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Part 38: The Agony Of Victory

CUTSCENE: A Narrow Escape

So with the plot over and done with, the Dogma Rift Palace begins to collapse.

A massive chunk of the mountain hits the ledge…

And the Shahgna starts to fall into the chasm.

Maybe it’ll just crash into the ground and blow up and we won’t even have to deal with the damn sequel.

Leave it to Leonard. He shows up in a 10,000 year-old historical and archaeological marvel, and within 20 minutes the place is collapsing into ruin.

And just to put the cherry on top, for whatever reason now the entire caldera of the Dogma Rift is collapsing in on itself.

The Shahgna’s engines fire up at the last possible second after a near 90 degree vertical drop.

Are they going to make it?

Do you even care?

Alright, let’s head home.

“And you will know him by his works, the pale hero, the White Knight: corpses and ruins piled at his feet.” – The Dogma Legend, pg. 22, ll.45.

CUTSCENE: The Ancient Heartbeat
CUTSCENE MUSIC:The Ancient Heartbeat ~ Monologue” (Disc 2, Track 22)

Caesar: So that’s how it starts then, the greatest war of them all.

Caesar: These Knights… Why were they ever made?

Leonard is just struggling for breath at this point as Cisna watches him with mild disinterest.

Cisna: You better not die on me, godsdammit. I still need that Knight you’re stuck to.

Yulie turns away and sighs.

Goddammit, girl, give it up already. He is a human turd and not even Cisna has feelings for him deeper than “strong, platonic friendship.” He is not worth it.

And now we get a closing monologue by Cisna.

Cisna: From age to age, the souls wandered…

Cisna: And not even the passing millennia could quite their ancient sentiments.
Cisna: Yeah, I know that sounds like bullshit, but the game’s almost over, so just go with it...

Cisna: But there was another soul…

Cisna: One that was more powerful, more wicked than all the rest…

Cisna: Who waited patiently for the time of the Great Awakening…

Cisna: Its ancient pulse beating in the black of darkness.


CUTSCENE: The Return of the Queen ~ Dénouement
CUTSCENE MUSIC:Balandor Revived” (Disc 2, Track 23)

And so we return to the Kingdom of Blandor, I mean Balandor, yes, Balandor, once more…

Everyone’s just going about their day as usual, because this is a kingdom populated by simply coded NPCs, they don’t really have much free will, emotion or insight into things beyond their field of vision.

“A hundred bucks for a SANDWHICH?!” / “Welcome to life under Sarvain, chump. Now pay up before I—”

Something grabs everyone’s attention.

Cisna: That’s right, mortals! God’s in Her Heaven, all’s right with the world.

So because they technically succeeded this time, Team Caesar gets to proudly walk in the front gate of the city this time with Princess Cisna in tow, as opposed to sneaking in the back gate like the last time they were here.

I’ll say this about Cisna, she’s rather good with children.

She cautiously approaches the throne, once her father’s and now her’s.

Cisna: It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s all FUCKING MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!

Sarvain: Oh gods, here we go…

And then it’s right down to business.

Cisna: Okay people, let’s get to work. I need a war machine, like fucking yesterday. I am not getting blindsided by that androgynous tool a second time in a row, you hear me?

Sarvain: Louder than I can hear my own thoughts…

Cisna: Also, you know, this whole Yshrenia reborn thing and Grazel proclaiming himself Emperor has given me an idea. I want a new title… an extravagant one.
Sarvain: What exactly were you thinking of, Your Grace?
The Holy Empress Cisna B’nagrin Fiamatta til Alexandros Brittania di Balandor, First of Her Name, High Queen of Athwan, Queen of the Andals, and the Rhoynar, and First Men, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons, Kahleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Shackles, Breaker of Chains, the Sea Lord, Supreme Pontiff of the Church Universal and Triumphant of Balandor, Steward of Gondor, Bestower of Gifts, Her Glorious Radiance, Delight of a Million Eyes, the Cisana of Gang, Lady of the Mastery, Eternal Supreme Ruler of the Juche, Daughter of Harmony and Endless Light of Life, High Queen of Skyrim and all Her Domains, Guardian Deity of the Earth, Terror of the Universe, Swallower of Oceans, Thief of Years, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, Lord Admiral of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, Fourth Disciple of Zanza, the Shining Light of the Western Sky, the Flaming Eye, the Crown Shadow of Winter’s Heart, Dragon Reborn, True Defender of the Light, Lord of the Heavens, Keeper of the Way, the Flail of Mercy, the Highborn One, the Never-Dying Queen, Supreme Mugwamp of the International Confederation of Wizards, Dotar Sojat, Chieftain of the Tharks, Queen of Helium, Jeddak of Jeddaks, Warlord of Barsoom, Supreme Allied Commander, the Time Lord Victorious, Keeper of the Relics of Rassilon, the Sword of Morning, Chair of the Committee on Pith and Substance, Supreme System Lord, Her Divine Shadow, PhD: …I’ll get back to you on that one.

Cisna: And because I believe that heeding the will of the people is vital to the survival of any good civilization, I hereby propose that the Kingdom of Balandor be reformed into a constitutional demo—baahahahahahaahaha! I can’t even finish that sentence.

Cisna: Just kidding. You’re gonna have to pry my corpse off that throne. And even then, I’ll find some way to rule you plebs from beyond the grave. Shit, if Madoras managed it…

Sarvain: I need to… go… place… Fuck you, I’m out.

Rapacci: You fuckin’ idiot. Run off for four months, take my entire fuckin’ staff wit ‘cha, get a dozen people killed along the way AND blow up a fuckin’ 10,000 year old temple? I’d say this was comin’ outta yer salary, but I pay you in bacon AND I don’t want you to be in debt to me because it means I’ll never get rid of ya. Dumb shitsack!

Rapacci: [THWACK]
Leonard: OW!
Orren: Aaah, I’m gonna miss this… Maybe. No, definitely not. Hey, Mr. Future Rage Aneurysm!
Rapacci: What?!
Orren: I quit. See ya around, assholes! I got a town to go buy with my reward.


Now that Princess Cisna has dumped his ass back in Peasentville, and he’s essentially on call for her now without ever getting anywhere near the palace any more, Leonard has finally started to notice Yulie once again.

Though she shrugs in utter disinterest.

Yulie: …Take me with you, Orren, please.

Caesar and Eldore enjoy a few brews together in downtown Balandor before Caesar returns to Greede to start running things in his father’s stead, and Eldore returns to sleeping in a gutter because Cisna also won’t let him anywhere near the palace grounds on account of his Old Man Smell.

A pair of pretty ladies walk by and catch Caesar’s eye, but there’s more to it this time than him being a simple philandering playboy.

The girl in green kind of looks familiar, doesn’t she?

Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not Kara.

And so we bookend the first game with now-Queen Cisna looking over her Kingdom, thinking of all the cool weapons her armourers and scientists are hard at work cooking up with which she’s going to use to crush Grazel’s pseudo-empire like an ant under a boot.

Cisna: …Yep.

Cisna: I win.

CUTSCENE: Watch Cyrus Start a Damn War

Goddammit, is this game NOT over yet?! You know, for a game where the ending comes as abrupt as this one does, it’s got one hell of long epilogue.

We catch up with Cyrus now apparently having finally made it to the Farian border, about to cross into the fabled Lost Forest of Faria.

This drunken fucker is going to start a goddamn war, just wait.

I’m serious, the opening shot of game 2 is probably going to be the Farian capital on fire or something thanks to this jackass.

Are we done yet?

CUTSCENE: The Sun Rises Again on Yshrenian History


So anyway, meanwhile on Redhorn Isle, Grazel prepares to address the Magi faithful.

And of course, Shapur is ever at his heels like the sycophantic bitch he is.

The crowd roars as Grazel appears on the balcony.

Okay, I’ll admit, the guy’s got a pretty impressive fortress… If you haven’t seen the climax to Attack of the Clones.

Joining Shapur is a mysterious man in dark robes. See, it is a Star Wars rip-off, we’ve even got our own Darth Sidious now.

Grazel: Comrades! The time has come to save this beautiful land…

Grazel: And free it from the hands of a corrupt and dying monarchy!
Cisna: Fuck yourself: go do it!

Grazel: I will use this power the gods gave me to fight!

Grazel: You have my oath!

Grazel: Now, together, we shall take the first step towards rebuilding the home our souls yearn for!

Grazel’s head if so far up his own ass that it’s kind of futile to try and argue with him at this point.

Somewhere out there, Scolar Visari is faceplaming at Grazel’s lame attempt at giving an impassioned, nation-inspiriting speech.

Here, Grazel, buddy, let the man show you how it’s done.

And now we get a slow pan up reveal on our mysterious robed figure.

Oh, hey Sarvain. What are you doing here?

Shapur: Very soon we will have our empire.

Sarvain: The acquisition of the Knight seems to have boosted your soldiers’ spirits.
Grazel: Hmph. Do you think so? I see only fear and awe in their eyes.

You must have amazing eyesight then, to see that in the eyes of people so far below you and to see that through the tiny eye-hiding helmets you force your Stormtroopers to wear.

Grazel: But that will suffice for now. Once we have realised our dream, then true peace will come to us in turn.

You say you’re about peace, but I think you really mean the other thing.

Grazel: Isn’t that right…

Grazel: High Priest Ledom?

Wait… SARVAIN is Ledom?




Grazel: This day marks a new beginning for us!

Grazel: Today, Yshrenia rises from the pages of history…

Grazel: TO LIVE AGAIN!!!

And we get a super-fast zoom out shot with a clichéd rising ambient discordant tone / crash cut to black.

CUTSCENE: Ending Credits (White Knight Chronicles International Edition Only)


If we were playing the original game, the credits would start playing here set to this tune: (“Shards of Time ~ Chronicle Love” (Disc 2, Track 25)). I've included the ending credits for the first game above for posterity's sake. But since this is the enhanced remake of the first game on the White Knight Chronicles II disc, you merely get a title card that lets you know that game 2 is about to start before being thrust right into the action with nary a pause for breath.

I’m not going to do that to you, however.

I am a merciful god…


Shards of Time~Chronicle Love~ posted:

Lyrics: Akihiro Hino
Vocals: KAZCO

Original Japanese -

Nagareru kumo wo mitsumete
Sora ni utsuru kimi no kage wo
Oikake chihei no kanata kitto tadoritsukeru sa

"Itsuka aeruyo"
To tada hitotsu dake
Kaze ni nosete kimi ni tsutaetai

Toki no KAKERA hiroiatsume bokutachi wa aruiteiku
Mirai eto tsuzuku michi ni ashiato wo tsukete
Yagate atarashii jidai eto tsunagaru tobira wa hirakareru
Kimi ni tabidatsu yo

Hirameku kiri no mukou de
Shizuka ni nemuru kimi no kao
Ano koro waraiatteta futari omoidasu no sa

Dare ni mo iezuni zutto kakushiteta kono kotoba wo
Kimi ni tsutaetai

Toki no KAKERA hiroiatsume bokutachi wa aruiteiku
Kono mune no sukima umeru yasuragi wo motome
Yagate itsu ni kawaru kisetsu niwa
Hohoemi no hana de sakura no Chronicle Love Forever

Toki no KAKERA hiroiatsume bokutachi wa aruiteiku
Mirai eto tsuzuku michi ni ashiato wo tsukete
Yagate atarashii jidai eto tsunagaru tobira wa hirakareru

Kimi ni deau made
Furikaeri wa shinai sa

English Translation -

Gazing at the moving clouds
A vestige of your shadow in the sky
Continually chasing, I'll surely make it to the horizon

"We'll see each other someday"
These are the only words I wish to convey
Letting them ride on the wind

As gatherers of the fragments of time, we walk on
Leaving behind footprints on the path to the future
Soon, the door leading to a new era will open
And I will journey towards you

Beyond the sparkling mist
The face of your silent slumber
It reminds me of the time we used to laugh together

I wish to tell you
These unspoken words that I have kept hidden from everyone else

As gatherers of the fragments of time, we walk on
Thirsting for the peace buried within the gaps of our hearts
Soon the flower of smiles will bloom with the changing of seasons
The cherry blossom of "Chronicle Love Forever"

As gatherers of the fragments of time, we walk on
Leaving behind footprints on the path to the future
Soon, the door leading to a new era will open

Until I see you again
I will not look back