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Part 12: Mithysmere

Following the train tracks to the south brings us to a dirt road which leads into Mithysmere.

Music: One Day You'll Forget the Hopes and Dreams

This... this is a town?
This is terrible... It doesn't even look like there's anybody living here... Not that I can imagine anyone wanting to live here, but...
But they do. Most vibrant, flourishing societies have dark sides like this. Plenty of people come to Laila Belle with big dreams, but not all of those dreams come true. Some simply don't make it up the ladder, some let themselves be used like tools, some kiss up in hopes of bein' tossed a few crumbs... But on the whole, there aren't many humans in Laila Belle that live well. Most are stuck in conditions no better than anyone else. And this is where the children of those people live.
Well, Dean? What do you think?
Well... It's a bit much to take in all at once...
I still don't understand much about society...but it seems that there is a lot of competition in Laila Belle. In competition, not everyone can win... Perhaps those who lose are forced to live in places like these?
Not bad, Avril. Winners and losers, indeed. The bigger the win, the tougher the loss - and the losers end up havin' to toss their kids out here.
Then why don't they just get rid of all the competition? Who needs it, anyway?
It's not that easy. People get lazy without competition to prod them along. Lazy people don't produce anything. You see the problem? People need lots of things in order to live. Food, at the very least. So you'd end up with people fightin' each other over what little food's available. It'd be even worse than it is now.
But...there's something wrong with that... I don't know what, but... There's gotta be something we're forgetting. Simple competition shouldn't lead to a situation as bad as this... really are kind. I suspect some would even call you naive.
Avril...! That's not fair!
Perhaps not. But naivete implies kindness, does it not? I love that kindness of yours, Dean.

A-anyway, we came here to get rid of some monsters, right? Let's take care of that and get back to Laila Belle!
...Yeah. That's the least we can do.

Mithysmere is a sort of dungeon/town combination. This area with all the houses has no encounters and serves as the town portion.

You can look around here all you want, but you can't get inside any houses and there are no people.

To the east from the entrance is an old barn.

Nothing is inside aside from this unlit torch and a locked door, though.

At the northern edge of the town is a Mimic chest with a Dragon Fossil, and another barn.

Inside this barn is a switch that must be stomped on, and a door which opens when the switch is activated.

Through the barn's locked door is the dungeon portion of Mithysmere. Mithysmere is designed like a maze, with identical pathways that try to confuse you and turn you around.

It's really difficult to put screenshots of this place together in a comprehensible manner, as half of the rooms are indistinguishable from each other in screenshot format. So I'll be making use of the map to give you some idea of what's going on. First we go to Area 10, via Area 04 or Area 09.

Those torches look pretty evil. The monster is probably there. Unfortunately, there's a large pit between us and the torches, and we can't put them out with the Freeze Ray. Guess we'll have to go around.

Now we're in Area 05, via Area 04. There are a lot of bridges around Mithysmere, but this is the only one we can reach at the moment.

Turning the crank lowers the bridge, allowing us to access the other end of Mithysmere.

Area 05 let us out into Area 06, which puts us in Area 10. The purple torches are in this area, but we can't reach them from the Area 06 entrance.

We can reach the Sol Niger, though. This Sol Niger only contains one enemy, so it gives us no trouble.

Next we go back through Area 06, then head for Area 08 via Area 07. (I'm really sorry if this is hard to follow, this dungeon is a mess.)

In Area 08, we can see a set of barrels on an inaccessible piece of land. By shooting them, we get a Neutrino Medal and 47 gella. (I have no idea how Dean retrieves these.)

By accessing Area 10 via the Area 07 entrance, we can finally reach those ominous torches. When we approach them...

...! There's an evil presence around here... There! Those must be the monsters they were talking about at the Guild! Let's get rid of them so those kids can live in peace!

We're put into a battle with 4 Lizard Men. They're no threat, but they can be a little annoying because of the skill Defender. Defender activates sometimes when there are multiple enemies in the target HEX. One enemy will defend the others, keeping them safe from harm. In other words, your attack basically misses all but one enemy.

Your party starts on the fire ley point. Since Lizard Men are weak to fire, this battle doesn't last long.

I still feel the presence of a monster.
Oh? Then we'd better find it so those kids can live in peace. C'mon, everyone! Let's go! We've still got some monster hunting to do!
Dean... I don't disagree with your thinking. Like Avril said, you're kind, and that's a good thing. But be careful not to rush yourself. There's plenty of people who aim to be a Golem Hunter like Nightburn. But Nightburn himself is the only one who's made it that far. The rest all failed or gave up somewhere along the way. Rushin' won't get you anywhere, I know how you feel, but you gotta be patient.
Now that you mention it, nobody ever talks about any Golem Hunters other than Nightburn. Greg may have a point, Dean.
But we don't have time to be patient! We've still got to find Johnny Appleseed and everything!
Dean, I understand your desire to move quickly, and it pains me that I am the cause. But please don't let it blind you to everything else. You like golems, do you not? Concentrate on that for now.
B-but then again, you're always honest with yourself and everything, so why not just run with things?
... I guess you're right, Avril. I can't let myself lose sight of what's important. Right now I need to take a good look at the world around me.
Yes, I think that a good idea. I know you can do it, Dean.
Yeah, and I will! Thanks, Avril!

The first thing we need to do it get rid of whatever monsters are left in this town!

When we head back toward the town portion of Mithysmere, we get more text.

Veruni society and human society are completely separate. No matter how hard a human tries, he can't ever enter Veruni societe. There's a huge wall between the two. The difference between this town and Laila Belle is a prime example of that.
But...doesn't the Golem Hunters' Guild bring humans and Veruni together? Just like we're here now to get rid of monsters at their request. I mean, Nightburn talks to the Veruni as an equal, so obviously anyone can do it if they just try hard enough! Maybe there is a wall...but that doesn't mean we can't climb over it!
Dean, I know you can overcome that wall.
M-me too! Something like that ought to be a cinch for you!
Thanks, you two! I'll do it, no matter what it takes!
Heh... I won't say that's a bad goal, but you'd better give some thought as to just what it means to get over that wall. In any case, right now we need to take care of the remaining monsters. Maybe we oughta take another look where those last ones were.

Now if we go back to the room where we fought the Lizard Men, the torches are lit again. When we get closer to investigate...

Huh? Once I get over the wall?
Supposin' you were able to talk to the Veruni as an equal, like Nightburn. What would you say to them?
To be honest... I don't know yet. But I can't just sit around after seeing this town! Right now, Nightburn's the only human who can talk with the Veruni. But if more people come along and join him, we ought to be able to change things. The important thing is to do what you can. So I'm gonna become like Nightburn!
Heh... Well, I suppose you can figure out the details as you start seein' more of the world.

A ball of light appears in the air behind Dean.

Let's take care of it for good this time!

Boss: Balam
Music: Defense Action Squad Heroes!

Make note of Balam's attribute: Reflect Phsical.

Not only is Balam immune to physical damage, but he reflects it back at the attacker.

Dammit! Physical attacks just come right back at us!
Stay calm, Dean. We have magic attacks as well, after all.
Oh, yeah. Good call!

Balam can do some serious damage with Crush.


God damn it, Dean.

At least it only reflects back at the attacker, rather than everyone in the HEX.

Dean is worthless here, so I revive him and swap him out for Rebecca. It's ideal to put the Sky Medium on a second character, but I forgot to do this, so Rebecca doesn't have any magic attacks either.

Luckily, Rebecca and Avril have a magic-based combination attack. A couple of these combined with Greg blasting away from the water ley point makes short work of Balam.

Music: One Day You'll Forget the Hopes and Dreams

So you've finally become a Golem Hunter, even if only an apprentice. Congratulations!
Thanks, Rebecca!
*Sigh* Dean's found himself a new goal and everything, I wonder what I should do now... Maybe I'll return to Capo Bronco...
What?! You're not gonna turn around now, are you?!
Well, I was so looking forward to seeing the circus at Laila Belle, but it's been disbanded, after all. And besides, it probably won't be too much longer before you find Johnny Appleseed, too.
(Not to mention how left out I've been feeling lately...)

I'm sorry, but Greg just makes a better mage than you.

I mean, it's you journey, after all, and I just sort of came along, so I was thinking that maybe it's about time I went back...
But Rebecca, you always wanted to become famous for your acrobatic shooting, didn't you? I know how much practice you put into that! Don't tell me you're giving up now!
But with the circus gone and all, what's the point?
Acrobatic shooting? Sounds kinda interestin'.
I would like to see it as well.
See?! Everyone wants to see it!
Everyone? All three of you, you mean... Ah well... I guess one last time can't hurt. Dean, would you?
Here goes-and cut it out with that "last time" nonsense! Show them just how good you are!

Cutscene: Acrobatic Shooting
Because of the lack of subtitles, it seems like YouTube noticed the empty space in the video and cut it out. I'm not really sure how to go about fixing this, but if someone in the thread has any suggestions, I'll go back and correct the video.

This cutscene is all action and there's no reason to post screenshots. Watch it if you want to see Rebecca shoot a can and do flips.

Music: Nothing is Better than the Usual Time

Wow... Rebecca, that was amazing. It really touched my heart...

Some kids run up to Rebecca.

Energetic Boy: Man, that was really great!! I thought my eyes were gonna pop right outta my head!!
Calm Boy: Yes, I was surprised as well. It was almost as though the can was dancing in defiance of gravity.
Y-you all saw that?!
Yes, we were all watching you. It really was amazing. I wish I could be like you!
Ahaha... I-it's not that big a deal! But you didn't have to hide from us.
Energetic Boy: Well, it's just, there's crazy monsters all around!! And they attack us a lot!!
Calm Boy: Yes, so we remain indoors and never go outside except when absolutely necessary.
Oh... So why don't you go live in Laila Belle?
I'm afraid we couldn't do that. It would be even harder to live there than it is here.
Calm Boy: Laila Belle is ruled by the Veruni. The only path open to humans is that of forced labor.
Forced labor...?
Yeah. The Veruni force hard labor on all humans in Laila Belle. Even children.
Energetic Boy: But I'm gonna be a Golem Hunter when I grow up!!
Oh yeah? Well, good luck!
Energetic Boy: Hey!! Could you show us that thing you did one more time?!
You mean the acrobatic shooting?
Calm Boy: No, don't be selfish. We mustn't impose on her.
I have to admit, I'd like to see it again too. I know it's pushing you, but...
N-no, not at all!
...Ah, never mind. If we keep being pushy like this, you'll never want to come back...
O-of course I would!
No, really, it's okay. Just promise us you'll do it again next time you come, okay? My name's Pastel. I'll be looking forward to it!

See, Rebecca? Look how much those kids loved it!

I guess I'll stick around a bit longer.
Yeah. Maybe I'll be able to find a goal of my own. Besides, it'd feel like a waste to turn around after coming this far.
All right! It sure would've been lonely without you!
Of course! You said my eyes wander when I'm lying, right? Well, are they wandering now?

I, too, would feel lonely without you. So I'm glad you're staying with us.
Thanks, Avril. And sorry...
Hmm...? Why are you apologizing?
I don't know... I just, well... It's just...
Huh? Are you crying, Rebecca? How come? What's wrong?

And the screen fades out.

Cutscene: A Strange Man
Music: The Truth Behind the Desired Reality
This cutscene is incredibly short. I went ahead and made a video since it introduces a new character, but you're not missing much if you skip it and just look at the screenshots.

Strange Man(?): That's Avril Vent Fleur, no question about it. Is she going to be Filgaia's promised savior? Or another reign for the Ice Queen?

When that cutscene ends, we're placed back in Mithysmere. Now there are people here to talk to.

Well-Cleaning Addict: I've actually been cleaning it in secret up 'til now, in the middle of the night. Isn't it nice to have things nice and clean around you? For me, it's not enough to just keep my home spotless. I need an extra fix, you know? So I tried cleaning the well, and...well, it was just a killer experience! ... That doesn't make me strange does it?

I love this kid.

I'd love to get my hands on my own ARM sometime. Then maybe, one day, I could learn to shoot like that, too... That'd be wonderful. Come back soon, okay? We're all looking forward to your next performance.

There are some other kids around town, but none of them compare to the Well-Cleaning Addict, so I'm not going to bother with them.

The Art of Wild Arms

Since there are so many maps in this update, here's a map of Filgaia as it appeared in Wild Arms 2.