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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 8: First Playthrough - 9 PM (♀ + ♆)

[MUSIC: Hair Tie]

The thread has overwhelmingly voted for Venus and Neptune. They have all effectively decided they hate Venus the most and he must be truth'd or dare'd to hell by Neptune. Nice knowing you Venus.

♀: Me?
♀: Hmm. Dare.

♀: that okay?
♆: Your entire camp experience is defined by someone making you do something awful, and you want to pick dare?
♀: But you won't right?
♆: Venus.
♆: That is the most dangerous thing you have ever said and it explains everything about why terrible stuff happens to you all of the time.
♀: Oh.

♀: Um.
♀: But truth is way worse?
♃: Truth is just embarassing, but with a dare you could get hurt, right?
♆: See, Jupiter gets it.
♀: Would you pick truth too?

♀: Hmmm.
♀: I think I still want to pick dare though?
♆: ...
♀: I mean, it's kinda like Jupiter said? Truth is embarrassing and dares could get you hurt. Getting hurt is way less scary.
♆: That's almost pretty clever, but what if I dared you to do something really embarrassing?
♀: Well...oh...
♆: I could make you wear a skirt or run around the lake or call Group South the worst thing you could think of.
♆: These are so boring and obvious too. Think if I had some imagination, Venus.

♆: Being awful is so trivial. It's easy beyond easy.
♀: ...should I pick truth then?
♆: "Tell me who you have a crush on."
♆: "What's you worst fear?"
♆: "Who do you hate the most?"

♆: I—
♆: *cough cough*
♃: Are you okay?
♆: *cough*
♆: Haahhh.
♀: It doesn't matter which I pick?

♆: It's a bad game.
♀: I'm sorry, I dunno what to—
♆: Ugh. You can't just apologize—
♆: Wait, I got it. I dare you to not say sorry for the rest of the night.
♃: Oh my god.
♀: I can do that!
♃: ...can he though?
♆: No it's perfect.
♆: It'll fix something annoying, and this will make everyone's life easier, and all of us win.
♀: Is it really annoying?

♀: Sorry.
♀: Whoops...
♆: ...
♃: ...So what happens now.
♆: NOTHING because this game is stupid and sucks and forget it.
♀: Sorry.
♃: ...
♆: ...
♀: That was...on purpose...jokes?
♃: Ahahaha.