War o' th' Three Hammers! I fought th' dirty Dark Iron every step o' th' way!

: Called me Ruku "th' Ass Beat'r."

: Fantastic title, Ruku. Fantastic.

: Aye, tha' it was. Them bastards were fools ta stand up ta th' Bronzebeards. Me clan collected a good fifty or so beards in th' initial assault.

: While we were fighting for our lives in Azeroth you were collecting the beards of your kin!?

: Fer a price, aye.

: You were still a mercenary in a civil war?

: Don't try and rationalize a dwarf, Varin. It only leads to genocide.

: Ah, genocide. Still workin' on tha' one. But with less folks around, there's jus' less coffers to empty into ours. A constant problem.

: Ugh. I wonder if the orcs have to put up with this.


: Chieftain, with Vilefeast back, doesn't it just make you want to remember all the good times we've shared? Talk about our lives back on Draenor before we came to this land, maybe? We've been together for so long, and yet we know so little of each othe-

: Bloodgut.

: Yes, Chieftain?

: Shut up and get me another drink.