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Part 86: Where Are They Now?

CUTSCENE MUSIC:Don’t You Forget About Me

And now, we take a quick look in to the future to see where everyone ended up after the defeat of Grazel, and Madoras, and Ideya and whoever the fuck else decided to pop up and threaten the world between there and here.

“Taken by the call of adventure and her on-and-off again relationship with Orren, Yulie set out on her own to see the world for herself… If for no other reason than to finally rid herself of Leonard, once and for all. She had many great adventures in her time, and her exploits eventually became as legendary as that of Orren’s.

As for her relationship with Orren? No one ever got confirmation one way or another as to whether they hooked up or not.”

“Caesar and Kara returned to Greede and ruled for many years together as Count and Countess. Their reign was among the most stable and prosperous the city ever experienced, far surpassing that of even his father’s.

They had two children together: Setti Jr. and Girl-Setti.”

“Leonard was strangled to death by Rapacci after he accidentally burnt down Rapacci’s entire vineyard, despite there being no flammable materials or ignition sources present at the time.

His body was buried in a shallow, unmarked grave somewhere on Balastor Plain by Rapacci one cold autumn night.”

“Rapacci eventually turned himself in to face the Queen’s Justice for Leonard’s murder.

Instead of executing him, Cinsa instantly pardoned him. He also received that royal commendation he so desperately wanted.”

“The reign of the Holy Empress Cisna of Balandor began in earnest after the defeat of Ideya and the forces from the other world. She established an empire that spanned the globe, which she ruled with an iron first for 20,000 years until she was assassinated and usurped by her clone daughter, Mureas-2ε.

Rumor has it, however, that the Empire’s scholars and mages are working furiously to resurrect their fallen goddess. We’ll let you know how that turns out.”

"Eldore became Cisna’s Supreme Judge Magister, carrying out her rule over the populace with an iron fist as mighty as his sovereign’s. He was quoted as saying once, ‘it’s nice to be back doing something familiar. It’s like I never left Athwan at all.’

His tenure was cut short, however, when just five years later he was caught in a dimensional warp and flung to a far off world. His youth and dashing looks were restored, and he also discovered that he was a wealthy, successful, and recently widowed Broadway producer in this world.

Seeking a nanny for his three precocious children, he eventually hired a young woman with an unusually nasally voice to be their caretaker; a flashy girl from Flushing.”

“Having survived his brush with Leonard and his constant companion, Death, in Faria, Marcell was promoted to the rank of Holy Knight of Balandor. Much like Eldore, he too served on the front lines of Cisna’s conquest of the world, fighting in many battles and slaying many heroes and villains in his own right.

He was eventually killed by Orren after he tried to bring Orrenstown under the heel of Cisna’s Empire.”

“The man known as Orren returned to the village he had established and helped foster its growth and development for many years to come. Though he was constantly flying off on new adventures, his home truly was in his city.

Known across the world as a warrior and a hero, his legend is still spoken of in every corner of the planet, even thousands of years later. His remains are said to be interred inside the shell of his mighty emerald Incorruptus, which stands tall and proud to this day in the center of the thriving city-state of Orrentropolis, acting as its eternal silent protector.”

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. That’s not gonna happen for a long time to come… If it ever will. I mean, you’re still here listening to my story right now. …Unless you’re some kind of time traveler like Eldore was.

Are you a time traveler?

Eh. Whatever.

Still, it’s been nice living here in peace and quiet now for who really knows how long. I’d like to think I put all that behind me, though I don’t know why I decided to ramble on to you for so long about the whole thing like I did.

It was like one massive trauma flashback or something. I just couldn’t help it.

Still though. I can’t help but feel restless sometimes. I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s still something out there, somewhere, threatening to derail my happiness at a moment’s notice.

The eternal Sword of Fate dangling over my head, waiting for the right moment, when no one would ever suspect it…

Something like…





Fuck this shit! I’m free! Freeeeeee!!!! And so are you now.

Go, live your lives. Move on. Be at peace. But never forget what I told you of.

Never forget how easy it is to fuck up even the simplest of things, lest you too become like Leonard.

You’ve been a wonderful audience. Far better than I ever deserved. I’m sorry I kept you here so long. Please, go on, explore the town. Have fun. Do whatever.

I’d say “this is your chronicle now,” but then I’d want to punch myself in the dick for it.

So instead, I’ll simply say… Goodbye.

Thank you, everyone, for reading this LP.
(Art by Blind Sally, colours by nine-gear crow)

Oh, and one last thing…

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Hit the music, Jimmy!