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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 19: First Playthrough - 4 AM

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[MUSIC: Incense (Smoke & Honey)]

On Jupiter there is an ancient storm bigger than earth that's been blowing since before we were born.

There's no way to imagine it. It is a storm that could consume everyone you knew, everywhere they had been, the site of every thought and feeling humans have ever had.

Jupiter reaches out to us. She has a hand for every kind of touch; that hand is for hitting, that hand is for petting, that hand is for grabbing, that hand is for holding.

We feel the pull on our skin and recoil. They want so many things from us; maybe everything.

The devil is lonely. We kicked out the devil and it must miss us. It keeps begging to be let back, for us to let it in.

And Jupiter did.

Every wish of the body belongs to it. And every wish is a hand, expressing that desire. And every hand is a storm that is bigger than the world, reaching for us.

But it will not.

The hands don't touch us and the storm doesn't break over us.

We chose to be distant from her.

And the devil only ever gets one moment.

For revenge, for love, for "please take me back."

There is nothing to fear when there is two against the devil.

Neptune brings the water. Her radio cackles and bubbles and foams at its sharpest edge.

Venus brings the light. His radio whines and wriggles and coils around itself.

Our radios scream and crash against her and the devil is destroyed.