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Part 3: Celestial Peak 2

Now we get to backtrack out of Celestial Peak. This happens in numerous dungeons in Wild Arms 5, so purifying Sol Nigers is a good idea to keep your sanity.

Halfway out, a cutscene triggers. I highly recommend watching this one, because it's hard to convey in screenshots.

Cutscene: Meteor Drive
Music: At the Frozen Depths of the Heart

Dean: It's the middle of nowhere, so there's not much to see, but everyone's really nice, so don't worry! We'll help you!

Dean: ...Heh heh heh... I guess I don't look too dependable, do I?
Rebecca: That's because you're not. Right?
Dean: Oh, right. You didn't mention your name before, did you?
Girl from the Sky: Yes... I apologize. My name is-


Music: A Pursuing Crisis

Rebecca: Dean! What's a monster like that doing around here?!
Dean: This one... might be too much for us to handle...

Dean grabs the girl's arm and runs, causing her to drop the objects she was holding. This makes her hesitate.

Dean: What are you doing?! C'mon, we've gotta move!
Girl from the Sky: I understand... but...
Dean: Are those things important?
Girl from the Sky: Yes. Very important.
Dean: Well, I guess a man's gotta do-

Rebecca: Dean?!

Shovels are not pogo sticks. How do you even do that?

Dean: Damn, this is hot! But hot or not, you don't scare me!

It's kind of hard to tell, but Dean did a flip and dodged that fireball.

Rebecca: No way! He double-jumped?!

This makes no sense, and it's never brought up again.

Dean comes crashing down onto the monster with enough force to snap his trusty shovel in two. Meteor Drive could be a reference to the Fast Draw Technique "Meteor Dive" from Wild Arms 1. When Jack uses this, he leaps into the air and crashes down onto the enemy.

Dean: Noooo! My precious Black Fenrir!
Rebecca: It's a shovel! You don't need to name it!
Dean: Oh, but "Meteor Drive" was okay with you?
Rebecca: Moron! -Watch out!

Girl from the Sky: Yes... Now I see...

Music: A Boy meets a Girl and ARMS

Rebecca: Dean!
Dean: ...I'm okay...! This is... nothing!
Rebecca: But then... what about me? What should I do?
Dean: Just... trust me...!
Rebecca: I trust you! So what do I do?!
Dean: Just trust me... for now... that's all...! I'm gonna count off... On three... grab her and run... as fast as you can! Got it?! Okay... here goes... nothing! One!
Rebecca: Two!!
Dean & Rebecca: Three!!

Rebecca grabs the girl and runs at Dean.

Dean: Hey, you actually trusted me! Thanks, Rebecca!
Rebecca: Your circus act worked for a change! Now let's finish what you started!
Dean: With ARMs like these...

Dean: Man, selfish Rebecca actually trusted me! There's no way I'm gonna run away now!

Boss: Kalivos
Music: Defense Action Squad Heroes!

Kalivos is originally a boss from Wild Arms 2. It's the boss of Ashley's intro, it wasn't a threat then, and it isn't now.

Kalivos has a fire attack. It's not too dangerous, but if you let him on the Fire Ley Point, its attack will increase by a dangerous amount. It's best to occupy that HEX as soon as possible.

Note that Rebecca is in Detonation Mode in this battle. As far as I know, this happens to random party members at random times. It provides a boost to all of your stats for the entire battle, or until the character is knocked unconcious.

Urgh... This one's tough!
Keep an eye on your HP. If it goes down to zero, you're out of the battle, and I don't want to fight this guy alone. If you need to heal up, don't be afraid to use Heal Berries-they can come in handy!
Gotcha. As long as we keep ourselves healed, we've got all the time we need. Let's do it!

Just once I would like a character in a video game to say "HP" followed by another character saying "What the fuck is HP?"

Dean has ARMs now, so his attack power is increased by quite a bit. His ARMs shoot bullets just fine, but Dean is an idiot, so he prefers to pistol whip his enemies. This still requires bullets somehow.

As long as you keep him off the Fire Ley Point, he's no challenge.

Music: At the Frozen Depths of the Heart

These are important to you, aren't they?
Yes, they are. ... But you've been very kind to me, so I would like for you to have them.
...! Are... are you sure? I mean, these are ARMs, right?
They're important to me... just like you. Please, take them...

Obtained the Twin Fenrir ARMs!

... YESSSSSSS! If you're giving them to me, that means they're my ARMs now, right? So I'm not a kid anymore! Awesome! This ROCKS!
We kept on getting interrupted earlier. Tell me your name! I owe you my thanks!
My name is... Avril...
Avril, huh? Sounds a little weird, but I think it's a great name! ... Avril, thank you! I wanted my own ARM so bad! I knew things would change once I got a hold of one!
Um... not to spoil the moment, but...
Did you just call me "selfish"?
Did I? Uh, yeah, I guess I did. So what? Don't worry about it.
What do you mean, "don't worry about it"?!
Remember that night you were starving and you got sent to bed without dinner for playing pranks? Who was it that snuck you a meal?! Or all those times the circus came! Who always gave you her front-row seat so you could get a better view?!
Oh, uh, now that you mention it...
I'm ALWAYS looking out for you, and this is what I get in return?!
All right, all right! I'm sorry! Really! I regret I ever said anything! Look, it'll never happen again, okay...?
You call that regret?!

Don't you run away from me!

Avril, what are you waiting for? C'mon!!

At this point, you're automatically taken back to Capo Bronco for another scene.

Tony: Well, well, what a feisty little- Hmm, perhaps now is not the best time for humor. So what have you brought back this time, Dean?

Tony: ...?! Those are-! Dean! Where did you find them?!
Aren't they cool? I got them from Avril.

Tony: It looks like we've got a lot to talk about. Let's head over to your house, Dean. You can tell me all about it there.

Music: The Ice Queen ~Playing the Harp of Eternity~

Tony: And to have lost her memory as well... Do you remember anything at all, young lady?
I remember the words "Johnny Appleseed". But I'm afraid I cannot recall their meaning. Other than that, just my name...
Tony: "Johnny Appleseed", indeed... I never imagined I'd hear those words again. But... perhaps this is fate. By the by, young lady, what do you plan to do next?
I must find out who or what "Johnny Appleseed" is. As a flower craves sunlight, so must I seek the meaning of those words.
Tony... I'm thinking of leaving the village with Avril. We'll go through the northern cave, and then-
Tony: What? But Dean, this isn't your problem.
That golem arm that was protecting Avril... I saw it move of its own will. I want to go and find the golem it belongs to. Besides, Avril gave me these ARMs, I can't just throw her out into the wilderness on her own, can I? And plus-
Tony: Dean, the wilderness is far tougher than you think. Are you sure you're prepared to face it?
If I don't go now, I know I'll never be able to go. I know it sounds cliched, but I feel like the wheels of fate are slowly starting to turn.

Tony: Ah, yes. How could I forget? Once Dean's made up his mind about something, there's nothing anyone can do to change it. And, well, if she is in some way related to "Johnny Appleseed", then perhaps this is for the best.
Tony...? Do you know something about it?
Tony: Perhaps... but I'm afraid it's not my place to tell you. So go, find out for youself, Dean. I always figured you're be leaving us someday, anyway. 'Course, I didn't think it would happen quite so soon, but I suppose that can't be helped. This is as good an opportunity for you as any, after all.
Tony: And Dean, plase take good care of this young lady. She may well hold the fate of the entire world in her hands.
I understand. Leave it to me, Tony! I promise I'll do my best to protect her. Now, if you'll excuse us-
Tony: Whoa, hold on there! No need to rush, boy. I've got a little something I've been saving for you.

Tony: A little bon voyage gift, if you will.

Obtained Tony's Gift!

Tony: These are looking for an owner. I have no doubt they'll come in handy someday. Here's a letter to go with them. Take a look at it when you feel the time is right.
Thanks, Tony! I mean it... Thanks, for everything.

I'll miss talking to you, but I promise I'll protect Avril, so don't worry! And since I'm gonna be out there anyway, I'll make sure to bring back a huge golem for you!
Tony: Well, then, I'll be looking forward to that. Take care, Dean.

Music: The Path I Must Follow

And with that, Dean and Avril immediately leave the village with no preparations whatsoever.

Dean, wait up!

No, you idiot! I heard you were going to leave the village, so... I've decided to go, too!
...Are you serious?
Of course I'm serious! Have I ever lied to you?
Well, no... But you tried so hard to stop me from leaving back at Celestial Peak... What made you change your mind?

Uh, because you've got your own ARMs now, so we can manage even if we run into stronger monsters! And besides... I bet you have no idea what you're going to do next once you're out of the village.
That's not true at all! All I've gotta do is ask around about golems and Johnny Appleseed, and then go where the rumors take me! I know I can handle that much!
That's what I thought... Just "knowing" isn't good enough. You have to plan this stuff out! You need to really think about how you're going to find this Johnny Appleseed! Have you even thought one step beyond the village? I bet you didn't even bring a Field Viewer, did you?

Obtained Field Viewer!
The Field Viewer is a map you can open on the overworld. It shows the locations of dungeons and cities, and it places a circle around your next destination.

If you don't circle your next destination on the Field Viewer, you'll get lost like you always do! And what about the Veruni that live in other towns? They're nobles, you know. Can you greet them properly?
Dean... I think we should let Rebecca come with us. When I look at the two of you, I get a warm, nostalgic feeling... I'd like to travel with both of you... After all, something is better than nothing, right?
Uh, thanks, Avril... I think?
Yeah. The more, the merrier and all that. I'd be glad to have you along too, Rebecca.

Quick side note. Why do so many Japanese characters rub their noses? I see this all the time and I've never understood it.

The three nod to each other, and the camera pans to the sky.

Note that Rebecca is the one who wrote this. In the game it's read aloud by her.

The screen fades to white, and an opening animation plays.

Cutscene: Opening
Music: Justice to Believe (ver. Beginning)

Every Wild Arms game has an opening animation, but Wild Arms 5 diverges from the traditional formula.

Every Wild Arms prior to 5 have had anime intros, while Wild Arms 5 uses 3D models. The opening also only plays at this single point in the game, while every previous Wild Arms game, save for the first, plays the animation every time a save game is loaded. In additon, Wild Arms 5 is the first Wild Arms game to have a theme song with Japanese lyrics. In the past, the songs were either translated into English, or the vocals were simply removed.

The Art of Wild Arms

With today's update, we have Avril's profile, and a group shot of Avril, Rebecca and Dean. (Note that the second one is massive, so it might take a second to load. It's also the artwork for the North American CD case.)