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Wendy: Every Witch Way

by Zackcat

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Original Thread: Dancin' On the Ceiling; Let's Play Wendy: Every Witch Way



Have you heard of this game? Wendy: Every Witch Way is a fairly obscure Gameboy Color game that you’d probably pass over if you saw it today. Afterall, Wendy the witch is a children’s cartoon character and the vast majority of games made for the Gameboy were intended for kids as quick cash grabs.

Well it's a game developed by the much beloved WayFoward Technologies. Released very late into the GBC's lifecycle (aug 2001) it was fairly overlooked mostly due to being a GBC game in the new GBA era. So let's jump into it shall we?

The gameplay in Every Witch Way isn't overly complex, but is very interesting. Wendy has gained the ability to control gravity and must trek through the worlds using this power to the best of her ability. Walking on the ceiling, moving objects and enemies to open paths; and just being able to get over usually impossible dangers. If you had ever played Irem's Metal Storm for the NES, then you will know this game is WayFoward's homage to that NES classic.

I'll be playing on Hard because its how the game is meant to be played. Final level is locked out of Normal, It doesn't alter the stages in any way beyond a few more enemies, but it does change one thing so drastically it completely changes how the game has to be played. I will explain it more in the LP. Also the game features a few bonus stages only accessible when played on a Gameboy Advance. Showing its very late release.

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