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Part 16: Starlit Path

When we attempt to leave Mithysmere, the party discusses their next destination.

Music: Showing a Smile

Well... I don't think we're likely to learn much more than we already know...
Hmm... Hey, Carol - where were you headed? You're looking for that Professor, right?
Yes, I am. If I can ever find him...
I wonder where he's gone off to?
Who knows? I have no idea what goes through that man's head... The Professor has probably been looking for me, too, but as soon as he finds something new to study, he forgets about everything else. And he gets lost really easily, so honestly, he could be wandering around just about anywhere...
Well, where were you thinking of looking next?
Well... I haven't really decided myself, but I was thinking of maybe heading for Honeysday.
Honeysday, huh... Maybe I should give up on Laila Belle and try someplace else, too...
But wouldn't we need train tickets to get there?
No, you can reach it on foot. There's a tunnel southeast of here that leads there.
There is? Then why don't we try going there? Maybe we'll be able to learn something new about Johnny Appleseed.
But then Dean would have to give up on becoming a Golem Hunter. I wouldn't want to cause him such trouble...
Well, um... I guess I don't really feel as excited about becoming a Golem Hunter anymore...
Because of Nightburn, huh? He sure was different than you expected, wasn't he?
Is that so...? That's unfortunate... I liked watching you chase after your golem dreams...
Don't worry. I'm not giving up on golems! That's totally seperate from Golem Hunters! Even if I don't become a Golem Hunter, I can still look for golems, can't I?!
Yes, I suppose you can. That's a relief.
Honeysday sounds like a good idea to me, too. I've always found it easier to pick up new info in an unknown place than to squeeze out every last drop out of an already known one.
Then that's what we'll do. There's Johnny Appleseed, of course, but I want to see the world as well. I never imagined I'd see the kinds of things I've been seeing... The relations between humans and Veruni, towns like Mithysmere, everything... So I want to see more of the world. Is that okay with you, Avril?
Yes, if that's what you desire. Johnny Appleseed may be awaiting us there, after all.
Okay, then let's get going! Carol, as long as we're going in the same direction, you want to come with us? It'll be a lot more fun together, don't you think?
Y-yes! If you don't mind, then of course I'd like to go with you!
Energetic Boy: Wait!!

Whew... We made it in time...
Pastel! What are you doing up?! You're not fully recovered yet! You still need to rest!
But I wanted to give these to you as a thank-you present...
Calm Boy: We found these in Laila Belle, discarded.
Energetic Boy: You wouldn't believe how quickly they throw stuff away!! Look at how good a shape these are in!!
Obtained Duplicator x5!
Obtained Lucky Card x2!
Obtained Gella Card x2!
Obtained LVL Apple!
Obtained the Detector cartridge!

I'm not sure I would eat an apple someone else discarded...

I hope they'll be useful to you...
...Thanks, Pastel. And you two, too. I'll be back sometime, I promise! And I'll practice so I can show you an even better act!
Thanks! I can't wait!
All right! Then we're off to Honeysday!


Music: Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus

As I understand it, she is currently in the television studio gathering information...

At this point, Persephone walks in and kneels beside Fereydoon.

I apologize for my delay.
Hmph... If indeed you wish to apologize, perhaps you could demonstrate that by providing me with some useful information. How about it, Persephone?
While I'm afraid it may not be as useful as you desire... I have confirmed that humans are beginning to experience the effects of the TF System. However, there has also been a report that a child in the Mithysmere area has managed to recover from these effects.
What? What is the meaning of that?
It would seem that the Baskars have become involved.
The Baskars? Is it Johnny Appleseed, then?
... I'm afraid I haven't been able to determine that. My apologies.
Heh heh... If you do not know, I suppose there's not much that can be done. But those Baskars...they should've just stuck to their own research. I have let their activities go thus far in respect of their supposed neutrality, but if they have chosen to side with the moderates, we will have to take appropriate action.
B-but the Baskars' research is critical to the preservation of our race. It may be that this action of theirs is merely an experiment aimed at restoring Filgaia to a livable state.
So you would argue that it is yet too early to impose sanctions on the Baskars?
With all due respect, yes, I do.
I see... And you, Fereydoon?
...The Baskars have consistently distanced themselves from any political affiliation. Given that we are currently unable to bring the TF System to full power, I would recommend against eliminating other possibilities prematurely.
I see... In that case, I will let them be, for the moment.
However, it is quite likely Johnny Appleseed is in some way involved. With my liege's permission, I would like to enlist Kartikeya's assistance and investigate areas W4361 and D2428. I will head for Twelbit and inform Kartikeya myself.
Hmm...very well. See to it, Fereydoon. Johnny Appleseed is of the utmost importance in order for our race to survive!
Yes, my liege.
...? What is it, Persephone? Have you and further reports?
...Is it truly your intention to activate the TF System?
...I take it that you are opposed to such an action?
No... I share in our common belief that the reformation of Filgaia is acceptable in order to preserve our race. But there are significant dangers associated with the TF System. The TF System is designed to reform Filgaia, removing any factors which pose a threat to our species...
Yes. Does this present a problem, in your view?
While it may be ideal for us, the accompanying environmental changes would cause the extinction of other species on Filgaia. The resulting change in Filgaia's biosphere could itself have negative effects on our race. Furthermore, historical records indicate that a test of the TF System 12,000 years ago resulted in dimensional turbulence. Given that the TF System has the potential to destroy Filgaia, I feel that we must be cautious in its use...
Then do you have an alternative? If we do nothing, our race is itself doomed to extinction. We must do what we can to preserve ourselves. You joined us because you agreed with that, did you not? If you cannot accept that, you are of course free to seek shelter with the moderates - and be destroyed along with them!
I-I have no such intention! Please accept my apologies for such thoughtless words...
...As I recall, you had an elder sister who perished from Filgaia's interference, did you not?
...Yes. Five years ago...
I do not want to let any others fall victim to the same cause. Thus we *must* activate the TF System to reform Filgaia. But the only one capable of bringing the TF System to full power is Johnny Appleseed. Our time grows short. We must locate Johnny Appleseed immediately! Do you understand me, Persephone?
Y-yes! I understand. If that is all, I will return to my duties...
I trust you will carry them out with your usual efficiency.
Then I shall inform Elvis about the Baskar incident.
Very well. I'm counting on you, my Sentinels!

Our destination is directly to the east. Unfortunately, there's a river in the way, so we have to take a long route.

Along the way, we find a hidden chest with a Bad Omen badge in it. Bad Omen increases the encounter rate.

Music: The Road to Tomorrow Follows Behind You

Honeysday... I wonder what kind of place it is?
Honeysday... That's where - no, never mind. Best to let you see for yourselves.
Hey! Come on! Don't leave me hangin' like that!
It's not such a big deal for you now, anyway. A little while ago and you'd probably have gone crazy, though...
...? I don't get it...

Now that we're in a dungeon, we can test out the Detector cartridge Pastel gave us. First, a sort of sonar effect spreads across the screen.

If there's treasure in the room, Dean fires a hologram into the air, which lands on the treasure to point it out. This also applies to treasures in pots, so we no longer have to fire at every single one we see.

The Detector also reveals MP crystals, so we no longer have to keep our ARM active and look for targets to point them out. The Detector also identifies Mimic chests, marking them with a red hologram, as opposed to a blue one.

The Detector can also find hidden platforms.

Of course not! Ask away!
Well...I'm not sure whether it's proper to ask this, but... Have you and Rebecca been together for a long time?
H-hey! We're not-
You bet! Since we were born, in fact!
Wow... Since you were born?
D-Dean! That's not what Carol's talking about!
Huh? What do you mean?
*Sigh* Hopeless as always... Um, Carol, what he means is that we've known each other since we were little. That's all, really! It's nothing sketchy or anything like that, okay?
Huh? What do you mean by "sketchy"?
Um... What exactly were you asking?
Um... ...Oh, now I get it! No, no, Dean's response is all I was looking for.
Is something wrong, Rebecca? You seem unusually excited...
Uh, n-no, nothing at all. I...I just got a little ahead of myself, that's all. *Sigh*

This room contains an interesting pattern of torches.

The wall has a picture with the same pattern, making one spot with a light.

Setting up the torches to match opens the door to the next room.

This room has two exits. The one on the other side of the pit (which we cross by jumping onto and then off of the pole suspended over the gap) leads deeper into the dungeon, while the other one leads to a room with treasure.

The chest in this room is bound with heavy chains. Ordinarily we would have to wait for another ARM cartridge to open it, but there's a trick we can perform using the explosive crate in this room.

If we put the crate next to the chest and detonate it, it blows the chest open, netting us a Dragon Fossil.

Now that we've done that, we go back to the previous room and exit through the other door.

I never thought our journey would turn into such a big adventure.
I apologize, Rebecca. I didn't mean to cause trouble for you.
N-no, you're not causing any trouble! If anything, it's much more fun that I imagined! Getting to see all these new places, wondering what'll be in store for us when we arrive... Besides, Dean and I are both really bad about sticking our noses into other people's business. We just can't ignore people who are in trouble.
Yeah. Of course, sometimes we cause more trouble that we solve. We've even had people get really mad at us for trying to help out.
I certainly don't feel that way. Dean, Rebecca, I'm truly grateful for your help.
Y-you are? That's wonderful. Sometimes I start worrying whether I'm really doing the right thing... ...Whether I'm really being helpful or just a nuisance. Especially with you, Avril - you're the first real friend I've had...

Poor Dean.

Rebecca... Yes, I suppose we are friends, aren't we? Please, don't worry yourself about that. If anything, I always worry that I'm just dragging you around...
Of course not! Dean and I, at least, are having a great time. Right, Dean?
Yeah. It may not always be easy, but it's always fun!
Thank you... I'm truly glad I was able to meet you.
Well then, in order to continue this lovely journey we're on here-

Right! Here goes!

These guys aren't really dangerous at all, as long as you keep the Sand Crab off the water ley point and use caution when making use of the fire ley point.

The Sand Crab can heal himself, but it's pretty easy to do more than 1000 damage per turn so it's not a problem.

As long as you take advantage of their weaknesses, they don't last long.

That was a cinch! No matter what gets in our way, we'll just keep on moving! Honeysday, here we come!

This room has an obvious exit that leads deeper into the dungeon, and a sealed door off to the side with no apparent way to open it.

The Detector reveals a hidden button, which opens the sealed door. The other side has the Nightmare Arm Part for Greg, which already makes the part we stole from the Sand Crab obsolete.

After grabbing that Arm Part and a Silver Sun badge, (increases Max HP by 250) we go back to the previous room and take the other exit.

Technology or not, how come those Veruni are always acting so big and tough? I mean, we were here first, right? So how come they get to go around being so bossy like that?
Then would you prefer that humans were the nobles instead?
No, it's not that, it's just... Well, why can't humans and Veruni just find a way to get along?
I doubt that's gonna happen anytime soon. Like I said, there's a huge wall between Veruni and humans. And it's not an easy one to climb over. Nightburn's the only one who's managed to so far.
Nightburn, huh...
But you're trying to do that too, aren't you, Greg? Didn't you say the person you're trying to get revenge against is a Veruni? With the arm of a golem?
...That's hardly the same thing. If anything, he himself's the wall that's in my way. And I'm gonna blast it to pieces!


A-anyway, right now we have to find the Professor and Johnny! No more scary talk, please...

This room has three exits, other than the one we came from, one of which is sealed.

One of the rooms is a treasure room, containing a Dog Leash, (the wearer enters battle in the same HEX as another character) a Lucky Card, (I don't think I've ever described these before. They double the EXP gained in battle. It's a good idea to use them on every boss, but I always forget.) and a sealed chest.

The other open room contains a sealed door and four unlit torches. These torches go out the instant we light them, so we can't use the Fire Bullet cartridge for this.

By setting the explosive crates like so, all of the torches will be lit at once when we detonate them. Doing this opens the door.

The next room contains a picture like the one from before.

Back in the room with three exits, there's a button on the ceiling which opens the sealed door. We have to climb the pole and press it with our head.

On the other side of the door is a sealed door and a collection of torches, which we light to match the picture in the other room.

...Not bad. Learnin' to sense the presence of enemies is a real achievement.
Whoa, he was right! Avril, did you feel it?
Yes, to a degree.
...I guess I've got my work cut out for me.
Don't worry, Rebecca! I didn't sense it either!
Ah, hah hah... Thanks for the encouragement, Carol.
Here it comes, Rebecca! Look out!
I'm ready!

This guy really isn't a threat at all. I just stood on the fire ley point and hammered away with Blast and Crush until he died.

Behind him is this dungeon's Sol Niger. It is very important to purify this Sol Niger now, for reasons which will become clear in the next update.

This Sol Niger contains three large enemies, which looks bad at first, but...

The entire party starts right next to a wind ley point, and they like to hang out on the earth ley point. As a result, they died after just a few Blasts and Crushes.

Also worth noting is that this dungeon introduces the Imitator, a more powerful Mimic. It's mostly just a stat upgrade to match the party's current level, but they also have a new skill: Death Blow. As the name implies, this attack can cause instant death.

What's wrong, Dean?
Hm? Oh, sorry... I was just thinking...
Thinking? What about?
... were talking about that wall between humans and Veruni, right? And how Nightburn's the only one who's gotten over it... But, do you really think he has? I mean, it did look like the Veruni were treating him as an equal...but I don't know. At the end of the day, what does that really mean?
Yeah, it's hard to say, really. But one way or the other, he *is* the only human the Veruni'll listen to. You don't have to follow in his footsteps, you know. You can find your own way over the wall.
My own way, huh...
But I wonder how many people have tried that already and failed... When you think about that, Nightburn really does seem amazing for what he's managed to accomplish.
Are there no cases of the reverse? A Veruni crossing to the human side?
Who knows? I doubt it, though...
There was one case of a Veruni marrying a human that I heard about.
Really?! That's surprising...
They supposedly had a child as well. But from what I heard, their life was not a pleasant one.
I see. Still, there were Veruni that tried to cross the wall too, huh...

Finally done with this place. I dunno about you guys, but I'm starting to get tired of all these pathway dungeons.

Music: A Shallow Dream

Noble Man: It may not be an easy task, but it is one that only you can perform. I will of course give you any help you need. You can do it, can't you?
Yes, Father! Especially if it's something only I can do.
Haggard Woman: But don't push yourself too hard, okay? I can live with the way things are now...
No, Mother... It's not fair that you can't go outside when you want to. I want both of you to be happy, so I'll do my best to bring the Veruni and humans together!
Boy's Father: Wonderful. I'm truly proud of how you've grown, my son.

The screen fades out and back in.

What's wrong, Mother? Why are your crying? ...And where's Father? When will he come home?
Boy's Mother: *Sob*... Waaaaaaah!
Mother, what's the matter?! ...Veruni have been causing problems for you again, haven't they? I won't let anyone make fun of you just because you're human! Tell me, Mother! Who was it?!

The screen fades out again.

Herdsman: Yeah. Says he's studying the human world so he can build a bridge between Veruni and humans.
Young Farmer: Hah! Like that's actually possible! What's he tryin' to do, get the Veruni all mad at us?
Herdsman: Yeah, seriously. As if things weren't bad enough already.
Young Farmer: Why doesn't he just get outta here and leave us alone?

The screen fades once more.

Father...Mother... I...I don't think I can do it...
... No. I can't give up yet! Not until I've tried everything I can!
Ominous Voice: Heh heh heh... Indeed, it is still too early to give up...
Wh-who's there?!
Ominous Voice: I have waited long for this day...for the arrival of one who can at last fulfill my desires! I am one who will give you power... You are the only one who can fathom my despair... The time has come... Take my power-!

My liege! My liege!!

Oh... Fereydoon...
My liege, are you all right? You seemed disturbed...
...I am not at my best, perhaps, but it is of no conern. You seem worried...
No, not at all. As long as my liege is unharmed, I have no worries.
In any case, what is your purpose here? Do you have news for me?
Yes, my liege. Concerning the humans who have been searching for Johnny Appleseed... I have received word that they are currently heading for Honeysday.
What? Honeysday?! I see... Perhaps then this dream was not an omen of misfortune, but... Fereydoon. Keep a watch on those humans.
I do not know whether it is proper to call it a watch, but Persephone informs me that Duogrammaton is already following them.
Hmm... He may be rather inflexible, but he is certainly well-suited to such a task. Very well. Have Persephone instruct him to record their every movement.
Yes, my liege.

The Art of Wild Arms

This has nothing to do with the update, I just like it and haven't posted any art of Wild Arms 4 yet. It's too bad they didn't use these character designs in the actual game...