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Part 4: Abandoned Path

Before we go, let's see what Dean's mother thinks about Dean suddenly leaving home with a couple of girls.

Motherly Woman: And Deanie, what's with that awful poster hanging on your wall? Wouldn't you rather hang a picture of a gute girl? Like, say, Rebecca?

I guess she doesn't care at all. Before we go though, there's one more person I want to talk with.


Strong-Willed Shopmistress: You know, my husband's a Drifter, too. In fact, he's off wanderin' some distant land right this moment. I hope he's okay! When I was younger, I used to go travelin' with him, too. He'd have been killed a dozen times over if I hadn't been there to save his hide! Try to look out for yourself instead of relyin' on Rebecca all the time, you understand, Dean?

Before we go, let's check out the Map System Rebecca gave us.

You can also zoom out and see all of Filgaia, rather than just the part you're in.

Music: When the Heart Ignites

Now that we're equipped with ARMs, the battle music is a bit different.

I'm going to take this moment to describe the characters' different personal skills. Every character has one skill that is unique to them. Rebecca's activates randomly after attacking when her ARM has bullets in the clip, allowing her to attack a second time in a row. It can also activate multiple times in a row, as long as there are still bullets in her ARM.

I also want to note that Rebecca's critical hit is several flying kicks. I don't understand why this hurts more than bullets, but it does.

Avril's unique personal skill activates randomly while attacking, making her attack deal double DP. Every attack has a DP value, and if you deal enough DP to an enemy, their turn will be pushed back. By using nothing but attacks with high DP values, you could theoretically go through a battle without ever giving the enemy a chance to attack.

I couldn't get it to activate for a screenshot, but Dean's skill is Double Critical. Every single one of Dean's critical attacks deals double damage. Dean fires his ARMs when he gets a critical hit, so this makes quite a bit of sense.

North of Capo Bronco, we find our first proper dungeon, the Abandoned Path. Upon entering, we are greeted with a few text boxes.

Music: The Me of Yesterday Has Been Surpassed

Old man Tony always used to talk about it. I wonder what we'll see when we get to the other side? I can't wait!

We can not only use our ARMs in battle, but in dungeons as well. They're used for puzzle solving, similar to the tools of previous Wild Arms games. While your ARMs are drawn, you cannot slide or perform ground pounds, since the button is remapped to firing.

When you get close to an object that can be shot while wielding your ARMs, a reticle appears. This particular object opens a nearby door when shot.

Just in case you didn't learn from the last door, do the same thing 6 times. Repetition is the key to edjucation!

In the next room we find a locked door. It can't be opened from this room, so we have to proceed in the opposite direction for a bit.

Sometimes you'll come across reticles that don't seem to be targetting anything.

Shooting these causes an MP Crystal to appear. They restore a small amount of MP to every party member. On the other side of the door ahead, we encounter the dungeon's midboss!

Watch out, Dean! Don't get so close to it!
Don't worry! I'll show you just how strong these ARMs really are!

There's two of them, but they're not particularly dangerous. They have a water attack, but it's only particularly dangerous to any character on the Fire Ley Point.

We made short work of them.

You know, for someone who just got those ARMs, you sure are handling them well. I never thought I'd see you fight like that!
And I never thought I'd hear you compliment me!
But actually, it's not just me. I get a weird feeling from these ARMs... Just like with that golem bolt.
Huh? What do you mean?

You know what I mean? So they make me even stronger!
Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about. Avril, what do you think?
Hmm... Yes, I can understand Dean's feelings. I, too, feel as though those ARMs may have been made for him...
These were really important to you, right? So I've gotta make good use of them!
I think you're missing the point.

Here we find the switch for that door from before. After hitting that switch, I get to backtrack back to that door, where I'm greeted with more text.

You know, stuff that's important to you. Family members, treasures... nothing like that?
Treasures...? ...I can't remember. All I recall are the words "Johnny Appleseed".
The two objects I gave you are important to me. That much I know. But I cannot recall anything about my family. And I'm not sure what you mean by "treasures"... Dean... What are treasures?
Treasures, huh...

Dean hands Avril his photo of Nightburn and holds up his golem bolt.

Well, for me, this golem bolt is my greatest treasure! Then there's the ARMs you gave me, and my picture of Nightburn.
A picture...? Is the person in that photograph someone important to you?
Well... I wouldn't really say *he* is what's important to me... But I do admire him, and so the picture itself is important. It's kind of like a good luck charm - just like the bolt!
Don't worry about it, Avril. Dean's idea of treasure is... a little different from everybody else's.
Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!
It means exactly what I said! Besides, normal people don't run around calling everything a treasure. That just makes it harder to protect what's most important to you.
You think? I say the more treasures you have, the better. If you have lots of stuff that's important to you, you've got lots of stuff to protect. Doesn't that make you feel really strong?

So... are you saying that treasures are things that give you strength?
Yeah! That's it, Avril! Exactly!
I see... Treasures sound like truly wonderful things. I hope that I can find my own treasures someday.

That's not what treasures are at all...

Just a few rooms later, we come across a caravan, and more dialogue.

Dean, would you calm down already! It doesn't look like there's anybody here... I wonder if they got attacked by monsters and fled?
Ah, well... Too bad. But as soon as we get through this tunnel, we'll be on an all-new continent. I bet we'll run into more caravans over there... and other cool things, too! I can't wait!
I don't know... I'm more nervous than excited, I guess. I mean, it's not like we can just turn around and go back whenever we want to...
Are you regretting your decision to leave the village and come with me?
It's not really regret. It's just, it's finally starting to sink in that I've left home... I think about Mom and Dad and realize just how far away they are now... You don't feel homesick or anything?
Well, I miss Capo Bronco, yeah. But I'm way more excited about what's ahead of us. Besides, it's not like I can turn around after getting that nice farewell present from old man Tony!
Huh?! He gave you a present? When?! That's not fair! Let me see!

Suddenly, Rebecca is eight years-old.

Hmm, I don't know about that... I wouldn't want to risk losing them or anything...
Just kidding!

What is this? Some kind of gadget? I've never seen anything like it... Is it a piece of a golem or something?
Hang on. He gave me a letter with them, too...
...Found it. Here it is-

Suddenly, there's a bright flash from off-screen!

I feel a warm presence... almost as though something is stirring within me, responding to a call... Yes... this is a medium. A guide for our journey... At times linking us with the planet, at times strengthening the bonds between us...

Obtained Sea Medium!
Obtained Blank Medium!

Those of you who have played previous Wild Arms games probably remember the mediums. They generally function as equippable items which alter stats and techniques. They're no different in this game.

I don't know... ...But these mediums are important. I felt something resonate inside me when I took hold of this.
It looks totally different than it did a moment ago. Now it's got a soft, beautiful glow and everything...
Whatever it is, it sure looks great! And it looks like this letter has instructions on how to use it. Let's take a look!

(Tutorial messages omitted)
Man, old man Tony's the greatest! I never knew he had stuff like this!
Yeah, they sure seem useful, but... What's Tony's story, anyway? He knows a ton about golems, he gives away mediums as presents...
He said he used to be a golem engineer! The world's finest!
Maybe, but why would a golem engineer come to live in a place like Capo Bronco? That's what I want to know. It's almost as if he knew Avril would appear today. Like he'd planned to give you these mediums all along... Hmm...
Why rack your brain over it? Forget about that - let's get going!
That's all you ever say! Can't you at least TRY to give things some thought once in a while? Ahh, never mind. I suppose sitting here dwelling on it isn't going to get us anywhere, anyway. Sorry for the holdup. Let's equip these mediums and get moving!

Each Medium has a stat boost and an accompanying set of Personal Skills, Arcana, and Force Abilities. Every time you level up, a point is added into each skill. Once you reach the required amount of points for a skill, you master it. (In other words, if a skill requires 15 points, you'll learn it at level 15.) With each level up, you also gain an extra point which you can put into skills to learn them faster. These points can be moved at any time, so you don't have to worry about wasting them, but for each point you use your max HP drops a little.

Sky Medium

MP/MAG Bonus: Increases MP and MAG.

PS Gemstone: Turns enemies defeated by elemental attacks into gems of the same element.
PS Magic Blocker: Randomly nullifies magic attacks.
PS Ley MP Regen: Recovers MP when the character begins their turn on a Ley Point.
PS Conserve MP: Halves the amount of MP required to use skills.
PS Ley MAG Up: Adds a +25 bonus to MAG when the character is on a Ley Point.

Blast Arcana: A magic attack to any enemy HEX. It changes its element to that of the HEX the character is on.
Absorb Arcana: Absorbs MP from the target.
Hi-Blast Arcana: A powerful magic attack to any enemy HEX. It changes its element to that of the HEX the character is on.
Extend Arcana: Extends the duration of effects placed on the HEX.
Sacrifice Arcana: Consumes HP to perform a non-elemental magic attack.

Ley Change (25 FP): Changes the elements of all ley points in the following order: Water > Wind > Fire > Earth > Water
Widespread (50 FP): Extends an Original Command's effects to all HEXes.
MP Charge (75 FP): Restores MP.
Solais Emsu (100 FP): Powerful magic attack on all enemies. Gains strength for each ally in the HEX.

Sea Medium

MP/RES Bonus: Increases MP and RES.

PS Lifesaver: Nullifies the instant-death component of all instant death attacks.
PS Crisis Action: Allows an immediate action when any ally's HP is reduced to critical levels.
PS Ley MP Regen: Recovers MP when the character begins their turn on a Ley Point.
PS Double Healing: Doubles the effects of recovery magic and items.
PS Ley RES Up: Adds +25 bonus to RES when the character is on a Ley Point.

Heal Arcana: Restores HP to an ally HEX.
Revive Arcana: Revives all fallen allies into the user's HEX.
Hi-Heal Arcana: Restores a large amount of HP to an ally HEX.
React Minus Arcana: Adds DP/EP Down status to a HEX.
Hi-Revive Arcana: Revives all fallen allies into the user's HEX with full HP.

Jump (25 FP): The inhabitants of the user's HEX jump to any empty/ally HEX.
Widespread (50 FP): Extends an Original Command's effects to all HEXes.
Critical Heal (75 FP): Fully restores HP to an ally HEX.
Lucadia (100 FP): Restores all ally HP to maximum, revives fallen allies, and cancels all negative HEX status effects.

I stuck the Sky Medium on Rebecca, and the Sea Medium on Avril.

The Blank Medium can take the properties of any other medium. I would rather not turn this into one of my current mediums, so Dean will go without a medium for a bit.

I never get tired of this dialogue in every-other room.

Yeah, I bet her amnesia came from the schock of falling from such a great height... The question is, why did she fall out of the sky in the first place? Avril, do you have any idea?
...No, I'm afraid not. But it's possible I was like this even before that incident...
Like this...? You mean, rather than having lost your memory, maybe you never knew anything to begin with?
It is a possibility, is it not? Considering that I know nothing at all...
Well, that's certainly one way of looking at things... In that case, we really need to find this Johnny Appleseed, don't we! Heck, I think I'm starting to worry about it more than you!
Johnny Appleseed, huh? I wonder what kind of guy he is...

Suddenly, the screen fades away into a cutscene.

Cutscene: Johnny Appleseed
Music: Pilgrim's Progress

Captain: Johnny Appleseed? You still call me that?

Crewman: N-no, sir! Very sorry, sir!

Captain: One way of the other, it's a name I'll have to live with. Sorry. Anyway, what's you report, soldier?

Crewman: Y-yes, sir.

Interesting language they've got on Filgaia...

Crewman: I regret to inform you that Operation 05 has proven unsuccessful. The recovery of Avril Vent Fleur has apparently failed.

Crewman: We followed her progress to W01, but beyond that point her whereabouts are unknown. Asgard returned with only one arm attached, so presumably...

Crewman: I-I'm sorry, sir. We've yet to confirm either way...

Captain: Dammit... This is not good at all. Filgaia's in bad shape already. If the Ice Queen returns, the world could come to an end!

Crewman: ...

Captain: Don't be distraught over a few setbacks. There's always a chance! Keep up the search, and hope, for the sake of Filgaia, she's still Johnny Appleseed when you find her! No slacking off! We've still got work to do!

Crewman: Yes, sir! Understood!

Captain: After all this time... Asleep for 12,000 years, finally awakened to lead Filgaia... It's us or them now. I suppose we'll just have to see who the Fates decide to favor.


Alright, finally back in control of my character!

Oh, God damn it.
Of course, it's always when we start getting comfortable that the really strong monsters suddenly appear. But I can take on anything now, so I say let 'em come!
Um... I believe they've come.
Wha-?! Dean, you idiot! Why'd you have to open your big mouth!
Don't worry! I'll protect you both!

Boss: Unknown
Music: Defense Action Squad Heroes!

As you can see, Unknown is weak to all elements. He also resists physical attacks, so this battle is a long, tedious process if you forget to equip mediums to your characters.

My strategy here was to move Rebecca onto a Ley Point and let loose with Blast. Blast is a magic attack which changes its element to match whichever Ley Point you're standing on. (The attack is non-elemental if you aren't on a Ley Point.)

Since Unknown is on an Earth Ley Point, and Earth is weak to Wind, Blast does extra damage.

Damn, we can't even scratch this thing!
Relax, Dean, It's probably one of those monsters that's resistant to physical attacks. We'll just have to use magic to kill it instead.
Magic attacks, huh? No problem!

Says the guy with no magic attacks.

A team attack? All right, how d'you wanna do it?

Sometimes if your Force Level is high enough and you put two characters in the same HEX, a brief scene will play, and a Combination Art will be unlocked. These attacks consume FP, and can only be used when the required characters are in the same HEX.

You can see Javelin Bullet in all of its glory in the video for this fight.

By forcing him onto the Earth Ley Point with Dean and Avril while spamming Blast with Rebecca, he does down quickly.

Music: The Me of Yesterday Has Been Surpassed

What, are you scared, Rebecca? You can always turn around and go home, you know!
S-scared? I never said I was scared! I wouldn't even think of going home!!
Heh, I figured you'd say that. Now come on, let's get moving!

A little later, the path splits into two. One path leads to this dead-end. It looks like we'll be back here later. The other path gets us more dialogue.

... I'm worried about continuing on this journey. I don't want to cause any trouble for you...
This is all a first for us, too, Avril. To be honest, I'm a little worried myself. Especially about you, Dean. You do know how to behave in front of the Veruni, don't you?
The Veruni? You mean those nobles? No problem! I'm not all rude and stuff like you, Rebecca.

Whatever. In any case, who knows what'll happen. We might end up causing trouble for you, too, Avril.
Yeah, we're all in the same boat here. So don't worry, Avril! I just hope you can get your memories back soon.

Once again, there's a sudden screen transition.

Cutscene: Volsung Introduced
Music: Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus

Injured Guard: You dare... spill blood within Mother...?

Rebellious Youth: What "mother" refuses her prodigal son? This ship is a mother to me no longer. I owe her no reverence... nor remorse when I kill her!

Injured Guard: Volsung... you could have saved us all... You were our seed of hope... blooming in a barren desert...

Volsung holds his hand out to the guard, and there's a flash from the other side of the room.

Volsung's sword, Gram-Zanber, is a reference to the spear of the demon Ziekfried from Wild Arms 1. In Wild Arms 1, it was translated as Glumzamber

Volsung: Fereydoon, how soon until mission completion?

Soldier with a Sharp Gaze: Estimate 3,176 golems remaining. Total golem annihilation should be expected soon.

Soldier with a Sharp Gaze: Mission completion estimated in-

A nearby golem suddenly falls to the ground, drawing Fereydoon's attention. He heads into the next room.

Woman Facing the Console: I've completely commandeered the security system and all of its golems.

Fereydoon: Persephone... The disabled golems... is this your doing?

Persephone: The correct response is "thank you." Didn't anyone ever teach you how you're supposed to treat a lady, Fereydoon?

A nearby monitor shows airships taking off.

Persephone: Disarm yourselves and surrender immediately. There is no chance of escape.

Volsung: Forget it, Persephone.

Note that Volsung is in a different room, communicating through a radio device.

Persephone: But, sir-

Volsung: He's leaving us no choice. We must proceed with our cause.

Persephone: But you can't mean to massacre other Veruni...

Volsung: It's too late. I've already dispatched him.

Moderate Veruni Soldier: The Reaper!

The soldiers take some shots at the man, but they have no affect.

Laughing Reaper: Bwah hah hah hah hah hah! They actually think they can hurt me with puny little bullets!

Moderate Veruni Leader: Maniac! Don't you realize what you're doing?

Laughing Reaper: Huh? Are you talking to me?

Moderate Veruni: Kill us and you'll die when the ship goes down in flames! Are you out of your mind?!

Laughing Reaper: Me? Die?

Laughing Reaper: It'll take more than that to bring me down! You guys are funny. The only one out there who could possibly stand a chance of killing me is him. Nobody else has got a prayer! Here, let me give you a little taste... Bwah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

Fereydoon: -!


Persephone: but the others continue to escape. Your orders, sir?

Volsung: Leave them be for now. We already know their destination. In the meantime-

Persephone: Johnny Appleseed, yes? Understood.

Volsung: That'll be our priority for now. Prepare to receive your orders. And pass them on to Kartikeya.

Persephone: ... Yes. Should I share them with Elvis as well?

Volsung: I have other plans for Elvis. Leave him out of this for now. Just do your own part.

Persephone: Understood.

The Art of Wild Arms

With today's update, we have a picture of Dean brandishing his ARMs, and a map of Filgaia.