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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 3: First Playthrough - 7 PM

[MUSIC: The Sirens]

♆: He's just an upset puppy.
♃: He'd have been less mad if you hadn't been texting the whole time he was yelling at us.
♆: The captain will live.
♃: I thought he was gonna knock it out of your hand for a minute.
♆: HA. God. I wish he would've.

♀: What?
♆: Don't zone out, do you want to die?
♀: Sorry...I thought I saw something.
♀: This diode shattered, can you pass me a new one?

Jupiter climbs up the pole to pass a new crystal to Venus.

Neptune keeps watch, but actually she's mad because fixing the sirens is stupid and menial and there's no reason they should have to do it.

Neptune refuses to participate unless we're cutting corners.

♃: Here Venus.
♀: Oh no.
♃: What?
♆: Oh look who it is.

[MUSIC: Summer Scouts]


Group South's dialogue is presented as if they're a single unit, like the same person said "Hey" three times. So you could think of it as one member saying something and another repeats some of what they said and another repeats the phrase they repeated. Or you could assume they all speak in unison and said the same thing three times, which is funnier to me.

Group South doesn't really look the same, but we can't remember their names or tell the difference between them.

Which is super mean of us. No wonder they hate our guts.

You guys got the lake sirens. We got the forest sirens.
You guys got the lake sirens. You check your own sirens.
You guys got the lake sirens. You should leave.

That's what he said. Venus must have heard wrong.
That's what he said. He said Venus would screw it up again.
That's what he said. Venus sucks and should go home immediately.

Group South does everything perfectly and is the fucking worst. The best kids in a camp for bad kids are absolutely certain to be the fucking worst.

♀ + ♆ / ♀ + ♃

Here's our first choice! These are presented a little differently than in other dating sims/VN's; there's no dialogue or text to solidly put them in context of the story or suggest you're part of the action, just straight to the point as "hey which two do you want to hook up in this situation".

For this first playthrough I'll be giving this and all preceding choices to the thread till we get an ending. Plus one more choice after that. So this time be sure to cast your vote either for Venus and Neptune or Venus and Jupiter! or be cool like me and use unicode: ♀ + ♆ or ♀ + ♃