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Part 18: Desecrated Shrine

In case you're just joining us, we have to go to Gob's Hideout the Desecrated Shrine to get back the food the gobs stole from Boot Hill Honeysday.

Music: Crossing Over the Sorrowful Land

The Desecrated Shrine is directly to the east, but there's a lake in the way, so we have to go to the south end of the continent and loop around.

In order to accomplish this, we have to leave Honeysday and go around it. There's actually a southern entrance to Honeysday, but there's no way to leave through it. Entering through it places you at the same point as the northern entrance.

Along the way, we meet a salesman.

Traveling Salesman John: If you follow the snowy path north along the mountains, you'll eventually reach the mine Nightburn runs at Mt. Chug-Chug. I wouldn't recommend dropping by for a visit, though. From the rumors I've heard, it's no place for young folks.

There's a mountain that shares the name Mt. Chug-Chug in Wild Arms 2. They don't really have any similarities aside from the name, though.

We can go off the path at this point and head toward Mt. Chug-Chug, but there's no reason to do so at the moment, so I keep heading toward the shrine.

There's a valuable Mega Berry tree by the shrine. Mega Berries restore 2000 HP, so they're very useful. The nearby chest contained a Ninja Badge, which increases EVA by 25 and decreases RES by 25.

The shrine is right next to the Mega Berry tree.

Music: The Me of Yesterday Has Been Surpassed

I've gotta fight on an empty stomach thanks to them! I'll get that food and spark plug back and show those gobs who's boss! ...Huh?

There they are... So here I go!

As you can see, we're stuck behind a locked door. There's an unlit torch on the far side of the room, but there's no possible way to light it from here.

Unless we sadistically set the nearby gob on fire. This causes him to run around frantically, before leaping into the pool of water. (why is that even there?)

When he runs by the torch, he lights it, opening the door for us.

He never resurfaces, so I can only assume he cannot swim. We just set this poor gob on fire, which led to him drowning.

...The filthy gob deserved it.

The next room has a lot of scaffolding, a sealed door, and an open door. We go through the open one, of course.

These gobs have and awful sense of decoration.

You can steal Potion Berries and Mega Berries from the Shotel Gobs in the area. The Mega Berries are a rare steal, so it's easier to get them with the ability "Rare Steal", but if you get lucky you can get one with the ordinary Steal skill. (I got one Mega Berry in this dungeon.)

Before long, we encounter another room with a locked gate. Of course, the solution is to set the poor gob on fire.

He runs up a nearby staircase, lights a torch, and jumps into a nearby pool of water. He then proceeds to drown. But wait! The door doesn't open for us.

Turns out there's a second unlit torch, but we can reach this one with the Fire Bullet.

This room contains a chest with a Gella Card and a pot with a Neutrino Medal.

...These gobs aren't too smart, are they? Sometimes instead of a statue of a gob, there will be an actual gob standing on a pedestal. If you walk in front of him, you'll be reset to the beginning of the room.

Freezing them solves this problem. It's also only slightly less cruel than setting them on fire.

This room has a gob with a big shield. If you try to freeze him, he'll just notice you.

The solution is to blow up the explosive crate he's unwittingly sitting by, which completely obliterates him.

Unusual, indeed... I know I sure wouldn't want to live here.
Neither would I...
Do you think Johnny Appleseed really lived in a place like this?
With what the gobs have done to this place, I'd tend to doubt it.
But it's great for exploring. Look at all the stuff we've been finding!
Dean, what is that?
What, where- Aah!

Music: Ready, With Clever Words

The girl on that cover is Yulie Ahtredie, from Wild Arms 4. Yulie is 15, so this magazine is very suspect.

No!! Don't look, Dean!
I...I'm not! I didn't see a thing! Honest!

Well yeah, she's fully clothed. What's there to see, her legs?

Um, what are you talking about?
That, apparently.
Carol, no! That's not something for good little girls to look at!
Hey! That's not fair! How come you get to look at it?
Heh heh...
Hey! Wipe that smirk off your face! We're going to move right past this without even a glance, is that clear?

Music: The Me of Yesterday Has Been Surpassed

We cannot investigate further, as the magazine has ceased to exist.

Once again, we must cruelly use a gob as a torch. But there's a problem.

When you set this gob on fire, he runs past the explosive crate and sets it on fire. The explosion knocks him out before he can reach the torch.

Of course, if we freeze the crate first, he'll only melt the ice.

...And then he runs back past it after lighting the torch and explodes anyway.

We continue through another hallway, and we end up on top of the scaffolding in Area 02.

Music: Five Minutes With the Goblins?

The gobs are located on a higher piece of scaffolding across from the party. They jump down onto our piece, but...

...One of them misses.

The other two gobs jump down to get him, and then they run in through the door we just came from.

Glin: How dare you invade our terriroy, gob!
Olin: Here to steal our food, are ya, gob?!
Blin: The Gobsmackers don't allow such disrespectful acts, gob!
Wh-what are you talking about?! You're the ones who stole it from Honeysday in the first place!
Blin: WRONG. We only picked up what was lyin' on the ground, gob.
Yeah, right! Then how come there's nothing left?! Thanks to you, I can't have my friend noodles!
Glin: Why should we care, gob?
Because I'm frickin' hungry, that's why!
Wow... I didn't realize how badly you wanted to eat, Dean. I mean, I was disappointed too, but-
Glin: For gob's sake, don't get so excited, gob! You want fried noodles that bad, why not have some of this prepackaged stuff? Ready in one minute, gob!
...Oh, really? Sure, hook me up.
WHAT?! Dean, surely you must be joking-
Carol, you don't want to interrupt Dean when he's hungry.
Yeah. You know what they say: "Hell hath no fury like a hungry teenager."

Is it me, or does it seem like this entire scene is trying and seriously failing to be funny?

O-oh, is that so? I'm s-sorry! *were* joking, right?
Joking? I'm afraid I don't understand.
He jokes all the time with old man Tony back in Capo Bronco. You could say he's had plenty of time to hone his skills...
Glin: Are you people finished yet, gob? You want a joke, gob? I'll give ya a joke!
Olin: Yeah! Knock 'em dead, Glin!
Glin: All right, so this priest and this Drifter walk into a bar, gob... Wait, that's no good. I forgot the rest. Hey, small fry! I need some help, gob. Set me up with a joke!
Go for it, Carol! Maybe if they like it, we can get the food back!
Wh-what kind of thinking is that?!
Blin: Hey, we ain't got all day, here, gob!
But I...I don't know any jokes. All I'm good at is studying...
Glin: C'mon, surely you must be able to think of somethin', gob! We're busy gobs here, we don't have time for futzin' around!
Olin: *Sigh* ...I want a refund, gob.
Blin: Yeah, talk about boring. Zzzzzz...
Hey! I-I'm not boring! Right, guys?
All: ...
Hey! That's mean!
Blin: Look, don't quit yer day job, missy. Yer not cut out for comedy, gob.
Olin: I guess we'll just have to get our inspiration elsewhere, gob...
Yeah, Carol, they have a point. You could probably stand to work on your humor a bit, you know?
Huh?! Whoever said I wanted to be funny in the first place?!
All right, kids. Enough playin' around. Dean, you wanna be able to eat those fried noodles or not?
You bet! Let's take back what they stole!
Glin: Like we said, gob, we only took what was lyin' on the ground.
Olin: Yeah, like in the fields or the storehouses, gob.
That doesn't count as lying on the ground, you idiots! We saw where you dug things up in the fields!
Blin: Heh heh... Looks like the game's up, gob. None of those helpless townspeople had any fight in 'em whatsoever. They all backed down like cowards, gob. But somethin' tells me that ain't gonna work with you, gob. You want that food back, yer gonna have to earn it, gob!

We have to fight an Axe Gob, and two Shotel Gobs. We've been fighting Shotel Gobs for the whole dungeon, and the Axe Gob isn't much stronger.

The only thing worth noting is that both the Shotel Gobs and the Axe Gob can heal for 1000HP at a time. They go down pretty quickly from ordinary attacks, perhaps with a Sonic Vison or two.

Blin: Yeah! Just wait until the boss finds you! He'll tear ya limb from limb, gob!
Olin: So, uh...since when did we start calling him "boss"?
Blin: Since now, you idiot! Now shut yer piehole before I shut it for ya, gob!
Olin: ...
Glin: ...
Blin: ... Good. Now let's get outta here, gob!

And then they jump off the scaffolding.

What was that all about?
Who knows... But we need to get that food back, stat! After that, we can eat all the fried noodles we want!

Music: The Me of Yesterday Has Been Surpassed

The entire reason we did that half of the dungeon was to shoot this blue thing, which opens the door from before.

Sometimes the gobs hide around corners and catch you off guard. Clever little sneaks.

Now we've got two rows of blocks, which prevent us from reaching the exit to this room. Each of these switches removes a row of blocks, but they require constant pressure, and there are no blocks in this room.

There is a ladder in this room, however.

There's a switch in this room which makes the spaces on the floor with patterns vanish. We just have to move the blocks onto those spaces, and then hit the switch.

After that, we just have to go back down and push the blocks onto the switches.

I think they're running out of ideas for this dungeon.

Hm? What's wrong, Avril?
I've been feeling rather uncomfortable ever since we entered this place...
Again...? Do you want to wait outside?
No, it's still bearable. I'll be all right.
Okay... Just don't push yourself, Avril.
Thank you, Dean. I appreciate your concern.
Come to think of it, this may be one of those facilities that was mentioned in that recording at the shrine the Baskars were in. Avril's feeling of rejection seems to be confined to such sites as well...
Now that you mention it, yeah, I wonder if they're related?
...Are you sure you're okay, Avril? Maybe you really should wait-
I'll be fine, Dean. Let us continue forward.
...Right. In that case, let's go!

Oh hey, it's that puzzle I just solved.

There's also an ARM Part here. None of our current party members can use it, though.

As before, we climb a latter in the previous room, push these blocks onto the appropriate spaces, and hit a switch. Like I said, I think they're running out of ideas for this place.

There's also a Duplicator chest up here, containing an Emblem Vest for Greg.

After solving that puzzle again, we arrive in Area 02 again. There's a ladder to the left, which leads to...

This dungeon's Sol Niger! We purify it with no trouble and proceed to the next room.

Yeah! Now if we can just get it back to Honeysday, I'll be in fried noodle heaven! ...But it looks like we've got some company to deal with, first. That must be the "boss" the gobs were talking about!

Looks like he's not going to just hand over the food.
But the people back at Honeysday are starving - and so am I! If he won't give it to us, we'll just have to take it ourselves!

Boss: Boss Olivier
Music: Defense Action Squad Heroes!

Olivier was the boss of Lilka's intro in Wild Arms 2. He has the attribute "Ley Recovery", which can be problematic if you let it activate...

Looks like it heals its HP back to full when it enters one of the ley points.
So we just need to split up and make sure we get to those first!
Right, that's the plan!

When Olivier's turn begins on a ley point, his HP restores to max, and he enters Detonation mode. I let this happen for the sake of showing it off, and I immensely regretted it when he decided to sit in the ley point for several turns, forcing me to just defend while waiting for him to move.

Olivier is big on status ailments, with an attack that causes Poison and an attack that causes Disease.

After Olivier finally gets his ass off the wind ley point, I make sure to position my party so that someone is on each of the ley points.

I tried using Shut Out while Olivier was on a poisoned HEX, but the game didn't like that idea, so Shut Out simply had no affect.

Since Olivier absorbs all elements, and it's necessary to keep someone on a ley point at all times, (Though in hindsight, I could have used Shut Out to keep him off of them.) Sonic Vision is the star of this show.

Finally we'll have something to eat... I'm starved, too.
But what about that machine? Should we not investigate it as well?

Music: The Stars Shine Constant Like the Unwavering Flame

Yeah... Who knows, maybe it'll have something about Johnny Appleseed in there. Let's take a look. It looks like the thing that was in the Baskars' shrine, doesn't it?
But it's a little different. Look, there's a place on top of that ball where you can put something... Are those...letters? It looks like something's written there, but I can't tell what...
... "Mediums... Those which connect all..."
Whoa, you can read that?!
Yes. I don't know why, but I have no trouble reading these letters. It seems that this device allows memories to be shared by using mediums.
Yeah? So what do I do, just put my medium here?

Yeah, the golem arm that carried Avril.
So that story you told about the golem arm falling down from the sky... That was actually true?
That's what it looks like.
So you thought it was a lie all this time? Man...
Okay, I guess I'll go next.

These people seem way too eager to share their memories with each other. They don't know exactly how the machine operates, so as far as they know, it picks your memories at random. I'm sure there are things they don't want everyone there to know.

Wow...that looks neat!
R-really? I guess it was something of a turning point for me, after all. I doubt I'll ever forget that day.
Okay, my turn!

...Figures. That's exactly who we were thinking of.
He sure was interesting, wasn't he?
Interesting...? Well, I suppose you could see him that way...
Okay, Greg, you try it!
I'll pass, thanks. Nothin' I'd wanna see, anyway.
Well, if you say so. Avril, how about you?
Who knows, maybe it'll show some of your missing memories!
Yes, I hope so...

Music: The Ice Queen ~Too Painful~

Avril appears to be addressing someone.

Wait, why are these people here?

Dean and Avril appear to be discussing something.

That...that's Dean...isn't it?
It...looks like it...
You both look like you're desperate about something... Did something happen?

They act like Dean and Avril were the only people on screen.

I don't know... And besides...where is this?
...I don't know. I'm pretty sure I've never been anyplace like that before... Greg, have you ever seen it?
Nope. I've been around the world many times, but I've never seen anyplace like that.
Avril...what is this?
...I do not know. Not where it is, nor what is happening... But there is something about it... It feels like a very important place to me. Important, but also very lonely...
I was hoping your memory would come back, but instead, things have just gotten more confusing...
I'm sorry, Rebecca...
No, you don't need to apologize. If anything, it's our fault for not being able to help you more...
Not at all. I deeply appreciate all the help you have given me. I can only hope I'll be able to learn who Johnny Appleseed is...
Speaking of Johnny Appleseed, the people in Honeysday said he was seen around here, right?
Yeah, but I haven't seen anything that would give us any hints about him. I guess we'll just have to-
Look! There's a medium there among the stuff the gobs collected!

You think it might have belonged to Johnny Appleseed?
You can't be serious! They probably stole it from Honeysday along with everything else.
Hey, you never know! Let's put it in that machine and see what's in it!
But you don't even know whose it is! I wouldn't really feel right peeking into somebody else's life...
...I feel like there's important information contained within this medium.
Important information...? Have you seen this medium before, Avril?
No, I don't think so...
Well, there's only one way to find out! Here goes!
I guess...

Music: A Shallow Dream

He looks sort of like a Veruni, but... Maybe it's just my imagination, but his features seem somewhat human as well...
So could he be that child that was born to the Veruni and human couple you were talking about?
I don't know... I never actually met him, only heard about him, so...

It looks like it.
So do you think he's Johnny Appleseed, after all?
If only we could hear what he's saying...
...Is he...crying?
Yeah, it looks like it... -! Look, there's a black shadow-

Look! The medium-
It stopped responding... It seems to have broken.
Argh...and just when it was getting good!
Wait a minute. Who was just saying we shouldn't be peeking into other people's lives?
You got a problem, mister?!
N-no, not at all! In any case, it looks like we weren't able to learn anything, after all...
That can't be helped. We'll just have to go somewhere else and keep looking.
Yeah! That's the spirit, Avril!
I'll go with you! At least until I find the Professor...
Hah hah! Looks like the first thing we need to do is get ourselves a meal!
Yeah! Let's go get our fried noodles!
With the boss of the gobs taken care of, I doubt they'll be botherin' the village for a while. Let's just take what we can carry, along with that spark plug for the monowheel, and have the villagers come and get the rest.
Obtained Spark Plug!
Sounds like a plan. Let's hurry back to Honeysday and tell everyone the news!
Obtained Blank Medium x2!

Before we leave...

*But if it was her, then why? Why would she create devices such as these whose purpose runs so counter to her entire existence...?

And now we get to run all the way back to Honeysday.

We're ready for the fried noodles you promised!
Cafe Owner: No kiddin'?! I'd better go tell everyone! I'll be right back!
Hey, wait! You could at least feed us first!
Oh, well. We'll just have to sit down and wait.


Music: Pilgrim's Progress

Crewman: Yes, sir! It seems that the individual the Baskars met was in fact Johnny Appleseed!
Then why didn't they secure her?! They know as well as anybody what'll happen to Filgaia if the radicals get their hands on her!
Crewman: With all due respect, their stance of neutrality would likely have limited their options in dealing with her.
... I though they were closer to us, what with their research into living with Filgaia and all... But I guess when they say neutral, they really mean neutral. But we've got our own way of doing things. We've got to clean up after our own mess, after all. Right?
Operator: Of course, Captain! We cannot ignore the face that we were responsible for polluting the planet!
Crewman: Our people destroyed Filgaia's environment once, and they're trying to do it again. It is only natural for Filgaia to treat us as intruders.
Operator: Even if we were to reform Filgaia at great cost, we would likely encounter the same problem again in the future. The only true solution is to change our own ways!
Exactly! But those who've become arrogant simply refuse to admit that - no, they can't even imagine it anymore. So we mustn't let them get their hands on Johnny Appleseed! What's the status of Asgard?
Navigator: Aside from its missing arm, it appears to be fully functional. We've been searching for the arm non-stop.
Keep at it - we may need it again before long! We must get to Johnny Appleseed first, no matter what the cost! Don't give up until you've found her!

The Art of Wild Arms

This picture appears in the video that plays whenever you quit Wild Arms 3. I picked it for this update because Virginia had to deal with gobs in her opening dungeon.