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Wario Land

by FutureFriend

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Original Thread: Taste of Money - Let's Play the Wario franchise



Let's Play Wario Land

Hey kids, you like Wario? You'll love this LP then.

Who's Wario?

Wario is a character designed by Hiroji Kiyotake, the original character designer for Samus Aran. Wario was originally made for Mario Land 2, serving as the main villain and final boss of the game. After Mario Land 2, Wario gained a lot of popularity. Thus, he promptly was cast as a villain again in Mario and Wario. After Mario & Wario Nintendo released the last installment in the Mario Land series; Wario Land. Wario Land was successful enough to end up spawning a popular franchise that's still loved to this day.

Now as for Wario himself, as a character he is simple, he's lazy, he's greedy, he's kind of a jerk and he loves garlic, that's about as much depth he has and will ever have.

So who are you jerks and what's your plan?
We're FutureFriend and Holidae (and in the bonus videos KillerEmcee and a_raving_loon) and we plan to LP Wario Land 1.

Now for some of the side-games we think are a bit too boring to fully play through, we'll do one video of them, just to show them off and so you can get a idea how to play them.

We intend to be as fully comprehensive as possible in our LP and gather every optional thing in this game. Because this was originally also a megathread, there are some bonus videos of some games starring Wario that weren't exciting enough for their own thread.

So, without further ado, let's showcase some Wario Land. Hope you enjoy

kalonZombie has found out Wario's one wish.

ElTipejoLoco shows us what Waluigi's formative years were like.
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