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Part 1: What about the Races and Great Mages?

What about the Races and Great Mages?

Well, the choice of the Great Mage is mostly a cosmetic one (you can totally make one with any stats, perks or starting benefits you want) and your gameplay is mostly determined by your race. Here are all the races and the mages traditionally associated with them.


Human rogues are all female, alert Ms. Sarkesian

Your bog standard fantasy homo sapiens. Like all of the races introduced in the first game, they’re unchanged and have no new units.

Humans excel in gold production, and there might be some sense in that. The Majesty series of games was a Randian fantasty kingdom simulator in that you used taxes to hire heroes and incentivize them to maybe go kill something; you didn’t control units directly! In Warlock, human units are still said to belong to the various hero-for-hire guilds (and share the aesthetics of the ones seen in Majesty) so that makes sense.

Human units aren’t actually that special, save for the fact that you can have temples (and temple for units) for every god except for Grum Gog.

Human Mages

Anna the Benign

Anna the Benign took the betrayal of the United One harder than anyone, for she was rumoured to be his close friend. This is why the war with the new god was not her immediate concern. But the United One was not just a Great Mage, he was was creature bereft of morality and feelings. Anna knew this bitter truth from experience.

Only with the divine protection of Agrela did Anna manage to survive and save many of her lieges. Now she wanders across the worlds with her people, and dreams of returning to Ardania. Not for revenge, not for fame nor in hope of returning what is lost, but for the sake of those poor souls who still remain there.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

Krel the Kingpin

The emergence of the United One violated the old agreements between the Mages of Ardania and called for new alliances. While some Mages swore allegiance to the new god, and King Lich and Malinalxochi tried to destroy him, Krel was looking for allies to fight against the United One. He has to perform quite a feat -- to convince the god Krolm himself that allies are essential for such a venture. The rest seemed simple. Krel quickly found common ground with Sol de Torvega an Amberon the Dark, who were also forming a coalition against the United One... But the united forces of the three Great Mages, three patron gods and their three armies were not enough.

De Torvega was killed, Amberon was captured... In an effort to retain at least part of the allied troops, Helia and Krolm transferred Krel the Kingpin and his men away from Ardania and with one last effect managed to seal the United One inside. However, the leader of the Barbarians is not accustomed to retreating, and he knows that no seal will last forever... With or without allies, Krel intends to return one day and win!

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)


Some of those who managed to escape from Ardania under the rule of the United One were thrown into the world of the Great Desert, and had to wander around for a long time, hoping to find shelter, food, or water. Many only briefly outlived their hope. In the darkest hour of despair, when all the energy dried up, Nefertari, Pearl of the Desert, the heiress of Ancient Truths, appeared before the survivors. She summoned magic and created shelter, food and water for them, asking for only one thing in exchange: to swear an oath of allegiance and become her Warriors. A small price to pay for life and freedom from suffering! So far, we haven't regretted the price, but... There are days when I'm afraid to look into the shining eyes of Nefertari, because in them I see the light of a mind that surpasses my understanding.

{from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

(Her entry is probably the most srs one)


Goblins are ugly in all colors

This is the unlikely mishmash of goblins (and their horrible voice acting), gnomes, werewolf shock troops and siege trolls. I played them in the last LP, which went along the lines “goblins are stupid and expendable, werewolves are awesome”.

Besides that, monsters have the highest food production (for goblin spam, I guess), those sweet sweet regenerating/soul damage dealing Werewolves, and are the only ones that can have Grum-Gog temples (but he’s the worst, so it doesn’t matter).

Monstrous Mages


If anyone benefitted from the United One besides the United One himself, it was the Head Shaman Ash-Haar the Wisest . In exchange for some services in the past, the United One not only didn't fight against Ash-Haar, but for his 'help and understanding' gave him a great part of his treasures in addition to a cosy, beautiful and inaccessible world on the outskirts of the universe. Ash-Haar accepted the gift, promising never to fight against the United One, and left Ardania, taking his monsters with him.

But not all the goblins accepted such an exchange. Ash-Haar's best student, who was always been brutally honest (frankly, more on the brutal side) and short-tempered, became the new Head Priestess of Grum-Gog, and declared that she had no itnention of giving the anscestral lands of monsters to the United One. And believe me, when Xara decides something, even the United One can't dissuade her.
(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

(In Jc-Canon, Ash-Haar got defeated by Dremers like a chump)


The name of Tlalocian in Koatl language means 'He Who Is Chosen by Tlaloc', but that doesn't answer the question as to who this Tlaloc is. We only know that Tlalocian honors the god Fervus and is a half brother of Malinalxochi , the Snake Queen - the very Malinalxochi who not only refused to submit to the United One, but fiercely attacked him on her own, without the support of the other Mages, and was destroyed by the unprecedented magic force of the new god. Tlalocian, thought he never liked his sister, took her defeat as a personal insult, and wants the United One to pay for it... with his blood and soul.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

(Koatls are Aztec lizards found in Koatl villages and not exactly a part of Monster "race")

King Rrat LIV

King Rrat LIV is the eleventh son of the famous Rrat XLII who attempted a desperate escape from Ardania at the first signs of despotism of the United One. After his father's death the throne was rightfully passed to his eldest son Rrat KLIII, and it seemed that the rest of the princes could only receive titled of Dukes or Counts. But Rrat LIV soon managed to outlive all his brothers and so became the King. And attentive reader needs to know only this much about the new king. But even more characteristic is the fact that King Rrat LIV intends to outlive the United One and return his power over Ardanian royal sewers.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

(Snoop-Jim’s is dead, baby, if only so I wouldn’t have to fake jive anymore. In Jc-Canon, King Rrat XLII didn’t really manage to do much and was basically saved by King Lich V and a suicidal werewolf charge. His successor has a much better portrait)


Neruz posted:

Ovbiously the way undead reproduce is by having all the skeletons get together in a big crypt and bone

These guys are the dead minions of necromancers and thus mostly are unaffected by whatever ails the living (they’re still vulnerable to stabbings and bashings, and extra vulnerable to life magic). Skellingtons make for nice troops (no unit barks) and vampires can probably give werewolves a hard time. But the most important thing is that they have actual flying ghost ships as siege units. They are awesome, even if I tend to use them in monster hunting.

Undead are the best at producing mana (and they need it, since their units consume mana instead of food) and have some interesting temple units (except for Housecarls of Krolm).

Undead Mages

King Lich VI

King Lich did not like the United One very much even when he was a mere Great Mage, not to mention after his transformation... Witnesses could have written songs about King Lich's fight against the United One, if the latter had left at least one witness alive. He wanted to destroy the very name of the King Lich so much that he used all his strength to erase the armies of the undead. Thus he actually rendered an invaluable service to the King Lich, for the recently resurrected King Lich VI knows the limits of the United One's power, and now he can give this enemy hell.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

(Aw yeah, the best king with the best art, he defeated the Dremer in Jc-Canon, and did the same suicide attack, too. Playing him would make sense since I also know/faintly remember the limits of United One’s power as a player)


Mallacir, Countess of Karnstein, is a charming girl and a lovely conversation partner whose castle is an absolute must-see. Many of those who come to her dinner parties for the first time wonder why such a young lady has extensive domains in the Death world, why she runs the armies of the undead and is patronized by Krypta. Mallacir answers all questions with a smile, saying that the title and the lands are her inheritance from her great-grandmother, and that she likes everything, although in recent years she's getting bored of the landscape outside the window, and she is thinking about travelling, to see other worlds and be seen, and adding that it's time to move on to dessert...

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

Arethi Elves

"Wait a minute, are those... women? I haven't seen any in years!"

Arethi Elves in Master of the Arcane were kind of philosophical religious zealots (their “Truth” is undefined, but they don’t believe the gods to be actual god beings) and more-than-likely crusaders. It’s a massive sausage fest since elven women (all of them) left to do their own thing (open casinos or be mercenary archers). As to how they breed, well,

Their units are powerful, but more in a glass-cannon-y way, and they are expensive in upkeep. They also have awesome flying ships that almost look like spaceships. Elves specialize in research generation.

Elven Mages

Dragon Queen

After the United One captured Amberon the Dark, the remaining Arethi Elves were completely overwhelmed by what had happened. They faced a terrible defeat alone, without the Light of Truth and without their Teacher. Who knows what would have happened to them if it hadn't been for the Dragon Queen?

Seeing the confusion of the male Elves, she came to them not as a long-standing rival, but as their deliveress. She took the place of Amberon, and using the power of Dragons, withdrew the surviving Elves from Ardania. However, the Dragon Queen wouldn't be called the Dragon Queen has she only thought of saving the Elves and herself. There is an ancient prophecy which says: 'The one who can take away the force of the United God will be able to revive the ancient Dragons of Creation.' Until recently, this prophecy didn't make much sense, but now...

All the Dragon Queen needs is to raise an army that can defeat the United One.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

Amberon the Light

What happened to Amberon? Many would like to know the answer to this question. It is known that Amberon the Dark along with Krel the Kingpin and Sol de Torvega tried to attack the United One and suffered defeat. Amberon was captured, and the Dragon Queen withdrew the leaderless Arethi Elves from Ardania. This might have been the end of it, if Amberon hadn't showed up at the Queen's court later. Many of the Arethi Elves immediately returned to his command.

But... Amberon has changed. He has changed so much that his courtiers sometimes don't recognize their Lord. The usual severity and intolerance has given way to kindness and understanding, and most importantly, Amberon declared that a new Supreme Truth came to him while he was captive. He saw the light, and from now on he would lead the Arethi Elves to a different and brighter future.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

(Amberon was the first neighbor we had in Master of the Arcana and was the only Mage King Lich had to defeat. That’s what you get for being a lousy neighbor!)


I can see a very white Raz'Al'Ghoul from here

Planestriders are made from leftovers of other races. Well, they’re supposed to be this cool and mysterious (vaguely Eastern and Asian styled) band composed of the remnants Great King’s army and the Incorporeals, and they really want to return to Ardania .

I played the W2E campaign with them and was severely disappointed, even if their basic troops are secretly sentient skellingtons (they intone “Servants of his majesty” when selected) and some unit types can walk on water. Kind of boring.

Good loading screen art, tho

Strider Mages

Miralbus the Hat

Miralbus Card, officially also known as 'The Hat', has more right to hate the United One than anyone. That is because the United One not only diminished Miralbus' victory over Dremagor - the terrible leader of the Dremers - but he also usurped Miralbus' title as the Head of the Council of Great Mages and of Ardania itself.

For someone else it could have been a tremendous disaster ending with deep depression, but for the Great Mage who was often named 'The Hat' behind his back, it became just a slight delay on his path to glory and power.

Miralbus didn't waste a second mourning lost opportunities, but went travelling through the worlds searching for new allies who could help him in his war against the United One. Soon he encountered the Planestriders - a most curious alliance of races made by the remnants of the army of the Great King and the Incorporeal - whose warriors were just what Miralbus needed. He quickly persuaded the Planestriders that he was best suited to be their leader, and took on the role for mutual benefit - Miralbus got the army he was looking for, and the Planestriders got his word that someday they would return to Ardania, their long lost home.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

(In Jc-Canon, Miralbus would often offer alliance, then start a war against Sol de Torvega, an another of our allies, thus forcing us to break our newly-minted pact. The cycle continued on and on).


Rjakh ... Now, after meeting the Incorporeal, I should know much more about him than I did before. I know that he is one of the best Sorcerers of this race, that he is patronised by Lunord himself, and that the experience gained during the dispute over the title of Lord of Ardania allowed Rjakh to take the place of the First Mage of the Planestriders when he returned to his native world. Which, by the way, is where he went just as he learned that one of the Great Ones was about to finish the Unity spell.

But the main question remains: why does Rjakh intend to return to Ardania now, when he avoided the battle with the United One before? Did Lunord advise him? Or maybe he understands that the gods will not be able to lock the United One within the boundaries of one world for a long time, and wants to strike first? Or ...

I don't know. I can't predict his actions. Sometimes I think that Rjakh is a much more ancient crature than the Gods themselves, but sometimes I feel that there is something strangely familiar in him ...

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

(A rhetorical question: is naming a race “Incorporeal” worse than coming up with a silly fantasy name?)


Svarts give so little shit about anything, their town spawns next to Sea Serpent lair

Svarts are dorfs who survived Dremer eating their world. They’re that cool and (supposedly) OP. They’re also the most technological of races, with some wild units that I only ever heard of, but they’re no slouches in magic either. What, I can have my technology AND magic? Preposterous!

Svarts are really, really tough by the looks of it and are good in research.

Svart(hy) Mages

Es Kaliborn (a.k.a. God-Emperor of Dorfkind)

The rule of the Svarts was never a Great Mage, but he is a great (perhaps the greatest) tactician and strategist. He and his people were able to survive the Dremer invasion known as "the Armageddon" thanks to their unmatched stamina, force, knowledge of metallurgy, and simple incredible stubbornness.

Es Kaliborn is the embodiment of these qualities. Once he became mortally ill, but decided not to die for nothing, and chiselled a new body out of living rock. Over time, the mobility of this new shell dimished, so for the last hundred years the 'King-in-Stone' has not left his Platinum throne and is ruling the Svart kingdom through his trusted advisors.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

First Rune Witch

When those not familiar with the customs of the Svarts get an audience with the King-in-Stone, they may decide that there are only a couple of elite guards and a mere Rune Warrior protecting him, and that her sole mission is to serve drinks to visitors. But that's a grave mistake.

The full title of this Warrior is the First Rune Witch, Sincere Advisor to His Majesty, Headmistress of the Eternal Guard, Keeper of the Stone Throne, and so on and so forth, and she really knows her rune magic. If the First Rune Witch has to fight with any of the Great Mages, the latter are in big trouble. And her modest attire, the anonymous mask and simple armor of a Rune Warrior, is just a tribute to the tradition.

(from 'Chronicles of New Worlds' written by Master Vardies Teleran)

( I was sure, for a very long time, that she had a beard)