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Part 37: Dissection Facility

Last time, we got taken in with a dodgy lead and Maya was kidnapped.
Today, we'll try to rescue her.

Update 37: Disaster Girl of the Wasteland

The lights flew south-east over Claiborne, so maybe someone there has some idea what to expect.

The northwest tower was used to catch monsters back in the day. So, what happened to all the captured monsters, you ask? I hear they were taken away to a place only accessible by air, where they were dissected and disposed of.

That... doesn't sound like a good place for Maya to be stuck.
And he means it when he says its only accessible by air. We'd be obliged to go get Lombardia now if we hadn't already.

As we leave Claiborne, a cutscene begins.

So... You refuse to share the whereabouts of the Teardrop...?

If you really want to know, why don't you go out and do your own research? Although I can understand how you're probably too embarrassed to walk around in public with that clunky outfit.
Obstinate wench... The truth of the matter is, I can glean information directly from your mind, without your confession. I was hoping you would speak out, but I guess it cannot be helped. Leehalt...

Leehalt produces a book and hands it to Siegfried. Maya starts to struggle against her bonds.

No... Is that the...

The cutscene ends before she can finish her question.

It always takes a long time for me to find the Dissection Facility, as "south-east of Claiborne" is a bit vague. You'll just need to explore until you eventually find this open area southeast of Boot Hill - the facility is near the center of it.

So this is where sis was taken...

Do not fret, Master Alfred. I promise to do all I can to rescue Milady. I must do this to honor your predecessor as well, as I am in debt to them. I ask for your patience.
Thanks, Todd. I'm counting on you. I can count on you too, right Shady?

Eh, you need me don'tcha? Then yeah, I'll help out.
Count us in, too! All right, let's go!

We're here too! Don't ignore usssss!

MUSIC: Losing One's Way in Darkness, Losing Something in Darkness

A bit of a nicer dungeon than the last one. There are quite a lot of sealed doors that need to be opened with Duplicators. There's one in the very first room.
... it leads to three Name Tags. Waste of a duplicator.

There are a lot of these huge blocks around, which you need the Mighty Gloves to push. The obvious solution here is to push it down into that gap so you can proceed, but...

... if you shove it over here, you can galecrest over to a treasure room. (just a Potion Berry)

There's treasure in all these cells, including 18000 Gella, a Mini Carrot and a Heal Berry in the crate.
The exit is closed with apparently no way to open it, but when you approach...

Leave this to me. The <<predecessor>>... Milady's father was a great man.
He was a strong defender of justice, who raised Milady and Master Alfred as a single parent. A very gallant man, indeed. He took a good-for-nothing man like me under his wing, and I was honored to work under him. I was unable to repay my debt of gratitude of Lord Schroedinger while he was alive, so I vowed to take it upon Milady, and Master Alfred.

He unsheathes his sword and slices the door in half, before kicking the remainder down.

I shall get Milady back and repay my debt!

Pearl takes a half-step back.

O-O-Okay... W-We'll do our best as well...

These switches raise and lower walls on the upper platform.

A bit of experimentation shows that all you need to do is stand here and hit the southern switch with the Steady Doll.
You can also stand on the middle section and hit the switch to raise yourself up to a hidden level, where a Lucky Card awaits you.

The next room has another locked door, and a lever up on a high platform.

That lever looks suspicious... Shady, if you would!

This dates back many generations but I was summoned by a Schroedinger and locked up in a puny, little <<box>>.
Day after day, I would help 'em out with various experiments, but in the end, they sealed me inside a box for what seemed like forever. That's when <<madam>> rescued me.
At first, I thought about gettin' even with the Schroedinger people, but... she invited me to join in on her fun. And boy, was it ever! I've never felt so excited and free in my life!

After he hits the switch, a wall starts to fall on Shady, but he uses his magical fire breath and saves himself.

I'm having so much fun! I've gotta make up for lost time and have as much fun as I can!

A pretty simple puzzle: just move a block and you can Galecrest across. Along with the exit, there's a treasure chest on the other side with a pair of Gella Cards.
 Yeah, I know I'm missing a secret room in here, but I'm planning on saving that for later. 

Another room full of cells holds a Potion Berry, and...

... the room after that has an alarming-looking scorch mark, and a book on the floor.

MUSIC: Preparations for the Valley of Bygone Days and Tomorrows

(Hey... This is the latest issue of 'Disaster Girl of the Wasteland.' I was halfway through part three when I was on the train...)
That's my sister's book! So, sis really was here... (But it's odd that sis would just leave her book on the floor like this. Maybe she's trying to tell us something by leaving it here? Hmmm... That door looks suspicious, too...)

My sister has trouble expressing her feelings with words, so people tend to misunderstand her. The truth is, she's the nicest, most caring and hardworking person I know...
Yes, I know... I, too, haven't been able to express my true feelings with words. Even though we don't talk, I know someone cares about me very much... I understand how difficult it is to reach out to people with words...
Thank you... My sister's a little you-know-what, but please take kindly to her. I'm sure she really wants to befriend you.
Y-You really think so...?
Okay, stand back!

They all move away from the door, and a rather sad puff of smoke comes from it.

All right!
That's it?
Yep, that was <<perfect>>!
Working with explosives is an art form. There's really no reason to blow everything up. I just blew off the part that was sealed.
Well... Let's get moving!

There's a sealed side room with a Holy Root. (heals all status effects) As soon as we try to move into the next room, a boss springs up out of nowhere.


MUSIC: Blood, Tears, and the Dried-Up Wasteland
yet again. You know what I like? Games that change up their battle and boss themes for the second disc etc.

This can be a pretty confusing boss to fight, as it does some pretty strange stuff.

Sadas Jr. will skip most of his turns - a move called "A Journey of Self-Discovery."
Sadas is the main threat here. Not only will he block all shots aimed at Sadas Jr, ("You ain't layin' a finger on him!") he'll also sacrifice himself.

The damage is equal to Sadas' remaining HP, so you'll want to hurt him a bit even if he's about to kill himself - he can easily one-shot anyone except Boone.
Once he's dead, Sadas Jr. is vulnerable, but he'll quickly use this...

and bring his old pops back from the grave, ready to sacrifice himself on one of us all over again.
It's an interesting setup, and you can only hit Sadas Jr during the brief period where his Dad's dead. (god that sounds horrible) But you can get around the whole thing by...

summoning, which sidesteps Sadas's protection and instantly kills the both of them. Go, go on that Journey of Self Discovery together, as father and son. We won't forget you.

After that, we encounter a computer terminal. Alfred gives it a poke.

... Hm? I wonder what this does? I think a picture's being transmitted... Wait, let me see if I can bring it up...

MUSIC: Blue Destiny

How nice to see you again, mortals...

You remembered my name. I am honored... Mmmm...
Is Maya safe?
Of course she is... However, that may all change depending on your action. Let us commence the negotiation. You get me the Teardrop... in exchange for the damsel.
So you wanna play dirty, huh? But the thing is, we don't know where the Teardrop is. The negotiation stops here!
That is not a problem. She has revealed everything.

Alfred barges Pearl out of frame.

That's a lie! My sister wouldn't give in to you!
As a matter of fact she did - voluntarily, too. 'The Light Tear shatters to pieces as it builds power and becomes a memory. The memory lies in the heart, forever in the Ruins of Memory.'
That's the information we dug up, but how did... What did you do to my sister!

I had a chance to study up on her <<abilities>>.
She uses a book as a memory storage unit, and converts and installs the internal data for her own use. Her spiritual strength exceeds those of demons, generating an extreme illusion through this internal data. A form of autosuggestion... or powerful autohypnosis gives her the ability to transform herself. These are the details of Maya Schroedinger's supernatural powers. Intriguing, is it not?

What part of "It's magic!" wasn't good enough?

However, no matter what form she assumes, her innate personality always exists. That is what I have uncovered.


I look forward to receiving the Teardrop...

Was that really Maya?

Alfred nods in acknowledgment.

Well... We have to find the Teardrop first before we can make the exchange. About that information...
Yeah, it mentions [Ruins of Memory] right in your face.
Think it's a trap?
This information isn't a rumor that has recently started floating around. I think this lead is genuine and reliable.
Okay... We've been in there before, but we might have missed something...
Let's head to the Ruins of Memory and find the Teardrop!
I'm sorry, but would it be all right if you go on ahead? I need to prepare something before the exchange takes place. So, we can't go there just now...
All right, but hurry. We'll meet you inside the Ruins of Memory.

The Ruins of Memory? I thought we stole everything we could from there already.

Next Time: We return to one of the first dungeons we visited.

Activity for those who've not played the game: there is something of great significance in the original Ruins of Memory update that is only important now. Have a look and see what it is. Please use spoiler tags if you reply.

A Day A Day

Today is March 20, Gecko Day. Extract from baby geckos is used to dye cherries and olives green for cake and cocktail decoration. Being the kind of person that I am, I make a grave in my backyard each time I eat a green cherry. Today is Gecko Day... Please say a prayer for all the geckos you may have consumed.