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Part 11: The Land of Dreams and Hope

Upon returning to Gounon from the Temple of Rejection, we are greeted with some text.

It sure took long enough. That shrine was almost as scary as it was fun.

Apprentice Vintner: I just heard that somebody saw him in the graveyard!
Journeyman Vintner: You serious?! We'd better get there fast!
I wonder what that was all about?
It sounds like someone is in the graveyard...?
I wonder who? Let's go take a look!

Music: A Rusted Scar

Hey, isn't that Greg? I thought he left town.. What's he doing here?
Yeah...and isn't that the grave for Joseph's daughter?


Quiet! You're no son to me! Why have you returned? You should know you have to right to be here! I'll never forget what you did!!

Cutscene: Joseph's Accusation

Joseph: Greg... What's happened here? ...! can't be...

Joseph: My grandson...? You, and that ARM-
Greg: No! No, Father, it wasn't me!
Joseph: I have no idea what happened here... But if it wasn't you, then what are you doing with that ARM? Where did it come from? That's your weapon!
Greg: It's not! I didn't shoot them! I-I was trying to save-
Joseph: If someone else killed them, then go on, show me some evidence! Show me! Were the shells from that ARM? Did your finger pull the trigger?!

Greg: His arm, it was a golem's arm-
Joseph: Greg, I want to believe you're innocent! Just show me something real! Show me something I can believe! Show me some proof!
Greg: I have no proof... I can't... But I swear...I'm going to kill him.

Greg picks up the ARM and walks away.

Joseph: The killer had a golem's arm...? I'm too old and weak for these kinds of stories. I wish I could believe you...

Joseph: Please...tell me what happened here... What did Greg do to you...?'s too late to undo anything, now...

He did some crazy stuff - Goin' against a Veruni to save a friend, callin' his worst enemy a good guy... He got me thinkin' I oughta try bein' a little more honest with myself. So I came back here.
And this is your idea of honest?! Are you trying to hurt me even more?!
I understand your feelings, and I apologize for the pain I've caused. ...But I'm comin' back. This is my duty, too.
Then I'll leave! It's bad enough having to deal with the memories! But having to see your face as well is too much to bear! This is the last time we'll meet! Never show your face to me again!

Dean... Did you hear that? Remember how Joseph was talking about his daughter and grandson being killed by a human? Do you think...?

At this point, Avril walks off-screen.


...No. I swear it.
Then I believe you. You don't look like the kind of person who'd kill.

Avril! Where were you?
I was looking for a flower.


Greg leaves at this point.

I'm sorry... Was that inappropriate?
No, it's fine. Just do whatever your heart tells you to.
Still worried about Greg?
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. But Greg said he didn't do it, so I'm gonna believe him.
Yeah... He looked pretty scary at first, but now he doesn't seem so bad.
I don't think he is lying, either.
So let's just trust him, then. Even if it's just us.
Yeah, I'm going to.

The party then follows Greg to the front gate.

Music: Even If I Can See the Reflection of Peace In Your Eyes

Hey. So where you off to now?
Well, I was thinking we'd head for Laila Belle, like we originally planned.
We were headed there in the first place, after all. If it hadn't been for SOMEONE blowing the train up, we'd probably be there by now...
I see. Sorry about that. In that case, I'll see you to Laila Belle. I owe you one, after all. Take care of whatever you need to, and then let's head for the station.
Whoa, really? Thanks, Greg!
...What did Greg owe us for, anyway?
Owe us...? I don't recall any money changing hands...
Don't worry about it. Anyways, let's get ready to go to Laila Belle!

When you're in Gounon, Greg stands by the front gate and waits for you. He rejoins the party when you leave.

At this point, I switch Rebecca out of the party in favor of Greg, and put the Sky Medium on him. I put the Luck Medium on Rebecca.

The train station is all the way to the east. Unfortunately, I missed some alternate costumes while I was here, and by the time I can come back here they'll probably be obsolete. I'll still come back and get them, but I can't guarantee I'll use them in battle any.

Music: "Goodbye" and "Hello"

Now we just need to see about findin' tickets.
Huh? You mean you don't have any?!
I don't recall ever sayin' I did.
So how are you planning to get on the train?!
Easy enough-I'll just borrow a few from one of those Veruni. As a Golem Crusher, I've already got a price on my head. Another crime or two'll harly make a difference.
W-wait a minute! Are you trying to put a price on our heads, too?!
A price? For what?
For capturing us. That's how the Veruni catch wanted criminals. Bring one in, and they'll pay you a reward.

Music: Ready, With Clever Words

Chuck! How's it goin'?!
Stand back, Dean! I told you about him before, didn't I? This is our hated enemy, Greg the Golem Crusher!
I know! I even saw him destroy one!
Huh...? So...why are you with him? Oh-I see! You were planning to bring him to the Golem Hunters' Guild yourselves, were you? But you didn't have tickets for the train, and you were just wondering what to do. How's that? Right on the mark, I bet!
No, Chuck! Greg's actually a good guy! Even back at Mirapule, he-
Exactly! Good guess, Chuck! It's no wonder you're a Golem Hunter - I bet you'll rise to straight to the top in no time at all!
Heh... I guess I just might, at that!

Chuck sure was quick to dismiss everything Dean just said.

Quiet, Dean! Let me handle this.

Do you have any ideas?
Leave it to me! I'll show you why I'm a...uh, future Golem Hunter! I'll explain things to the Veruni and get us some tickets! But let me take some of the credit for Greg's capture, okay?
Sure thing! We'll be waiting right herre!
Okay, I'll be right back!

Chuck leaves to go get tickets.

Rebecca! What are you trying to do?!
No, that's actually a pretty good plan. Now we can get to Laila Belle without any trouble.
Isn't it? Though I feel a little bad for using Chuck.
But what about when we get to Laila Belle?
We'll figure somethin' out once we get there.
Are you sure about that?
If Greg's not complaining, then you shouldn't be either!

At last, I'll be able to graduate to a full Golem Hunter... Let's go! Off to Laila Belle, the land of dreams and hope!

Our group boards the train at this point.

Though I guess it's just a testament to my abilities, heh heh.
Wait, Chuck, Greg's-
Don't worry, Dean! I'll make sure they know how much you helped. Hey, do you want to become a Golem Hunter, too? I'll recommend you to the Guild.
Really?! Yeah! Of course I want to be a Golem Hunter!
Okay! You might even be able to skip right over apprenticeship for this, you know!
Awesome! At last, I'll be a Golem Hunter!

...What am I saying?! Chuck, listen to me! Greg's really not that bad! Sorry, Rebecca, but I've got to tell Chuck. I can't keep on lying like this!
Go ahead. We made it onto the train, after all.
Huh? What do you mean, lying?
Well, Greg may be a Golem Crusher - but I know he's got a good reason! I mean, he's helped us out so many times... Even that time we saved you, it was Greg's words that gave me the hint I needed.
...? Did I say somethin'?
Yeah. "The sun's already fallen behind the mountains. You gonna tell him you can see through to the other side?" Just when I was out of ideas, I spotted that tower standing in the middle of town. I realized from the top I'd be able to see the sun beyond the mountains, so I climbed up there. But I'd never have thought of it without that hint from you.
...Now that you mention it, I guess I did say somethin' like that.

Music: I Still Have Something to Tell You

Then...then that means... If Greg hadn't been there...

It's like everyone forgot that the Veruni really didn't care that Dean could see the sun, and in the end Avril's dumb glowing thing is the reason Chuck's life was spared.

... (Dean's saying that Greg's not such a bad guy... I owe Dean my life, but even if I didn't, I know I could trust him. I want to believe him, but... I'm a Golem Hunter. I can't let a man who destroys golems run free. Even Dean admits that Greg is a Golem Crusher. ...What should I do?)
Chuck? Chuck!
What's wrong, Chuck? You seemed like you were off in another world or something.
Sorry... I was just thinking a little.
Well, I guess I can't blame you. After all, you've been thinking of Greg as a bad guy all this time. But... Well, maybe it's not my place to say this after taking advantage of you like that, but I agree with Dean.

I don't think Greg is a bad person, either.
... I understand what you're saying, but I'm afraid I can't just let things go like that. So, Greg, I'm going to interrogate you.
You don't have to answer if you don't want to. It's your right to remain silent if you please. There's only one real thing I want to know. Why did you become a Golem Crusher?
Yeah, I've been wondering that too. Why, Greg? Is it that thing Joseph was-
Don't you dare bring that up!

Revenge. Nothing more, nothing less.
Revenge...? What do you mean?
That's all I'm living for... To kill HIM!

This is technically a cutscene, but it's only about 20 seconds long. So I didn't bother to prepare a video of it.

A woman flees from Kartikeya as he fires his ARM at her.

The woman's body falls onto Greg.

Greg: Mary...!

But I didn't get a clear look at him... I can't remember his face. All I've got to go on is the golem arm.
So that's why you're destroying golems...
Yeah. Every golem I destroy is another challenge to him. The more golems I destroy, the stronger the Veruni will react. And if I can just drag him out...
Oh, we seem to have arrived.

Music: "Goodbye" and "Hello"

The Golem Hunters' Guild is there... I've always wanted to visit! But I never imagined I'd be coming in search of information on Johnny Appleseed...

Of course you didn't, you had never even heard the name before you met Avril.

The TV studio's in Laila Belle, too! What if a talent scout finds me? I'll finally be able to show off the acrobatic shooting I've been practicing! I'll start from there, and eventually I'll be a circus star!
Laila Belle... I wonder if we'll learn about Johnny Appleseed there...? If so, then I suppose that will be the end of our journey together...
Chuck, was it? You gonna truss me up and drag me to the Guild, or what?
... Greg, tell me one more thing. Once your revenge is done, will you give up golem crushing?
...Yeah. Once that's done, you can do with me as you like.
...Okay. I've changed my mind. I'll let you go, for now.
Yeah... Now that I know that Greg's just like me.
Just like you?
I know what it's like to lose someone close to you...
What...? You too?
Well, in my case, it's not as painful a story as Greg's. But everyone I care for disappears. My parents, my friends, all of them... So I can understand some of what Greg is feeling.
But at the same time, I'm a Golem Hunter, I can't allow golems to be destroyed. So, Greg, I'll refrain from turning you in for the moment. Just remember - I'm only letting it slide this once! I guess I'd better be going, then.
You're not leaving already?! Laila Belle's right around the corner! Let's at least go that far together!
Weren't you listening? Everyone who gets involved with me gets into trouble. So I'm taking off before anything bad happens to you. -But first, I still owe you one, so take these. The monsters are pretty strong around here, you know.
Obtained Blank Medium x2!
Well then, I'm off. Farewell!

I could tell from his eyes... He's had a pretty rough time too.
Dean... Chuck left because he wanted to help us. You've got to let him help in his own way...
I know! But-!
I gotta agree with the girl. Stayin' with us sounds like it could be pretty hard on him.
I don't really understand... But I can see why Dean is concerned about Chuck. After all, you are friends, aren't you?
Friends...? Yeah, me and Chuck are friends! What's wrong with worrying about a friend?! I'm not gonna disappear because of Chuck. I'll promise him that next time we meet!
Hehe... Well, I suppose I expected as much from you. You can count me in, then.
Thanks, Rebecca!
(The more I look at Dean, the more he reminds me of my boy, Ted... So pure, so honest with himself... Just like that day...when he died tryin' to protect me and Mary... I wonder... Would he have grown up like this?)
...All right. I'm goin' with you, too.
Greg?! Are you serious?!
Yeah. You've...piqued my curiosity. I'm not gonna give up on my revenge, but I'll keep my promise - no golem crushin' when you're around. That work for you?
Of course! We'd be glad to have you along! Well, now that that's settled-let's be off to Laila Belle!

Here in the station, there are two Wild Arms 1 cameos.

Up-and-Coming Businesslady: Some people say that it's too artificial and unnatural, but to me, Laila Belle's the one place where I can simply relax and be myself. It's the city I was born in, after all. I rather like how "artificial and unnatural" it is.

It may be hard to believe, but that was Jane "Calamity Jane" Maxwell. I'm not sure why they decided to make her so radically different in Wild Arms 5, but they did. It's worth noting that in Wild Arms 3, the character Maya Schroedinger takes Jane's original appearance.

Middle-Aged Butler: I believe you can find more information if you make it to Laila Belle. There's a great deal going on there that strikes me as worth investigating.

And that was McDullen Harts. (Also known as Magdalen in Alter Code: F.) McDullen accompanies Jane while she travels, so of course we would find him in the same place as her.

Strong-Willed Shopmistress's Husband: You got in that dust-up with the Veruni over at Mirapulse... I'd figured you probably got hauled off to the slammer! You guys heading for Laila Belle? I've been there so often, I'm bored of it now... In fact, I was thinking of touring the farming villages, takin' in some fresh country air! Thanks to skills like mine, and my wife's secret techniques, it's no sweat at all to sneak on board the train! Gwah hah hah hah!

They're the only particularly interesting people in the station. There's also a man who talks about how the train tracks were built on human slave labor, but I don't think I need to quote him word-for-word.

Music: Understanding the Vastness of the World and Still...

At last, we've reached Northeast Filgaia. There's a handy path from Provectas straight to Laila Belle, so it's hard to get lost looking for it.

And there it is. The city where dreams come true, Laila Belle. When we enter, we're immediately greeted by a cutscene.

Cutscene: Nightburn CM
Music: The Fallen Idol (ver. CM Song)

Nightburn: You can become a Golem Hunter today!

Nightburn: A fantastic world of amazing possibilities awaits you.

Nightburn: The doors of the Golem Hunter Guild are wide open, and we're waiting for you. Now, join us in the hunt for golems all across the world!

He pulls a photo of himself out of his jacket, and throws it.

After this, he throws two more, making an N shape.

Nightburn: Have you met your one and only golem yet?

Music: Twilight of the Rulers

Nightburn's the man!
Wow... Televisions in the streets and everything. The city sure is different! Hmm, I feel like I'm being watched... Are the scouts after me already? But I'm not ready yet..hehe!
You two certainly seem to be excited.
I'd call 'em more rambunctious than excited...
Hey, Nightburn! Right here! Here's another Golem Hunter for you!

It's a TV, Dean. Nightburn can't hear you.

Quick, let's go to the Golem Hunters' Guild! I just need to sign up, and then I'll be a Golem Hunter, too!
Seems like someone's forgotten what we came here for. Dean, what about Johnny Appleseed?
It's all right, Greg. I don't mind. After all, it was a golem's arm that protected me when I fell. Perhaps going after golems will lead us to Johnny Appleseed as well.
I see. I'll admit to bein' curious about golem arms as well... Perhaps we oughta let Nightburn lead us around for awhile.
Hey, Greg, have you been here before?
Yeah, a few times. It's an ideal place for gatherin' information.
Then you know where the circus is, don't you!
The circus? It's been disbanded.
What?! Disbanded...?!
Now that there's outdoor TV screens, television's become the center of entertainment. Though I imagine a lot of that is just the higher-ups tryin' to control the flow of information...
I was *so* looking forward do it...
Yeah, I remember how excited you used to get whenever the circus would come to Capo Bronco when we were kids.
Yeah. That's what inspired me to work on my acrobatic shooting. I thought for sure we'd be able to see them here in Laila Belle, what a bummer... It's like half the fun of the trip is gone, just like that...
So that's why you decided to come along with us?
Of course! What's wrong with that?! It's just like you and your golems!
Oh, yeah! Golems! C'mon, let's get over to the Golem Hunters' Guild so I can sign up!

At last, we've arrived in Laila Belle. Laila Belle is made up of two maps, and it can be a little confusing to navigate at first.

Anyway, let's go see the sights!

Argh, Dean, get a hold of yourself! Stop fawning over the security golem and let's get a move on!

All the TV screens in the city (they're everywhere.) constantly cycle through these four images in this order.

Does anyone know if the name Chunk a reference to anything? It seems like it would be, because everything in this game is a reference, but I can't place it.

Edit: How embarrassing, it seems I've missed a Goonies reference. Thanks to geri_khan and RentCavalier for pointing it out.

Speaking of references...

Golden-Haired Noble: I have one last wish before the end... I want to see the real, blue sky outside once before I go... But this wish won't be granted unless I leave Laila Belle... What ever shall I do?

It's Cecilia! ...I really don't have anything to say about this cameo beyond pointing it out, to be honest.

And now for our last stop, the Golem Hunters' Guild!

Okay. I'll be right back.

Music: Ready, With Clever Words

Red-Eyed Receptionist: What are you doing here? This is the Golem Hunters' Guild - it is no place for children.
I'm gonna be a Golem Hunter, just like Nightburn! Is this where I sign up?
Red-Eyed Receptionist: Like Nightburn, indeed. So they all say... But most are all talk. None have been able to reach that height. Most lose their lives along the way. It's certainly not a task to be taken lightly. With that in mind, are you still determined to become a Golem Hunter?
Of course! I'm ready for anything!
Red-Eyed Receptionist: In that case, you will first need to undertake a test. There are just too many incompetents these days... If you pass the test, we will register you as a Golem Hunter. An apprentice, naturally, until you gain more experience.
A test? No problem! So what do I need to do?
Red-Eyed Receptionist: There is a town to the south called Mithysmere. We have received reports of monsters taking up residence there recently. Your task will be to eliminate the monsters. It should provide an excellent trial of your abilities. Will you accept?
All I've gotta do is get rid of the monsters in Mithysmere, right? No problem!

That receptionist was Marivel Armitage from Wild Arms 2, by the way.

Yeah, yeah, we're with you. Besides, we can't just leave monsters sitting around in a town like that, can we?
Sorry about this, Avril... But if I can become a Golem Hunter, we'll be able to use the trains, so...
Yes, I understand your intentions. Let's complete the task we've been given.
Thanks, Avril! And Greg...?
Whatever's fine with me. But Mithysmere, huh... It'll be interestin' to see how you react when you get there.
Huh? What do you mean?
You'll see.

Rebecca's Black Shirt has become obsolete, so we'll be switching back to her original costume for awhile.

Now, there's one more thing of interest here in the Golem Hunters' Guild before we leave.

Red-Cheeked Parrot: ...There, there. Calm down, calm down. We can't have you getting all excited like that just because I happened to speak to you! I can see a lot of potential sleeping within you. Don't disappoint me! There, now take a deep breath... Much better. Now then, allow me to explain. Neutrino Medals are the fragments of the soul of a psittacine hero. The evil Veruni, fearing his power, divided his spirit into 30 pieces and hid them throughout Filgaia. We red-cheeked parrots much gather those Neutrino Medals so that our hero's soul may be restored to its former condition. So, Dean, we would like you to assist us powerless birds by collecting the medals for us during your travels across Filgaia. Of course, we could not ask this of you without compensation for your troubles. We are prepared to offer you some of our most valuable treasures! And rest assured, these are no mere nuts or twigs, but items that humans would jump at the chance to obtain. For example...
Obtained Potion Berry x3!
Red-Cheeked Parrot: Of course, this berry is merely a retainer, if you will. Allow me to promise even greater rewards as you collect more medals. I see you've collected 3 medals. In appreciation, allow me to give you this shiny object, desired by humans and parrots alike.
Obtained Blank Medium!
Red-Cheeked Parrot: I'll have another reward for you once you've collected 7 medals.

The Art of Wild Arms

Lots of cameos this time. We've got profiles for Jane, McDullen, Cecilia, and Marivel.