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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 11: First Playthrough - 11 PM

[SFX: Crickets, wind, stray noises]

♀: I'm still a little worried.
♃: It's always like this, the devil always shows up when you least expect it.
♆: You two are unbearable.
♆: All we literally have to do is chill. You can do that, right?
♆: Riiiiiiiiiiight?
♃: Um. I can try?
♀: Well......not...really...
♆: God.

♆: I'm so glad I brought this.
♀: ...!
♃: Oh my god.

[MUSIC: Hair Tie]

The bottle is half drunk and sticky and smells of paint thinner, sugar, and artificial flavoring, and that is exactly what it is along with some additives that will shave years off our lives.

♆: No need to praise me too much. You can thank me by drinking this until you're no longer anxious and annoying.
♀: That's!
♀: I'm!
♀: Illegal!
♆: That is fine because either way I'm gonna drink it until I don't care how anxious and annoying either of you are.
♃: How did you even get that?
♆: I traded this fine bottle of Pernicious Rouge for 20 bucks and my three ugliest shades of nail polish. Aren't I generous?

I can't even tell if Neptune is joking here or if the brewers were actually proud enough to call it that.

♀: I haven't even had alcohol before.
♃: Oh god it hurts just to smell. Are you sure this is something people can drink?
♆: IMPOSSIBLE, the both of you. I swear to god.
♆: Sorry it's not an Italian red my darling princesses, I also don't have martini glasses or umbrellas either, but I promise you: adults are lying assholes about alcohol and all this shit is samely awful.
♆: What you should be saying is Neptune, thank you SO much for getting some with the chaser already in it! You perfect darling~.
♆: You're saving us the embarrassment of throwing up after our first shot and you ask for nothing in return but us to shut the fuck up. You're an angel who doesn't deserve any of this.

♆: I only have two shot glasses, so who's going with me.

♀ + ♆ / ♃ + ♆

The thread will be taking full responsibility for condoning a pair of minors getting shit-faced on paint thinner. The choices are Venus and Neptune or Jupiter and Neptune