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Part 74: The Avatar And The Emperor: The Final Insult (Part 3)

So yeah, we just beat the NTSC version of White Knight Chronicles II.

Madoras: URAAAAGH!!!

For the last time, the Demon Knight disappears into the ether.

Well, someone’s looking a little “got the shit kicked out of him again.”

He starts leaking black gas shit from his body. I’m pretty sure it’s a bad sign when that happens.

Madoras: You DARE…

Not to interrupt the fucker’s pre-mortem speech, but I noticed something for the first time when I was capturing this footage: in addition to having pale skin, black sclera, claws, and a metal lizard spine—Madoras also has pointed demon ears. Just like for no reason at all other than because he’s evil.

Madoras: Rabble like you have no right…

Madoras: Ten… millennia…

Orren: And I hope you’re feeling every second of it, jackass.

Madoras: Ten thousand years I’ve waited!

Madoras: And you have RUINED IT ALL!
Orren: Happy to be of service.


He starts heaving heavily.


And then all the darkness and evil shit that was built up inside him just sort of flies out like he took a massive darkness crap.

Orren: And don’t ever come back, fucker.

Orren: …Also I’m stealing your chair. Come on, let’s get that thing out of here before this place collapses like everything else has so far.
Eldore: Shut up, Niles. I’m not helping you rob a dead guy.
Yulie: Can we go home now please?

And we end with a jumping celebration like the end of a 90’s action movie.

That was it, by the way. That was the “true ending” of White Knight Chronicles II, at least until Level-5 put out the Avatar Story. Count yourselves among the very lucky, thread. You have just seen more of this game that nearly 90% of the people who played it have.

And we’re not done with it yet, to my consternation.

Well, at least we S-Ranked the fucker.

And here’s what we’re closing the chapter on: pointless loot.

So, did Orren return to the daughter of King Valtos of Balandor and told her to go fuck herself. And having no further concern, he and his companions sought adventure in the West. Many wars and feuds did Orren fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand.

And this story shall also be told*.

* Story not guaranteed to be told.


Section 1 – 48:53 (B)
Section 2 – 1:09:40 (C)
Section 3 – 1:13:47 (D)
Section 4 – 1:01:51 (C)
Section 5 – 1:01:11 (C)
Section 6 – 1:12:25 (C)
Section 7 – 1:22:15 (D)
Section 8 – 54:26 (A)
Section 9 – 1:08:29 (B)
Section 10 – 1:11:15 (C)
Apex – 16:03 (S)
Total – 11:20:15