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Original Thread: Let's Play Westerado and have a rootin', tootin', shootin', bootin', snooti




Welcome, cowpokes and foundlings alike, to this Let's Play of WESTERADO! A Western-sandbox-exploration-shooter-amalgam of a game, and one that I've really, really enjoyed!

We'll have ourselves a hog-killin' time as we give finding our way in the dangerous and lawless world of the wild west a lick and a promise. Join me as I navigate the afterclaps of the most signifcant event of our cowboy lives, strive to keep above snakes, and stop some rustler from turning everything all beer and skittles. Don't know what any of that means? Neither do I, but we've got a horse, a gun, and some spurs, so let's make the most of our short lives!

Run 1: Across Lots - the most basic run, introductory quests only for factions, most places not explored.

Run 2: Trampoose - a peaceful rambler, bro didn't wear battle gear, and did his best to help others. But will Westerado swallow such a man alive?

Run 3: Owl Hoot Trail - Sis comes home to a dead family and an apathetic populace. Sis is angry. Things will change.

Run 4: Dog Soldier - A hero brave and true, the cowboy of cowboys. Could use a little work on tribal loyalty.

Run 5: Scopophobia - We've seen everything. And when you've seen everything, what's stopping you from doing everything, too?

Not TOTAL psychopath, just mostly:


SystemLogoff posted:

Ugh. What is this nonsense?

This, friends, is Westerado by the Ostrich Banditos! First released as a free browser game, and now as a cheap (I think ~$8 US) Steam game, it's a sandbox game with solid writing, beautiful graphics, excellent sound design, and a big complicated world to explore!

What's it like?

Honestly, the closest thing I can think of is like a big AAA sandbox game, your Elder Scrolls, your Fallouts, your GTAs, with 100% of the fluff removed. You can explore, but the world is much tighter. In almost every screen, there's something important to be done. All the other screens connect the important places.

You can make a tremendous number of changes to the world, and the way you choose to play, how you choose to use your influence, has a profound effect on this little town and the surrounding environments. Plus, it's fun to play!

Why should I watch this drivel?

Kind of what I said already - the art is great, the dialogue is great, the stories are fun without being TOO heavyweight. It's very very atmospheric, and just all-around a good time!

Alright whatever. How are you gonna do the LP?

Basically, I'm aiming (ho ho) to get all the endings. I'd also like to show off most of the content. I'll be doing the most basic playthrough first, and we'll take things from there - as far as audience participation goes, I'll let the thread choose how I want our hero to act in various settings.

Is this game multiplayer?

Sadly, only local multiplayer is supported, and I don't know anybody locally who'd want to LP this with me. I can't imagine it's much different, honestly.
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