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Part 37: Fourth Playthrough - 7 PM - 10 PM

Before we set on the path to the true ending, I want to put you in my shoes as I was playing We Know The Devil for the first time, knowing there was a true ending but not how to get it.

After I got the Red, Yellow, and Blue endings, and understanding how they worked, I assumed getting the true ending involved some combination of all 7 choices that would allow all three kids to share the spotlight somehow. I thought about it for a while, and I knew it was impossible. Even still, I wanted to be SURE there's no way it could be done, so...

I worked it out myself. This is Page 1. I can't be the only one who's done this.

There's a total of 192 possible combinations of the choices you can make in a playthrough, and all of them lead to one of the three endings we've seen. 150 of them go the way I described before, "two must go one must stay". The other 42 are exceptions to this; you can choose a certain pairing ONLY ONCE, and then choose the other two pairings 3 times each, so that two kids are equally excluded 3 times and one kid is included in all but one event.

Seems interesting, but the results aren't all that exciting. Ending up with one of these combinations makes the game skip that part of 2 AM where god's message changes depending on your playthrough, and the endings will go like this: if Venus and Neptune are tied to "lose", Venus's ending happens; when Venus and Jupiter tie, it's Jupiter's ending; when Jupiter and Neptune tie...also Jupiter's ending . I wouldn't look into it for plot significance or anything, it's just a weird result of the system in place that creates an uneven distribution of the ways to get endings.

Putting all these together, there's 50 combinations that will give you the Blue ending, 64 that give you Yellow, and 78 that give you Red, with nothing left in the total 192 that'll give you the True Ending. It really is impossible with what we're given. So what did I do? Well first I realized I'm doing way more statistical crap for this than I probably had to and stopped with that.

Then I restarted the game.

I fast-forwarded through all the dialogue I saw before, none of it changes.

At the choices, I decided I would do my best to keep it fair. To see all of Group West included in an equal amount of scenes, for as far as the game's choices would allow me.

You can balance it out however you want, the order itself hardly matters. All that counts is that one of them isn't ignored more than the others.

The problem is if there were just one less event to choose a pairing—or one more—then it would be possible to keep an fair combination to the end. The conditional pairings being as they are, it can't be done with seven events.

From 7 PM to 9 PM, I chose each pairing once, so all three of them had two events they were in. Easy enough to keep it equal so far. But I had to rely on something to change.

[SFX: In the distance, an overpowering siren wails.]

♀:, ow, they're so loud.

[MUSIC: Victim of Circumstance]

♆: God, why won't he shut up.

But god has spoken, on that unmistakable frequency.

♀ + ♆ / ♃ + ♆ / ♀ + ♃ / ♀ + ♃ + ♆

And hello

Looks like you're wrong this time, Jupiter.