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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 21: Second Playthrough - 7 PM (♀ + ♃)

[MUSIC: Summer Scouts]

Playthrough 2 starts here, back at our friendly encounter with Group South. This time we'll see how Venus and Jupiter handle the situation together.

♀: Okay.

Stay. The Bonfire Captain said.

♆: Why do you think we're going to be as stupid as you are and believe the stupid things you are saying?
♆: Why are you unable to follow basic instructions or hear things that people say?

Everyone who was hoping Neptune would roast Group South in the last choice guessed wrong because THIS is the one where it happens.

Group South turns around.

Hey Neptune.
Hey Neptune.
Hey Neptune.

♆: I am truly in awe that it's possible for you all to have done this every single day for a month.
♆: I was so sure one day you were going to slip up and one of you would be accidentally identifiable but consider me defeated.
♆: As expected of our top group this year though?


Neptune dies out by the time we reach the next siren.

it's a crime to walk away from the scene of a triple homicide

♀: Yeah...
♀: Maybe we should go check though?
♃: It's fine.

We get to the siren and we do the thing; Jupiter pushes up Venus and he climbs up to get the switch at the top.

♀: I'm sorry.
♃: It's okay.
♀: ...
♀: I'm really sorry.
♃: I know, I know.
♀: I really don't like them.

♀: Ha.
♀: They're very popular though.
♃: You think so?
♃: Man, I don't like them. Does anyone really like them?
♀: No, not really. Not even the captain likes them.
♀: They like you though, don‘t they?

♃: I don't know.
♃: Actually, I don't think they do.
♃: Sometimes they're a little bit funny.
♃: But I don't actually like their humor too much.
♃: This sounds weird, but I kind of hang out with them so they’ll leave me alone?

♀: kind of doesn't?
♃: Haaaaahaha jeez. I kinda knew you'd say that.
♃: You know how sometimes kids bully each other because they don't know how to say they like someone?
♀: Yeah, a little.
♀: I always thought that maybe they also had to hate you a little to do that, though?
♃: Haha. See. You get it.
♀: Ha. Aha.
♀: But I wish they'd leave me alone.
Or I guess I meant more like, that sucks—
♀: —and I wish we didn‘t have to or—
♀: —I could talk to them and they wouldn't hate me?
♃: Well if it makes you feel any better...
♃: It's really not working out for me, either.
♀: Ahaha.
♀: It doesn't.