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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 39: Fourth Playthrough - 11 PM - 2 AM

Things are easy-peasy from here onward.

The automatic win for everyone at 10 PM gives you an even 6 events to work with, exactly what we need.

All that's left for the last three hours is to choose each pairing only once, just like the first three. Again, there's a couple ways to go about it but order is not important.

After 1 AM all three kids should score 5-5-5 in total (if only they could get one more each but what can you do). Nobody's singled out, you're all set.

So here we go, taking it from the top.

[MUSIC: Greenhouse]

♀: It's done.
♀: Well, shall we tune in on god?
♆: Whatever.
♀: We could also try calling the captain again...
♃: Hmm, yeah, we could—

♆: Calling will absolutely make everything worse, it always does.
♆: If there was any chance the devil wouldn't come, god will ruin it. But who cares. Of course the devil is coming tonight.
♆: So do it.

We arrange our radios in a circle. We all hold on to a length of copper wire. We feel like we're part of a christmas display. We pray.

♆: We don't really need to pray to it.
♀: Sorry. I'm just so used to it. I start hearing it in my head, as soon as we start, every time.
♃: Right? It just pops in my head.
♆: *sigh* Same, it's fine. I'm just saying.

We hold hands. We're looking for the signal. We can tell the difference between god and the devil; finding god is pretty easy. He's 109.8 FM.

The devil is never on the same frequency, but you sometimes hear a bit of him by accident when you're changing channels.

By the time we find god he's already talking. He never says "for those just listening." He expects attentiveness.


THE DEVIL: Oh, darling...

THE DEVIL: I miss you.

THE DEVIL: I have always missed you.

THE DEVIL: I can still remember what your faces were like.

THE DEVIL: I have missed them since before you were born.

THE DEVIL: Please come back.

THE DEVIL: I know I can't offer much.

THE DEVIL: The bodies I can give you are weak.

THE DEVIL: The stories I tell are impossible.

THE DEVIL: My world is even more precarious than this one.

THE DEVIL: But please come back.

THE DEVIL: It hurts to see you like this so much.

THE DEVIL: So unhappy in those bodies of yours.

THE DEVIL: Stricken by those stories.

THE DEVIL: Forced to live in so much pain.

THE DEVIL: I can't even come save you.

THE DEVIL: But I can promise one thing.

THE DEVIL: There is room for three in my world.

THE DEVIL: And only two in his.