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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 34: Third Playthrough - 3 AM

[SFX: A fire is burning.]

The fireflies are out tonight. So many we're afraid.

We feel a little like we wish we could get away. Just for a little while. To some place that's not this shack.

If the devil wasn't here then...something. There is something that could happen. The only thing in the world we want to do.

♀: It's too late. The devil's here. Just like on the radio.
♃: This place is awful, it's just making everything worse. We should get out of here. We need to get out of here.
♀: The captain won't let us...
♆: Screw him. Why do we have to deal with this. Why is this our problem!
♆: It's stupid. This is on purpose. There's no reason to come out to these stupid woods. I can't believe I came here like we actually deserved it!
♆: What did they think was going to happen?
♃: Neptune...
♃: It's—it will be okay. Okay?
♃: I think.
♆: Thanks.
♃: Haha. I tried! Sort of...
♆: Ah. Ahahaha. No, I actually—

[MUSIC: The Sirens]

Out the window, where Venus is pointing, there is a light like a flashlight. But it is not a flashlight.

♀: What is it.

Jupiter goes to the window to see. And this time it's true. We can see it too.

We know we should stay. We should just get it over with here, where it's easiest. It'll be better for him, too. But...

♃: ...we should go.
♆: Seriously. God. Yes.
♀: We shouldn't, I mean, isn't one of us supposed to stay here?

There's a light inside now. It doesn't do anything. It just wanders. It passes over Neptune and she shivers.

♆: Screw this. No waiting.
♃: Now.

[MUSIC: A New Apple]

♀: ...y-yeah.
♆: They hate streetlights, we should have run for the road!
♃: I know.
♆: I'm not mad, okay!
♆: But I was fucking right!
♆: So if we die, you're not allowed to be mad??!

[SFX: Before they can run much further, Jupiter trips onto Venus.]

♃: Are you okay?
♀: Yeah.

Jupiter leaps up and pulls Venus and crashes directly into the ground again. Her foot hurts so bad she almost screams.

♃: S-sorry. Ohhhh god. Fuck.
♃: It's super bad.

Neptune holds Jupiter's hand so tight.

♃: It's probably...going to be fine.
♆: Fuck you.

Venus stands up. The lights flicker.

♀: Why won't you let me...
♀: Why can't you just let it have me.
♀: Why won't you go on without me.
♀: Why won't you?
♀: I don't want to be strong. I don't want to be that sort of person at all.
♀: The lights in the edge of my eyes.
♀: I want to see them so much.
♀: They're so horrible, I can't look away.
♀: I want them within me and without me. All through and about me. I want feathers in my lungs and eyes on my skin. I want my heart to see and my lungs to fly.
♀: I want to undo the division of day and night.
♀: I want to cast light over the city and shine shadows where the streetlights used to be.
♀: You're going to say I shouldn't give up, and there's hope, and we can all get through this...
♃: Please...don't.
♀: And that's not a lie but...
♆: Venus, no, get a grip. Stop.
♆: I promise, I won't—

Jupiter holds Neptune. For a second it looks like the light is lifting him up, like he's going up like Jeremiah.

It's exactly what we imagined.

We're so glad we're together now. But it still feels wrong. Stop for a second, and let us figure it out. But we don't deserve to get out with no regrets.

We are ready, and we can see the way out, is right there, right through there.