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Part 9: Out of juice - Fungus Mine Pt 2

Out of juice - Fungus Mine Pt 2

This time around we dodgy the mine cart and... bugger. It's blocking the lift. Maybe we can move it a bit. Er, no, we can't. Yes, this is another moment where if you do things incorrectly, you are completely fucked. If you don't stop the cart in the right place, a very specific place, you can't get back to the lift.

I think we'll keep well away from the mine cart for now, and do a bit more exploring. Unfortunately, we're now running low on sprayer fluid - there are a bunch of weapons you can pick up but none of them seem to do the monsters all that much damage. And you need the sprayer so you can destroy the wall vines and things.

Mind you, this doesn't look to bad. It's just a bit pointy. Maybe can just rush past it and..

OH GOD! WHY? WHY? For Christ's sake, everything in this mine is designed to kill you. I guess we'll need to waste another spray on this thing to get rid of this. Which leaves us down to a couple of sprays.

So as a last resort, we end up hitting the mutants with a pick axe we found. Or trying to hit them. Fuck the combat in this game - it seems entirely random, because for some reason only one in ten swipes actually make contact with the monster. A monster which is standing right in front of us.

A gasoline tank? Oh, that's bloody useless. It's not like we have a chainsaw or.. hang on a mo. Lighter? Empty chemical sprayer. Sounds like the ingredients for a home made flame thrower. Let's just open the drainage hole, fill up the tank and..

Yoga Flame, bitches!