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Part 26: Second Playthrough - 12 AM (♀ + ♃)

[MUSIC: Greenhouse]

Let's shove Venus and Jupiter into the broom closet. 7 minutes in heaven with Jupiter and Neptune is absolutely the correct choice but I do love the interaction between these two here.

[MUSIC: Growing Poppies]

♀: Um. Why?
♃: Because that's the game.
♀: I thought you were going to say Neptune, so I—
♃: What about Neptune?
♃: Why not you. You're safe. You're like a puppy. You're harmless.
♀: ...did you lose your nerve?
♃: Except when you talk.
♀: Sorry, I just thought—
♃: You're so fluffy, wow. What do you do to your hair.
♀: Basically...nothing?
♃: We're friends too, aren't we? It's not weird.
♀: We're friends?
♃: See what I mean about 'except when you talk.'
♀: Oh. Sorry.
♀: People call any group of kids friends even if they were just forced to spend time with each other and actually kind of hate each other though?

♃: I don't know what to do with you.
♀: I know. That's why I play dumb most of the time.
♀: Like about you and Neptune. But I don't want to get in the way.
♃: ...if you were that worried about me and Neptune, that's actually. A pretty cool friend thing to do.
♃: Haha, does that make you my wingman?
♀: ...
♃: Haha, I am kidding. That is all jokes.
♃: You sure are not like other boys.
♀: Ha. Thank you. It would be a lot easier if I was though.
♃: ..."thank you?" Aha, I finally found a compliment you like.
♃: I envy boys a little sometimes too. Isn't that the good thing about them, that they're easier? A more straightforward sort of evil.
♃: Boys hate you to your face at least. At least you know how they feel about you.
♀: ...people say that a lot.
♃: Is it true?
♀: ...maybe this sounds weird, but...

♀: I spend a lot of time with boys, you know? And they're mad to your face sure, but they're always, always...
♀: ...mad about something else too, you know?
♀: I don't know how to describe it.
♀: They hide what they're mad about by getting mad about something else.
♀: And they don't even know it.
♀: Like the captain.
♃: What's the captain really mad about, you think?
♀: I don't know. I thought it must just be being here, like us?
♀: But I think that's not everything.

♀: You're not mad.
♃: What am I then?
♀: I don't know...
♃: You're lying.
♀: I thought you said you were getting annoyed because I kept talking about it?
♃: Ahaha. That's so right.
♃: What about you, then?
♀: I'm mad about a lot of things I guess.
♃: Liar.
♃: You're not mad.
♃: You're jealous.
♃: Why are you so jealous.
♃: It's flattering. But it's weird.
♀: I don't know.
♃: We're so mean though. We're mean to YOU.
♀: You aren't at all. And Neptune isn't...
♃: I wish I could be meaner. I wish I could be so much meaner.
♀: When you are mean though, it doesn't feel mean.

♃: You know, you could be a LITTLE mean, and we wouldn't care.
♀: I don't want to, though.
♃: Sometimes you're still mean, without meaning to be.
♀: I know. I hate it.
♀: I'd rather get made fun of than be mean.
♃: Hmm.
♃: You shouldn't say things like that.
♀: Why not? I don't want to. I just don't.
♀: I know I'm bad at getting anyone to like me and I'm weird and everyone else can deal even though I can't, but I can't.
♀: I'm just going to be like this. I'm not going to be any different.
♃: You're asking to get beat up.
♀: I don't care.
♃: But for real.
♀: I said I'm fine.

[MUSIC: Three Eves]

Jupiter snaps her hairband. Venus feels something tighten around his neck.

♀: You—haaH?
♃: Venus?
♃: Venus?!
♀: Ahh—
♃: I've got you, I'm—
♃: What is this? What? Whose...hands—?
♀: *gasp*


♀: I'm okay...
♃: Oh. Oh god. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
♀: It's okay. I'm fine. It's okay. I promise.
♃: It's not.
♃: It's not okay.