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Part 44: Intermission 2

Intermission 2: Delay of War

: Chieftain, shouldn't we... be doing something?

: Huzzzkh...

: Shh... Chieftain sleeping like little baby.

: This is ridiculous! The humans are actually mounting a serious defense this time around. We need to be on our guard at all times!

: HUKZZ... zzzz...

: That silly, Bloodbuddy! We win war easy like with blue skins.

: Blue skins? The draenei? I wouldn't know, I-

: Me big hero in blue skin fights! Me snap all their little weapons in bare hands!

: Always ask 'piece.' But never of what! Me give piece of axe.

: Vilefeast, I have the feeling that there was some misinterpretation.

: Trying to sleep here.

: Oh, Chieftain, glad to see you're awake-

: I'm not, so you are not.

: What?

: He's not glad... it's a subtle joke. Like, a form of- Oh, nevermind. What is it, Bloodgut?

: Well, it's just that we've been in the reserves for so long. I thought we should be out there doing something.

: Feh. Why should I? It's perfectly fine here. We got Vilefeast back; with some improvements, too. I'd rather just relax. Enjoy the privileges of being the Chieftain.

: Chief, 'dis message arrived f'ya.

: What. The Nether. Is this!?

: "This is a notice for all chieftains in possession of a 'Death Knight.' Your presence is demanded on the island of Balor so that we may..." It looks like Vilefeast is wanted.

: Read the name. Read who sent it.

: ...Gul'dan.

: You and Mumbles the troll are in charge of things here. Vilefeast and I are going to the warlock's little party...